Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday, Feb. 15

FFRC Nation is near and dear to my heart. Last night, Steve and I was presented with an FFRC Nation quilt with so many names/squares from you folks--our viewers and supporters. My heart is so very full with love and gratitude for you all. I was prepared to see this quilt, thinking it was a raffle item. Little did I know it was to be given to Steve and me. We both were in awe of it and it will be treasured forever. To me, it's a symbol of your love and support. This is so wonderful to me and gives me great joy. I am humbled and honored by this gesture. I was surprised--I truly did not know anything about it. I thank you.  Hugs and friendship to you all.

I'd like to say a special thanks to Jo Ann who organized this quilt project--I appreciate you.  Another big thanks to Vixanna who did all the quilting. What a lot of work this took. I am beholden to you. You both are awesome. 

You know, I'd like to mention something here. The names that I see on the quilt, on facebook, on the chat, etc.  These are not just names to me....they represent a person who is a friend. I feel like I know so so many of you. People don't have to have met face to face to have a friendship. 

We also had BOXES last night.
Pat/Catouze & Ellen/Furkitty from FL (but not for much longer!)--2 bags Purina One adult, 2 bags Iams, 32 cans of Friskies, Box of Whiskas Sensations and a pink play cube
Lovie Dovie--big big hugs to Dovie--Valentine card and 2 bags of Dove chocolates
Nibbiesmommy with her furkitties--card and note, crinkle tunnel, pip cleaner toys, cups/lids/stirrers for coffee. For volunteers--special treats/bookmarks for each.
Conii--2 scrumptous boxes of Harry & David Truffles
Susan S/Schinn with Cleo & Ralph--card for my mom, valentine card and donation
Mary from Archbold (volunteer)--3 bags of special popcorn (Trader Joes!), pop tabs for Kellen, scratch pads for everyone!
Realty 5--Donation from sale that a client choose FFRC as their charity
Mod Squad & Best Furry Friends--a card signed by all the kitties! I loved it!
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--For the Porchies, Barnies, Covies and Residents--a valentine card & stickers with $5 for each (will use for one of the extra special treats!)
Buddy the Cat & Mimi from FL--For Ada Jane--birthday card. Catnip fever treats--yep, they love them! 
Laura from AL with Jack, Emmie & Bosley--valentine card with Walmart gift card
Jane W/calico17 from MA--valentine card with donation & coupons
Dave, Sherry, Ashley & Nurse--valentine card
Putter & Friend--a musical kitty valentine card!
Gusti from Germany--a donation for helping with surgery costs for Coralie
Neil & Jean S from OH--monthly support plus a donation to help with Coralie
Raymond S--donation for FFRC
Eugenia S from Russia--donation for FFRC

We had such a fun day yesterday! A poof raffle, special morning meal for the cats (meat cake), a candy basket from the mods and kitties, a wonderful lunch, cards, yummies galore. I enjoyed it.

Latest news on LBG--he's trying to make his way home! He's getting closer. Keep checking the facebook for update pictures! His 5 cousins were neutered and vaccinated yesterday and all sport bandages for their neuter and vaccinations. They're ready to welcome LBG back! It appears Moe is the leader of the cousin clan! Come home, LBG! 

Today is the Cat Show. So, I'm going to be gone most of the morning and afternoon! I always look forward to this event. It's just fun to be surrounded by cats and cat people and cat vendors. A fun day!                  

We had 2 cats that spent the day at the vet's office. Camvie went to see what the trouble is with her respiratory difficulties. No polyps were found. A full sinus flush was done, a culture will be sent and she has been put on 2 different antibiotics. Sure would like to get some relief for her. She's such an awesome kitten! 

Coralie also went to the vets. She was in surgery quite a while. On a rear foot, she had one toe removed. On  her front foot (where she already lost 3 toes), the remaining toe was declawed in hopes of saving the toe. The main surgery were her hocks. Both of those black capsules were removed from the ankle bone. As feared, the bone has also been frostbit. The left leg is possible to save. The right leg is much more severe. The vet used a couple tricks to try and stimulate some healing of the bone. Time will tell if that leg is saveable, but we want to try. The Achilles tendon is damaged on one leg and totally gone on the other foot. So, a pin was inserted into each bone with a suture attached to try and take the place of these tendons. We shall see.  I had someone say to me, why don't you just put her to sleep? My answer is this--Coralie says she has lots of happiness and life in her and she is fighting this battle with everything she has. She's an excellent healer, is such a love and enjoys her life. We will fight for her too. She wants to be here.

Have a wonderful day!