Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday, Feb. 11

LBG News Alert!!  We've had many sightings of LBG from around the world. But, we're not sure how much truth is in all of them. What we DO know is that we are starting to meet the demands of the Guynappers. The first one, was the wearing of the Tu-Tu. This was done last night at the end of Boxes.  I think it was for all of 30 seconds, but the Nappers approved and we've accomplished the first demand!

The second demand was to Give the Covies an extra special treat and to take a picture. We have also met that demand (picture and a video on facebook). The Covies would like to say thanks to the Nappers, but I told them they shouldn't mingle with Nappers. For this accomplishment, we received a picture of LBG watching the cam as a reward! He looks a bit thinner but he's doing ok.

The third demand is to have me read a book to the VIewers while sitting on a leggydew. This will be accomplished sometime this afternoon. It will be the Charlie Anderson book that reminds us of Azar.

The fourth demand is to have a picture taken of me resting inside with my kitties! This will also be accomplished in a very short time as we want to get LBG back as soon as possible.

Even though we are meeting the demands, many webcam viewers are making sure we get LBG back by donating funds for his return. So far, $687.38 has come in! Astounding!  It's possible we will have to turn these into unmarked bills, all in 5's and 10's. 

We received an urgent email from LBG today. Apparently the Nappers left him alone  and he had access to their computer. He said "Momma its me LBG. I've only got a few minutes. They went out to get egg mcmuffins thingsy. I want to tell you they are treating me ok.  I am scared but holding up.  Just meet the rest of those demands and I'm sure they will send me home. Please please. Oh and I think there might be one more demand. I head them whispering. I miss FFRC. Get Putter ont he case fast. Hugs and kisses...oh here they come".

It's been difficult to keep the cats in the Rescue Center as they've all wanted to bolt out and go on the search. I know the moderators have been looking high and low and turning over all rocks even and exploring the world for LBG. He will return!

We had BOXES last night!
Lonnie, Lucy and Gina/ginagina11--2 rolls of pink wraps, just for Coralie's legs!
Anonymous Friend--large box of 2 inch Coflex bandages, all colors
Jatcat--filters for the Ionizers!
Tigercat54/great Aunt Julie-IA--8 pack of Tiki Can Cat food
Laura/medica--case of Fancy Feast
Gusti from Germany--large bag of Iams Proactive Indoor with hairball control
Trudy S from Bryan--donation for FFRC
Jan S from MN--donation for FFRC, use wherever needed
Theresa from Fort Wayne--donation for FFRC

Remember Skittles, our dear cat that stayed here a couple weeks? Of course you do! She's the one that got lost out of the camper and was lost in the woods for 6 weeks. We were able to reunite her with her mama Brenda. Brenda called yesterday to let FFRC know that sweet Skittles passed away on Sunday due to heart disease. She is so missed by her mom. We were honored to help her.

It's been confirmed--Alma will arrive on 2/22, Saturday afternoon.  We will be going to the conference but will be returning that day. Looking forward to meeting this special cat. Alma means "soul". Amparo is doing wonderful. What a lovely cat. She will be in the main area soon. If you ever need to know how to pronounce a name, go to:  pronouncenames.com 

All is fine here. We've had 2 days now with no snow. Seymour has a smile on his face--he has achieved the challenge of climbing up to the 5th level on the Kuranda towers! The remaining 3 Chicago-5 were sound asleep in the FFRC stroller yesterday--so sweet. 

Right now the cats on hold are: Mary Kay, Cubby, Patricia, Venus and Zata! We also have several others that will be looked at!