Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Feb. 10

Happy Birthday to Ada Jane. Happy Birthday to You!  Our sweet oldster Ada Jane is now 19 years old. She is doing awesome and loves life! I'm so glad we can share her life here at FFRC. Ada Jane is one of the nicest cats--she never complains, always lets us know when she's hungry or thirsty or needs extra TLC. She's just perfect! She has had special turkey and chicken slices today straight from the deli!

We have a major news bulletin! At approximately 4:30 pm yesterday, 2/9 our LBG (little brown guy) was guy-napped. Apparently no one knows anything or so it is said. LBG is allegedly safe and has been fed. We have had 8 ransom notes so far all saying FFRC must meet certain demands before the release of LBG. What those demands are is yet unknown other than something about a tu-tu of which I'm not fully sure of. Our chatters love LBG so much, that $567.38 has been raised so far to help with the ransom! All I know now is that we have 3 letters that arrived by carrier today from LBG's captors. We are awaiting word for when to open them. LBG is much missed by us and LMC (little brown cat)

Oh my--we have many thanks to give. We are grateful.
Donnawan--Viva pop up napkins
Laura/medic--case of Fancy Feast. She and her mom were here this weekend and also brought doggie snackers, and a gift card for Pet Supply Plus
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--coil toys and 12 cans of Iams packets
Henry R Peeps & Ohmyguiness--get well card for Coralee and $5, for a special treat, cards for Valentines Day, doggie snackers and a BIG bag of Brachs mints for the big farm animals!
Sandra P/FoundinMT--3 big boxes of Qtips
Michlynn--card and tshirts for store or flash sale (theyse are really neat!), black kitty and white many kitties!
Anonymous Friend--4 reams of colored copy paper, case (10 reams) of white copy paper and a big package of post it notes
Shannon M from NY--Beautiful hand knitted Irish cable afghan for auction or raffle
Gusti from Germany--3 cases of Purina One wet food and a bag of Taste of the WIld dry food for the dogs
Mommymyrna--assorted sizes of blankets and catnip pads for Day sale, store or to share some with S.T.O.P. cat rescue  THese are really nice!
Betz--2 poof (black and red) for drawings--one for volunteers and one for viewers
Domingo F--donation thru PayPal
Phil & Judy L--Fancy Feast, Sheba cans, napkins and Bounce
Andrea W--a PayPal in honor of Ada Jane's birthday!
Margaret K from NH--Paypal for special treats for Ada Jane's birthday and for her friends
Charmaine & Arden B from IN--donation to help with transportation costs for Alma
Jakesmeowmy--donation to help with whatever is needed
Terence C from UK--donation for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation for Feliz Navidad Fund in honor of all the volunteers and friends who worked on Gallant to be healthy ahead--Happy Birthday Gallant!
Tigercat54/great aunt Julie--spring toys for the cats and some yummy cat food

I've heard from Allie and Meowzer's family! They are doing wonderful and their pictures show them to be happy!  I've also heard from Kiko and Dennis--so far, so good--Potty Bootcamp is working! They will meet their new family for a visit later this week! And yes, Bruce will go home with Kiko. 

Sunday afternoon we still had our Annual Volunteer Meeting even though it snowed again during the night and morning! We went over many aspects of FFRC. We talked about future dates, how Kitty Kastle's calendar works now, Day Sales, June's Concession Stand Fundraiser, hand hygiene, Emergency procedures, the upcoming OVMA conference, our Pharmacology Inspection, what direction FFRC is heading and the goals we want to accomplish. It was a good meeting and I so appreciate our volunteers.

Our new cat, Amparo is doing great. She's had her bath and now her white is very clean. She's a happy girl and loves to chirp. Coralie is wonderful. I truly love how she greets people--a chirp and a nod of her chin! Suzanna has been combed alot and she really enjoys it. Her whiskers are long and her hair is long in her ears! Such a beauty. The Jenna Radar kicked in this morning, just like clockwork! Zelda is kneading away on a pink cushie--she's thoroughly enjoying it. 

The annual OVMA (Ohio Veterinary Medical Conference) is happening again soon. It's Feb. 20-23 in Columbus. RIght now, Angie and Lynnette will be going with me. There are lots of excellent classes to take. We can attend together or seperate to any of the classes offered. What is extra nice this year is that there is a special heading of "Shelter Care" classes. I'm very excited to take some of these! We will be going on that Thursday, Friday and coming back Saturday. 

If you live in this area, there is the annual Cat Show in Perrysburg at the Lucas County Rec Center this Saturday and Sunday. It's really alot of fun. There's many kinds of breeds to see, owners to talk to, judging to watch, vendors with cat products and just a lot of cat fun! A friend, Chris and I always enjoy going!