Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday, Feb. 13

LBG update! He has been spotted all over the world now, but I believe at the moment he is anchored in one spot. The latest email from the guy-nappers:
"Since you complied with our demands, we were prepared to return LBG to you and FFRC, BUT, as you know your precious Little Brown Guy has done got himself lost.
This will delay and make his return more difficult. Since he was guy-napped before he will need to be re-guy-napped.
While this can be done it may take a little longer. It seems he has gone international and he is hiding from Scotland Yard.
The covert assignment has been worked out but we are unable to proceed until darkness falls.
Again this will be a dangerous mission. We will contact you after radio silence has been cancelled.
P.S.  This message will self-destruct.

My response:
Oh please forgive me for interfering by telling LBG to make a run for it. I am entirely responsible for his being lost. Please, I will send you all chocolate if you will aid in getting him home. Do you need flashlights? Dark clothes? Just say the word and I will help. WHen he returns he will get a microchip placed in him. 

So, the sage continues! I believe we've all been enjoying all the pictures and notes about LBG and the wonderful song that Larissa made. 

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks given to you.
Cathouze/Ellen & Furkitty/Pat--case of Fancy Feast, 2 bags Royal Canin baby cat, Tiki cat, big bag Royal Canin Adult Indoor, spring toys, bowl scratcher & 2 big boxes Fresh Step litter
Joann B--ulotimate touch mat & tangle remover--an excellent grooming tool
Anonymous Friend--12 cans of liquid KMR
LucyandSophiesdad/Mike from MI--coupons
Anemone--postcard to say a box is coming & Happy Valentine's Day
Gloria K from PA with Midnight, Girlie & Peachie--Kitty valentine with doantion to help with new kitties, LBG support
Betz from PA--2 Angie poofs in a drawing for volunteers and chatters (tomorrow), Valentine pie for kitties with tuna, turkey & hamburger
Miss Bekkah's Corner--yarn toys, yarn balls, Curly Q's & Octopus toys
Rose/RoseSF6cats with Marnie, Blackie, Brownie, Fluffy, Checkers & Pit Stop--knitted hearts in pretty colors for Valentine's Day, so very nice!
From Putter & his Band of Friends--valentine basket for Amy & Friends--fruit and candy basket
Linda S--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Elskates from CT--donation thru PayPal for Happy Valentines Day to FFRC and all the cats and to help with Coralie's medical expenses
Wanda E--our portrait friend--another donation for another portrait done! 

Do you live in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area and looking for a reduced rate for spaying and neutering? THese clinics are offering reduced rates:
Aboite Animal Clinic  260-432-5525
Anothony Animal Clinic  260-447-1558
H.O.P.E. for Animals  260-420-7729
Spay & Neuter clinic  260-424-5982
These clinics will offer these special prices during Feb. "This program helps make the greatest impact by decreasing the number of animals entering overcrowded shelters, where more than half of those who enter don't make it out alive."  Please, now is the time to spay and neuter your pets--before spring arrives. 

Zata is the fearless hunter--always after anything that moves. Garth is growing into an extremely handsome boy. He's always a happy cat! Allie loves the toy where the mouse goes in circles. She likes to sit on the toy and watch it! Ming is a pacer--he's here, there and everywhere. He's always on the move. We're trying to limit Ginger's thievery acts to 4 times a day--at least she shares with the cat friends. Coz is again on the Princess Bed--he loves sleeping on it! So sweet to see him curled up in a ball napping away. Solee is giving Piet a head bath. If we ever want to have Solee come, all it takes is to rattle the bag of CR baby cat food! She will come a hoppin'! I love this--Kelly sings to Coralie! 

Our next Day Sale is this coming Monday, Feb. 17 at 3:00. Come join the fun!  This Saturday is the Cat Show. Upon returning from that, there is a possibility of a couple adoptions! 
We have been working hard on the website ( Updates have been done--check it out!

It's official--Feb. 26 is the date that Mary Kay and Cubby will be flying with Angie to their new home. Angie has become our cross country traveler! They are going to a wonderful home!

All is well here. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! We will be having a few happenings! For breakfast, the cats will enjoy a special meal with canned duck and chicken. This will be for ALL the cats! We also have a lovely basket of fruit to share with all the volunteers. Today there is a box of Cheryl's Cookies that should arrive for all to enjoy!  Also there will be a lunch delivered (for the 2 leggeds!). Sometime in the afternoon a wonderful "cake" will be given to the cats, made with browned hamburger & turkey with salmon added in. Yummmmm.  We will also have a drawing where 2 names will be pulled--one will be a volunteer and the other will be a viewer. (we have viewer names already ready!)  The prize is one of the big poofs! A fun day for sure! Happy Valentine's Day to all! 

Here is a poem to FFRC, written by Jackson and August, our 2 Florida CH cats, to the volunteers:
When I reach out, you're always there.
With a hand to support me, showing you care.
I've always walked through my life all alone,
My social skills, I did not hone.
Never caring, keeping everyone away,
Then you came along, and taught me to play.
Where before, my world was dark and cold,
You brought light, and colors, bold
When I was chilled, sad, full of fear,
You held me close, safe and dear.
Because of you, I've opened my heart,
Taken a breath, made a new start. 
You've opened my eyes, my mind, my soul.
Given me direction, a path, a goal.
To be as you see me, to this I strive,
To be beautiful, loving,