Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday, Feb. 2

Grateful! Appreciative! So happy! A giant thanks to YOU! That is how I am feeling today! Yesterday at 6:00 culminated our Super Blanket Raffle Weekend. These blankets were made by Warped and we raffled 5 of them off. It was a wonderful, productive event. We took in PayPals for 802 raffle tickets. At first I was going to do graphs for each of the 5 blankets and put 50 entries. Little did I know how phenomenal this event would be. 802 tickets--that is simply amazing. And.........the winners were:
Blanket A--Alan from GA (sold 176 tickets)
Blanket B--Sonnykat/Andre (sold 149 tickets)
Blanket C--Carmela H from TX (sold 160 tickets)
Blanket D--Luvtheanimals from Canada (sold 220 tickets)
Blanket E--Roostergirl/Linda V (sold 97 tickets)
This made a total of $4,010. This will be applied to cover our last month's electric bill and the one that we will be receiving soon. It will also help with a partial fill of propane gas. 

We also wanted to have an extra bit of fun and so included 3 "door prizes". These went to:
Roostergirl/Linda V--a beautiful green Irish Afghan
ScoobyUK--Valentine Heart Wreath (gifted back to FFRC)
Oilsandsgirl--pick of any item in our FFRC store

We also had BOXES last night, right before the Raffle. So many thanks to give!
Elizabeth1968/Liz from UK--3 cases of Fancy Feast
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--For Ginger & Friends--case of Natural Balance Packets (Ginger sends an extra thank you!)
Dewitty with Amber & Binks & pictures--two pieces of marble for Alberts Garden (I LOVE these!), pop tabs for Kellen, 3 cases Purrfectly Fish & Chicken, cat snackers, doggie snackers and 3 kinds of extra yummy popcorn. 
MK from NJ--thank you card, Bailey filled chocolates (have to admit--these are scrumptious!), t-shirt for Jacci "A Farrah purple shirt that says: FFRC   The Happiest Place on Earth!  It's a wonderful shirt!
Sonjamac from Canada--For Clayton and friends--a package of 6 inch plates and 2 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensations
Anonymous Friend--a memorial stone for Intrepid for Albert's Garden (a special stone in remembrance of our sweet boy)
Carol N--PayPal donation to FFRC
Shannan W--PayPal donation to FFRC

Marty is doing awesome. She was placed in Dodger's Pen yesterday. After a couple hours, the door was open and soon after, she came out. After a couple "safety checks" by her, she felt good about leaving her pen and now is enjoying Kitty Campus Room. That means we will very soon be bringing Coralie up to be in Dodger's Pen. That will be nice so she's with us more. She's a doll--loves to have her tummy rubbed. 

Derecho was two levels up on a cat tree today. Amazing. We're not sure how he got there, but he sure looked proud. Jackson is out and about more often these days. So nice to see. Hankster is a nut. He switches from playing full speed ahead to finding a human to rub noses with! Emma Jo is growing and she so loves a dab of baby food in the mornings. Tabitha has used another roll of paper towels to pad her nest--it's from her own stash of PT's! Last that I counted, Ginger was up to 4 pouches of thievery yesterday--she is so proud of herself! Just realized that the "snorer" that I've been hearing in the front office is Mellow. 

Won't be long until Ada Jane will be 19 years old. She's a grand old girl. Her birthday is 2/10/1995. She and Magenta know how to summon us and know that we will respond to their needs! We are at their beck and call of course.

Bella is thrilled. Her big pink poof is back and she's not leaving it! The other cats will crawl in there with her, but I do believe they realize that Bella is in full ownership of the poof! Poor Pania--she has a little problem with her "uneye". She's got a bit of swelling there, but she's on antibiotics for it and today it appears a bit better. We'll keep an eye on it. Emily and Allie are such nice tiger/torti kittens. They love to be petted. Shamballie is doing awesome--haven't noticed any limping at all from him now since his pin is removed. 

You all take good care, enjoy your family and friends and of course your pets. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the results of the raffle! You are an important part of FFRC.