Thursday, February 6, 2014

THursday, Feb. 6

Where has this week gone? It is going way too fast. Between the snow, working on tax papers, getting the website current--it's just zooming by. All is fine though. I'm told we received about 8 - 10 inches of snow yesterday--what an amazing winter. And that's on top of what we already had. Truly the snowiest winter we've ever had. I do believe some of our snow piles will be here until June. We were at a Level 3 again yesterday. I  can only remember 1-2 other times in my life that we had a Level 3. This winter alone we've had quite a few. 

We had BOXES last night! I am so so appreciative. 
Anonymous Friend--a Hamilton Beach Party Dipper, crock pot style
Sonjamac--"For Clayton and friend's tummy":--a case of 6 inch paper plates
Anonymous Friend--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat food dry
A letter from Xena's new mama--a letter and pictures of her in her new home!
Anonymous Friend from Napoleon--donation
Debra S from LA--donation (her friend Susan adopted Bo-Bae years ago from FFRC
Yankeechick & Jetter--2 sets of 5 Dizzy Dangles Valentine decorations
Pat & Ellen from FL--monthly donation for Farrah and also from their Amazon and Ebay sales. 

Right now there are 9 cats within a 4 foot radius of my desk. I love it. A few things--Bonnie was here for a short visit a couple days ago! It was wonderful to see her. She has her recovery ahead of her but she's doing good. She wanted me to pass on from her, a big big thanks for all the get well cards--means a lot to her! Another FYI--if you are on chat and receive inappropriate PM's, please let a mod know. Our mods are good troll zappers, but if something unpleasant comes thru a PM, just pass that info on to one of our wonderful mods.

There's been alot of speculation about Seymour. I normally am on the side of great optimism, but sometimes reality has to be noted too. While I would love to see Seymour be able to walk on all 4 legs, strong and sure, that is highly unlikely. His x-rays don't support the idea of him walking on all four. BUT, with help, hopefully we can make those back leg muscles a little stronger. He does have slight feeling in those 2 rear feet. He has always "twitched" his rear feet at times to make it look like he's trying to push off with them. These are all good things. But, please don't expect something unrealistic from this awesome boy. He's a happy cat, loves to zoom around, is able to climb up, has a huge amount of determination and is just plain wonderful! His middle name should be Zoomer!

There's still time to send pet cards to Ms. Robin's Class! They are combining learning about different countries and people and their pets. If you'd like to participate, just send a card to the class, stating where you are from and what pets you have! The address is: 
Ms. Robin's Class  
Downs PreK
3831 Mars Hill Road
Watkinsville, GA   30677

How exciting! I understand the quilts that have been being put together for FFRC Nation are done and probably on their way. We will open them next week right on the cam! A million thanks to Vixanna and all that participated in these awesome quilts. When this all happens, we will do a raffle on the 2 quilts!

I did put a call in to Azar's second home. He was fine and they were keeping him in for the snow storm yesterday. This morning he arrived back! What a life, going between two homes that love him! So, now he is all cozy, sleeping on the Kuranda Tower by the window in the back Thumper's Room. At least we don't have to worry when he is gone now!

Coralie is awesome. I love her chirps and mews when I walk into the room. She even tips her chin up in greeting! Soon we will be giving a light sedation and removing the sutures from her ears, tail and front left foot. While she's having all this done, we will also soak her ankle hocks to try and help the healing of these two areas. They are obviously very sore for her. It's difficult for her to walk with her two rear legs, but she's sure not a complainer. Love this girl so much!

Putter, Paddy Purr, Paddy Cake, Joline, Dodger, Garth and Patricia all received a grooming yesterday again. They all look so nice. 

Kiko and Cutie are having a great time. The tufted titmouse birds are back at their flat feeders at the window. Kiko is determined if he paws that window long enough, it's magically disappear! Cutie is there front and center watching all the action!