Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday, Feb. 14

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our friends! The cats and the people here are having a good time today. The breakfast was extra yummy, for Valentine's Day. All of the cats received extra tasty food--even the Porchies and Covies and Barnies! Then at 11:00, they got a bit of "meat cake" made of browned beef and turkey and salmon. Every scrap is gone! They're still licking their whiskers. We will be doing the drawing this afternoon. There's 2 poof give-aways! One group if for volunteers and the second group is for the viewers. Names are already ready!

We had BOXES last night. Big thanks for awesome items! We are grateful!
Aunty Fi--case of juice for Jimmy and Haley
Mayumi--FFRC Nation Japan--2 cases chicken Tulli, card & gift for Eldora Momma, and a beautiful suede/cloth embroidered bag for day sale
Pat the Vol--colorful handwarmers for day sale
Janet C/mizclouise--For FFRC volunteers--box of CHeryl's Cookies!
Liz G/naturluvr from TX--b-day card for Anna Marie (ikn Jan), doggie valentine card, 2 green kitty Christmas stockings, 2 doggie collars, mousie toy, kitty collars, LBB (little brown bear), skin therapy cream, FOUR boxes of Valentine candy (we love it!), bag of Hershey hearts, 2 boxes sugar free candy boxes and box of 48 Valentine fruit snacks
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--big bag Bonito flakes, 72 cans Tiki Cat, 24 large cans Tuna, 10 bags kitty snackers, 2 cosmic catnips to grown, big bag of Beggin Strips for the doggies
LJ323 from RI--6 memory foam rugs (sooo nice), 8 large cans chicken, sunkist fruit gems for volunteers
Jim & Debbie from GA--12 cans sardines, sugar free candies for vols, 2 cartons conversatin candy hearts, 2 boxes Valentine candy (we love this!), lots and lots of awesome cat toys--all kinds, 6 safety collars, catnip bubbles, kitty scratcher og, huge bag of plush doggie toys, folded potty bags, a wonderful pillow, a bag of fun Valentine things--socks, sprinkles, note pads, towels!! Thanks ever so much!
Jeff B--was able to round up the cousins of LBG and send them to us--4 look alike LBG's!

Yes, that's right--a box of 4 LBG's cousins arrived, all safe, sound, ready and waiting to welcome LBG back! LBG isn't here yet, but we're hoping he'll be here very soon. The latest that we've heard (today at 9:42 am), is:
"Well your little brown guy has done it again. He slipped thru the ropes. Our carefully planned covert assignment has been acted out and much to our surprise, it didn't work. We had LBG under surveillance by our top notch undercover yellow bird. He advised that he followed LBG into a place where he was speaking to some strange wizard dude, next thing you know--POOF--he was gone. However we did notice a strange pinging noise that left that location and we tracked that ping down to the docks. We have our electronic experts working on it at this time". 

My response: "Maybe, just maybe he figured out how to press his HOME button??!!!!  Do you think? Maybe he will be home soon. That HOME button is suppose to teleport him t FFRC.  Ohhhh, I so so hope so! "

So, that's where LBG's sage is---hopefully will be home soon.  His 5 cousins are waiting for him. Their names are Eenie, Meinie, Miney and Moe and the "different" one is Little Brown Bear (LBB). The cousins were called upon the carpet though today. They arrived with not being neutered and not vaccinated. So, back to our surgery room they went. The deed is done and they are now sleeping! 

We have Coralie and Camvie at the vet's office today. Camvie's URI that she came here with is still bothering her. Some days she's good, some days not so good. Recently it's become harder for her to breathe, so today is test day. Hopefully we will get some results very quickly to help her. The second cat is Coralie. We knew when she had her first repair surgery that she would need another to finish the process.  Today, there is 1 more toe that needs removed and 1 more nail bed. Then the work begins on her ankles. We've gone as far as we can go with her healing here so now it's time for the next phase. More info on her when she returns from the vets office. 

The Cat Show is tomorrow! It's an extra fun day for me. I always enjoy seeing all the cats, visiting the rescues/shelters that are there and seeing what the vendors have. Upon return, we will have Zata's family here! They will stay until Sunday to start back home with her. On Sunday there will be another family coming to visit the cats and possibly adopt.

Take care all and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!