Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday, Jan. 16

Wow--what a busy day yesterday was! Dion was here and installed the wider door in Kitty Kastle. We wanted to enlarge it to accommodate a walker. The other door was only 24 inches wide while this new one is 33 inches wide! That means now though that we have to get Kitty Kastle ready! The door needs several coats of paint, the door trim needs painted and the dust from cutting the wall needs to be cleaned up. This will be a nice improvement!

Yesterday also was the new cabinets and cupboard day! Dion had these in place in the afternoon. We still have to have the countertop placed and lots of tidying up to do around the edges of the cabinets. The base of this isn't as big as the past one so we have a 5 foot by 4 inches area where the bare cement is. We'll be talking to Bruce, our floor guy for suggestions. Then we have the job of getting everything put away in their new proper places, find a place for the Cam clock and the B Zelda Box note. 

The cupboard above the refrigerator is where Tabitha has already picked for her paper nest. Her nest that was in the old cupboard is now in it's new place. She was napping there this morning. I've already been showing Octavia how to open the doors! She laughed at me--this is going to be easy for her!

Seymour and Patricia's trip is delayed due to blizzard conditions in Minnesota. Julie and Patty are planning on leaving early Friday morning. We have decided to go ahead and take Patricia as well. I've had a couple people interested in adopting her and so we inquired if she could come along with Seymour. So, they both will become Ohioans! 

Freemont is now in the Main Area. Oh my goodness, this boy is having a ton of fun! He loves the toys, he's a busy boy and has been everywhere so far. He loves legs--definitely uses them to help stabilize him. What a love he is. 

Coralie had a good soak yesterday and has her bandages all on again. I've talked to our vets again about her and explained what is going on. To update you--2/3's of ears are dead tissue, 2/3's of tail will be removed. Of her 4 feet, possibly may have 5-7 toes that will be removed. and we're still concerned about the back of her ankles on back legs (this is where a cat rests when laying down).  We're not giving up on this sweet, loving girl. She's a happy cat and is walking on her padded, medicated dressings just fine. Time will tell. Right now, there's no hurry to "do anything", except see how much healing we can get. This winter has been hard on so many animals. It saddens me to think these things happen, simply because of the cold. This doesn't have to happen. 

We have some thank yous to give!
Anne-in-uk--donation "a bit towards transport costs for Seymour and his Mum". 
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation for FFRC and a Happy New Year!
Anonymous Friend--a donation to help with Seymour's travel to get to FFRC
Anonymous Friend--a donation to help with the overnight stay for Seymour and Patricia's drivers

Here is a second video clip of

Azar is back! He was spotted about 3 days ago. We got a phone call that Azar was seen so Jimmy went down and sure enough--it was Azar. He looks good, ate a big meal and went to sleep! He's still inside where we're trying to keep him. 

Next week our "ark" 3 group of kitties will be leaving for their new home. Hark, Markie and Barky will be flying on a jet plane with Connie D and her granddaughter. Destination is "over East". We'll let the new mama disclose this information if she would like to. Rest assured they will be going to an awesome loving home. I'm so happy for them!

We had two adoptions yesterday! The family that has been waiting on DeLeon to be neutered were finally able to take him home since he had his vet visit the day before. He was purring like a freight train in their arms! The second kitten to go in the afternoon was Fiesto! I do believe the second he was spotted, it was destined that he would be this lady's new pet! Fiesto hung around us the entire time we were doing paperwork and health records--he was ready!

Putter wants to speak--he has found something that is important: "There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy." Author unknown, but Putter says its his!! Take care, folks and have a wonderful, happy day!