Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weds., Feb. 26

We have 3 more "jetsters" among the cats! The flights yesterday to get Thomas, Joey and Kitty Kat went nice and smooth. They are now here and are "homing" in, in the back Thumper's Room. It was a bit nerve wracking for the security check. We asked for a private room to get the 3 cats thru security. I didn't know these cats very well, they certainly didn't know me yet and Joey was a bit hissy. So, we were ushered into a tiny room, took each one out at a time, their crates then went thru their system and the cats were returned to their crates. No problems! On the first flight, from Newark to Detroit, Thomas was moving about quite a bit, so we did some seat changing so Thomas' and Mary Kay's carriers were side by side since they are good friends. All was fine then.

They seem to be doing pretty good this morning. We will continue to get Thomas on a good steady med schedule with his seizure meds. He has quite a bit of fur missing, but it's growing back. He's tiger/white. This morning he is up and cruising about. When we go into the room, he will come right over to be petted. He loves to have his neck scratched. Kitty Kat is 12 years old--she's a torti girl. She's doing great and is thoroughly enjoying the cushie beds. Her left eye will be looked at--not sure if she has any sight in it. What a sweetie! Joey is an American Short Hair--grey/black/white tiger. He has a birth defect that causes his legs from his elbow down to be his feet. But, he can scuttle about very smoothly. He's a bit afraid. He's lived much of his life in a pen. We hope as he begins to explore more that he realizes that he can relax and be himself.

Angie is at this very moment, enroute with 2 of the Chicago 5 kitties. Mary Kay and Cubbie are on their way out of state to join their new family--they are now "jetsters" too! Angie is expected home tonight.

Melia is wonderful. She has a bit of fake fur as a toy and will flip that up in the air over and over again. Such alot of fun. Emma Jo loves to watch the many birds at the feeders--she chirps and chirps at them! Kareena and Keesha both have ran miles on the cat-go-round wheel today. 

We had BOXES on Monday night! Our many thanks to you.
Anemone F from Finland--2 boxes Salve quick band aids, Scissors, chocolate mint candy and a fruit mix
Sharon M from NY--a Laurel Burch tote, to be used however we need it to, to help
Zelda Belda Girl with a friend's help--valentine for momma Jacci, kitty magnet with a Tuxie on it.
Sue M from MA--note with a donation in memory of Minto
Judy W from OH--Paw Points & Chief tapes
James H from Toledo--donation
Betz from PA--donation for a toy for Walter!
Alan C from UT--donation
Diann G from IL--kitty card with a lovely note and donation
Joann D/catsnmore from FL--note with donation
Daystar2020 and Miarity09--Clorox wipes, Twizzlers, TP, kitty snakers, can chicken & tuna, Purina One, hand lotion, kitty wipes, assorted candy bars and candy for volunteers, sardines, Magic Erasers, Salmon in pouches, Bubble Gum and sugar free Russell Stovers
Barb W from WA--donation thru PayPal
Cindy S from AZ--donation thru PayPal
Wanda E, our Portrait lady--donation from a portrait order!
Cheryl L from WA--donation for anything for FFRC!
April S--donation for FFRC
Andriy P from Ukraine--donation for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation to help with flight for Thomas, Joey and Kitty kat
Shannon S from OH--donation to be used for Leonard and other FFRC needs
Arlene W from FL--in honor of Connie the volunteer, for FFRC
Arden and Charmaine from IN--donation to help with the flight to Staten Island fi=or the 3 cats
Courtney T from ME--donation for FFRC 
Dan P--donation for FFRC
The Poulos Family--in honor of our guest Barb W!
Jasmin K from CA--donation for FFRC
Cathy D from Canada--donation in memory of Max
Kelly L--donation for FFRC
Pamela S from IL--donation for a square for the FFRC quilt 

The Afghan Raffle is on! Tickets are $5 a piece. You can buy as many tickets as you'd like and pick which afghan(s) your ticket is for. Be sure to send along your chat name too. The Raffle is in progress right now to 3:00 on Saturday. At 6:00 Saturday, we will do the name drawings. PayPal works great for this. If you ae sending in a check, please do so quickly so we receive it by or on Saturday! Thank you.

Just heard from Angie--due to a door that needed repair, her first flight was late which meant she missed her second flight. She has a new connecting flight, but will be a couple hours late now. All is well though and the kittens are doing fine.

The Covies had 2 run-abouts last week. Even with the cold and snow they enjoy scampering around. We leave their door open for 5-6 hours twice a week for them to explore. The Barnies are doing great. They're getting extra food to help keep them warm, along with their heat lights.  The Porchies are also doing good. Several of them come into the front Thumper's Room and Welcome Room Office to take naps. I'm sure they are all ready for spring, just like us!

Putter is wonderful--he's been getting groomed almost daily. That boy sure has alot of fur! And he loves to be groomed! We've even been getting a couple brush strokes on Joyful! And then there's Joline--long gorgeous fur on top, curly-locks on her tummy. The Paddys both look great--luxurious fur and so soft. 

Take care all. I appreciate all your support in regards to Thomas, Joey and KittyKat. I hope that sometime soon they will realize they are safe and have a good routine in their lives for being comfortable and happy.