Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday, January 31

Shhhhhh!  Want to know a secret? Today we will have a Flash Sale. Maybe you don't know the time? Shhhhhh--it's at 3:00 FFRC time! Come join the fun! We aren't doing many items--some cat bowl beds, Pat's wrist/hand warmers, a few scarves, a couple frames. These sales will help us with the propane costs.  

The Super Blanket Raffle Weekend continues on! Don't know abut it? Check out the blog (2 days ago) and the facebook pages and the forum. Lots of info there for you! We love doing a raffle--gives lots of people a chance to win something really nice! The intake of tickets ends at 3:00 Saturday and the drawing will be at 6:00 pm FFRC time.

We had an adoption today! Yes, our sweetie Clayton went to his new home. Our volunteer Becky M adopted him. Within ten minutes of him being home, he was already stretched out on the table with her granddaughter, looking so sweet!

We had BOXES last night! many thanks are given to you. 
Meg A--King Cake to celebrate Mardi Gras. Last year when we had the cake, I was the lucky one to get the baby in the cake. This year, Jimmy's first slice of this delicious cake had the baby in it! It was fun!
Brooke/brookeboss--6 catnip Yeooow bananas, Cat's Meow undercover toy
Lois L/lannml--3 cases of Whiskas Chicken
Widdletigger--2 cases Natual Balance Sardines in juice (for GInger to steal and share!)
LJ323--lots of Hefty quart bags, 8 large cans chicken, 4 bathrugs and 4 shower mats. Also 3 beautiful afghans. A Cat on a Fence (violet, lavender blue & white), a 42 x 55 lavender, purple & white with popcorn kitties and a 60 x 60 green and blue squares with kitties on the squares. All 3 of these afghans are wonderful!
Pat, our volunteer--10 pairs of handwarmers for Day Sale
NYC-Kelly45--2 nyla bone kitty toys, doggie bone toy, 2 cases Gerber baby food, 5 bags of Royal Canin Baby cat dry
Jennifer/jacksmom--wonderful towels! 5 green bath towels, 3 green hand towels and 5 yellow bath towels and 4 yellow hand towels! 

Then we had a late Christmas present from the Montana & Crew (the mama that adopted 5 cats from FFRC). These 5 boxes were held up at customs at Christmas. They were then returned to the sender and they decided to drive the boxes to Buffalo and mail them from there. Simply amazing! 
Each adoptive cat sent it's own box. I was blown away by this. The 5 cats that were adopted were Montana, Januka, Halo, Spruce and Abner (aka Sgt. Sweetie Pie/Sarge). Each box held a beautiful picture of each cat with a donation per cat. The boxes held a huge assortment of items--Friskie cases, Fancy Feast, baby food, a dyson hand held vacuum, dry cat food, Ziploc plastic bags, Q-tips, Lysol wipes, Huggies refills and lots of snackers!  Wow! This was wonderful.  No matter how hard some of this rescue "work" is, when I see those pictures of our cats being happy and so loved in their new homes, it's very very heart warming to me.

Marty has been moved to Dodger's Pen. She right now is taking a nap in the hammock inside her pen. When she's comfortable with this situation, her pen door will be opened. Then we will set the pen back up and bring Coralie up to Dodger's Pen so she has more people interaction. Every cat has their own progression of entering the Main Area. We've removed the bandages from Coralie's feet once again. Now she has a day or two to have them off.

Paddy Purr is sitting on my desk, right in front, half sleeping! He has gained weight and his eyes look a tad bit better. Such a wonderful boy. He's fought his cold battle and has won! He's a toughie!

The floor guys were here yesterday. That 5 foot long strip by 4 inches that was left bare concrete after the new counter was put in, is covered with the blue floor material. They've done a good job. 

We also have some PayPal thanks to give!
Arden and Charmaine--PayPal for Marty's care!
Adrienne N--donation for FFRC
Lynda S--donation for FFRC
Sandra T--donation for FFRC
Ramona S from MN--donation for FFRC

Many thanks to you all for your support of this Rescue Center. I love FFRC with a passion. When we have people that truly "have our backs", it sure makes this work a whole lot easier. I thank you for that.