Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday, Feb. 8

Four wonderful cats left yesterday! As you know, Kiko and Dennis left for their Boot Camp home and I'm happy to say that things are going great so far. They've been exploring the house. Next week sometime, the new family will go over and visit both cats and get to know them. We will know more info later. We also had 2 adoptions yesterday. Our Meowzer and Allie left together to a wonderful home. I've already heard back from them and sounds like Allie is braver than Meowzer! All is well.

We had BOXES last night! So many thanks to give!
Diana from Columbia SA--3 boxes laser photo paper 4 x 6
Randomcat10/Karen--3 cans sardines, 25 square felt mouse toys and 20 kitty prong ball toys
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--kitty card with note. Homemade marshmallows for volunteers.  Beautiful gorgeous baby clothes knitted by mom/margaret--there are 5 sets (sweaters with matching cats) and a varigated white, pink, blue, yellow blanket. Absolutely stunning work!
Grace R--Book--Charlie Anderson, story of a kitty with two families (like Azar!)
Susan M/daydreamz2--case of 1 inch Cohesive medical bandaging tapes, variety of colors
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--case of 3 inch Cohesive medical bandaging tapes, variety of colors
Kismet/Val from WI--potty bags, sardines, Meow Mix cups, Friskies, cat snackers, 4 blankies--very colorful, 2 packs ping pong balls, Fish nPlay cat nip mat, 2 Pampers kitty wipes, Box of Bounce, Mr. Clean magic erasers, postie notes, beautiful kitty tote bag for day sale, Lee Greenwood CD for sale.
Phyllis B--kitty card and labels for ffrc, comic cartoon
Betz--donation for food for Cutie and Walter and friends
Kimkost--roll of Forever Stamps
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/cathouze--2 bags Ginger snaps for Butter, Wilson, Mercy & Millie, a gift for Ginger from Octavia, box of Whiskas packets, 2 cans shrimp, baby food chicken, case of Fancy Feast, mouse laser, 9 Dewey's Nine Lives Books for Sales, 2-3D kitty plates with orangies, case of Juice boxes, Keurig cups and package for Amy
NYCkitty45/Vicki B--super delicious Zoe's Choclates--4 valentine bars (white and dark chocolate with hearts), chocolate lips and a variety of boxes of chocolates (yes, we'll share!)  Thanks!

Yeah for August and Jackson. They are getting much braver. They are now coming out to watch breakfast being made. They also like the salmon that's served up at breakfast time! Both had had an eye infection and both eyes are healing! 

Derecho is at the cat walk again--the one that's under the long windows in Kitty Kabana. The birds are eating heavily and Derecho loves watching them. He puts his front legs on the shelf and sits on the floor! There is no less than 6 cats almost constantly watching out the window by Dodger's Pen. Those feeders are loaded with birds. Always major cat chirping going on!

We took in a new cat yesterday. Her name is Amparo which means protection/shelter. She is a grey tiger/white girl, about 18 months old. She had been owned by someone who recently spayed her (tipped her left ear and put the tattoo spay dot on her incision), but then no longer wanted her. When they put her out, the neighbor didn't want her hanging around and was going to feed her hot dogs laced with poison. Another neighbor stepped in and brought her here. She is awesome and quite the chirper! Already been tested and bathed. 

Wrigley is on top of a tall cat furniture. Standing right on the edge, looking over with his head swinging. I think he is feeling very brave and big. What an awesome cat. The other 2 kittens from this litter, Mary Kay and Cubby are on hold. Plans are being made for their adoption. Won't be long until Zata will be going to her new home too. 

The Covies are doing good in this cold and snow. Tomorrow will be their "cruise around" day. Mayor Anony said it's a Sled Day. There's a gigantic pile of snow beside Kitty Kastle that is waiting for them. They think it's an Olympic adventure!