Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday, Feb. 7

Let's talk cats! I've had people asking lately what we do for our cats medically. Well, I'd be happy to tell you! When a cat first arrives, we immediately give the first wormer (for hooksworms and roundworms) and a Capstar (a quick flea kill pill). Shortly after arrival, we like to do the first FIV/Leukemia test and then the Arrival Bath. During it's beginning time with us, we give 2-3 Distemper Vaccines, 2 Leukemia Vaccines, 1 Bordetella Vaccine, an injection for tapeworms, a repeat FIV/Leukemia test (4 weeks after arrival), flea prevention is applied every 4 weeks while here, a veterinarian's physical and the spay/neuter.  In addition, anything else medically needed, they receive. This may be surgery for fractured bones, treatment for upper respiratory infections, eye injuries, burns, frostbite, etc. The number one treatment they get is lots of love, a full tummy and a warm and friendly environment! 

Let's talk adoptions! It's a known fact that late summer/early fall and early winter are our two highest adoption times. Early summer and late winter are the lowest adoption times. We want homes for our FFRC cats and kittens where they will receive a lot of love and time with their family. We want homes where they are kept indoors and taken yearly to the vet for a physical and updates. When we do an adoption, we make it clear, that if for ANY reason our FFRC cat can no longer stay with them, they are required to bring this cat back to the Rescue Center. 

Let's talk FLash Sales, Day Sales, etc.  From reading suggestions from you viewers, there are several things we can do to help keep the confusion down! We will refresh the cam computer more often. We will show the items in advance. We will give a Thumbs Up, as to start the sale and have the Mods write it in the chat the sale is ready to start. We will continue to work on these things

Let's talk Potty Problems! We all know that some of the CH cats have a few potty problems. I truly would like to not make a big deal out of it. We knew when we took them on, that there would be some of these CH cats that couldn't/wouldn't get to the box each time. So be it--we can clean up these accidents just fine.  Not a one of us here are afraid of doing clean up detail! The important thing is to not blow it out of proportion. Yes--some of them potty inappropriately, yes--we are good cleaner-uppers, yes--we love them despite this. We take great pride in a clean Rescue Center and we will keep it that way.

Let's talk Kiko and Dennis! Many of you probably are not aware, but both of these boys have had potty issues the last few weeks. While we have been thoroughly cleaning up after them, we don't want a firm and solid habit to stay with them. So, this morning, they both went to a FFRC friend's house (she's actually done this before for us in the past) for "potty issue training"! Sometimes just being around this many cats can bring on a potty issue. So, with a drastically decreased amount of cats in their environment, using Fel-i-Way Diffusers and Cat Attract Litter, I'm confident that we can get these boys back using the box 100%. It's called Potty Training Boot Camp! They will be "in training" for 2 weeks. We hope to see immediate improvement. The reason we so want this to work is that Kiko has a family waiting to adopt him after he starts to consistently use the box again. It's a possibility that Dennis will find a home with Kiko. So--Kiko and Dennis--use that box!!

Let's talk Appreciation! I'd like to say a special thanks to YOU. Any time our supporters offer gifts, donations, words of encouragement, prayers, the "I have your back", I am so grateful. You truly do make a difference for FFRC. Don't ever wonder if what you do for FFRC really makes a difference. It does! Big time! I sometimes feel a simple "thank you" isn't enough for how much goodness you bring into the FFRC world. But, I do say thank you. My appreciate and gratitude come with a giant hug and a smile.