Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weds. Feb. 19

Our Day Sale was wonderful and I so appreciate you all. We made about $1,600 from this sale. About 95% of the items have already been sent on their way. Remember--it's always ok to let me know if we don't have an order correct.  Just e-mail me! Thanks to you all for this support. Also big thanks to the mods and Amy, Lynnette, Angie, Dawn, Barb, Jimmy for your help during this Sale. 

Coralie had her leg amputation on Monday. Her incisional site looks good and is healing already. She's getting the hang of walking without that leg. Remember, her other back leg is compromised to some degree also. We need her tendon and her open area over the bone to heal. She's spending alot of time in her bed. Yesterday we moved her pen down to floor level. This way we can leave her pen door open and she can get out when she wants. We have a litter box close by, along with a floor rug and food and water. She's already chirping and nodding her head to me, which I love! 

Also on Monday, Camvie went to the vets office. We want to find out why she is having so much difficulty breathing. No polyps were found, but her sinus area was filled with thick drainage. This was flushed out. This morning, we were actually able to remove another large amount of drainage from her nose. She is on antibiotics and 2 kinds of nose drops. A culter/sensitivity was sent in to determine exactly what antibiotics will be the most helpful. We should have those results back soon.

Tomorrow, Angie, Lynnette and I will be leaving for the OVMA conference. We have lots of "learning" we want to do! Some of the classes that I will take are on Ringworm Outbreaks, Feline Rescue Vaccine Protocols, First response of Incoming Cats, Managing Panleukopenia in Shelters, FIV--just lots of them! We will be back early Saturday afternoon. While I am gone, we have many volunteers pitching in to help! Please know that I will have no time to check emails, so please keep mail to me rather light! That would help. The moderators and volunteers know how to get ahold of me if I am needed. 

Saturday afternoon we are expecting the arrival of Alma. Her caretakers will be bringing her. If you'd like to see her video it's at:  I understand 
that she's 6-7 months old and is a brown tiger. She appears to be a sweetie that has touched her caretakers hearts. They have classified her as a moderate to severe CH cat. We also know she has a heartful of love to give!

We had BOXES last night & this morning! Many,m many thanks to you! 10
Donnawan_Kenobe--2 girl cousins of LBG have arrived!  They are now a cousin clan! 
Our Special Hannah and mother Jennifer from IN--beautiful card with stickers and a note, spring love chain made by Hannah, ladybug and smiley rock--handpainted by Hannah and her friend Clare, Happy Valentine card from Hannah and her mother with 2 super mega packs of cat snackers, 2 sun catchers painted by Hannah and grandma Sue.  Thank you, Hannah!
Caren F--package of catnip balls, spring toys, 3 cases of 9 Lives seafood/poultry, case of Friskie pate (large cans) and case of senior salmon pate
Kikimycat/Ellen--box of magnetic picture frames for the Day Sale made by Ellen. They are beautiful!
LittleFrank from Canada--birthday card for my mom, get well card for Bonnie, fun crafty things and gifts for the childrenkids.  Ever so sweet of you, Little Frank! 
Anonymous Friend--6 blankies, lots of wash clothes, turbo scratcher and 2 refills, 6 pretty rugs, bag of PB M&M's, Simba stuffed lion cub for Coralie (she was rubbing on it this morning!), 4 clay honey bath soaps for volunteers, feeding bowls and kitty snackers
John and Suzanne C from FL--note and donation
JoAnn B from AZ--card and donation in memory of her kitty Loon
Magenta (yes, she sent something!!)--Valentine Day card to Jacci with 3 flats of stamps and a Walmart gift card!
Auntie Julie/Tigercat54--Valentine card for Magenta with gift card to buyher special treats
Cheryl--birthday card for Jacci's mom
Judy L--donation to help with Coralie
Sandra T--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Wanda--our portrait friend--for 2 orders!
Herta B from IN--for Coralie, in memory of beloved Katie
Inna M from Huberside--PayPal to help with Coralie
Sarah & Family (Zata's family)--cat toys, a beautiful collection of Anna Marie's glass items for Day Sale, toys, fountain, Bubble maker, cushie bed, cat signs
Megan & Family (Piet's family)--3 cases of can food
Deb C from NJ--donation tohelp with the 3 new cats from NY
Faith M from MD--donation to round up LBG fun! and to help with bringing the NY cats home
Nadine C from PA--donation to help toward travel of Staten Island cats
Philip N--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Beth/eaglewatcher--donation in honor of JoAnn C and Vixanna R for their wonderful work on the FFRC quilt project
Billie K--donation to help precious Coralie
Leggygal--sent SIX boxes of BiggyDews--these are leggydews but bigger. All colors, all designs, all wonderful! Leggygal--you are awesome and so very much appreciated. We will sell the Biggydews for $15.  Thank you for the time, money, effort it took to do these wonderful blankies!

It's above freezing temperatures! Our pipes are all running, the icicles are melting along the roof, the snow is compacting down! I am so ready for spring. The cats have been having so much fun watching the birds at the feeders--always lots of action. Right now, Kiara and Cubby are on my desk, sound asleep. Zelda is sleeping right beside me. Melia is walking around chirping with a spring toy in her mouth. Both August and Jackson are amazing--the progress they are making is amazing. Ming loves to window watch! Such a big change in this boy. 

It's confirmed--Tuesday is the day that Angie, Barb and myself will fly to Staten Island and pick up THomas, Joey and Kitty Kat. We should be back by 5:45 in the early evening! 

We have a new cat. Her name is Fondant-a Catathon name. She is a tiger/calico/torti mix. Such a beauty. She is about 8 months old. A little shy, but each day will bring out her personality. Someone came two days ago and simply left her here, outside, in the snow. We saw the man but didn't get to talk to him so we have no history on Fondant. She is spending time in the back Thumper's Room with Coralie. Coralie has been moved to the bottom pen, with the door open now. She can go in and out as she pleases. She pleases most of the time by napping in her bed! What a courageous girl she is. Removing that leg was a good choice. That pain is gone and you can tell she feels better. She's on 2 soreness meds and an antibiotic. We need to have good healing now on her remaining rear leg. As you know, the frostbite was hard on this leg too--the ankle and toes and Achilles Tendon. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers please. 

Take care--have a great week and know that we will be absorbing all kinds of knowledge at the OVMA Conference! All will go smoothly and I already miss the cats, even before I have left.