Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday, Feb. 23

Alma is here! And what a sweetie she is! Wonderful Amy, her boyfriend and her father delivered her here all the way from Philadelphia! Amy works at a vet office. Here's what I understand about Alma. Somehow she was turned in to rescue center. This rescue center thought she had injured legs and turned her over to a vet's office (where Amy works). The vet there recognized this as a CH cat. Alma is probably a light severe classification of CH. Amy took care of her and loved her. She started looking for a home for Alma, when we came into the picture. Amy would get her out of her cage almost daily to let her play. We are hoping though that without the confines of a cage, her stability will improve enough to let her walk about. She loves to play, loves to cuddle, is a great eater and is making friends with Coralie. It just so happens that her birthday was yesterday! We are thrilled to give her such a birthday present as a place to call her own....and no more cages! 

I want to give a big big thanks to all that were involved in extra helping while I was gone those 3 days. A special thank to Connie D for doing breakfast for me in the mornings. Angie, Lynnette and I attended the OVMA (Ohio Veterinary Medical Association) convention. It's filled with classes that a person can take, according to that person's interest. Also interesting was visiting the vendor's floor and seeing all the merchandise and equipment on display. 

I learned so much while I was there. This convention is top notch for their speakers and classes. Some of the classes that I attended were:
Mastering Ringworm Outbreak Management
Who Can Do That? Permissible Duties of non-veterinarians
Everyday Ringworm Made Easy
Zoonotic Disease Prevention and Personal Protective Equipment 
Class IV Laser Therapy (like our laser equipment!)
Vaccination Protocols for Shelter Cats
The First 60 Minutes: the Critical Hour Part 1
The First 60 Minutes: the Critical Hour Part II
Managing Panleukopenia in Shelters
Infection Control
Zoonoses and Immunocompromised Clients
Surgical Site Infections and Pre-Op Prevention Practices

Lynnette and Angie took many classes on management, volunteers, feline litterbox problems, hand hygiene, veterinary homeopathy, social media strategies, etc.  It was a great 3 days. 

This Tuesday, Angie, Barb and I will be flying to Staten Island to pick up our next 3 cats. Kitty Kat (12 years old), Thomas (CH and seizure cat) and Joey (elbow walker and eye problems).  The person that is taking care of them is Jennifer and is awesome. She has stepped in to help a rescue that was deserted by the caretaker. A big job for a few people trying to do right for these cats. Thomas just this morning had a seizure. He's on two different types of meds but has not had consistent care for his seizures until Jennifer stepped in to help. It takes a while to stabilize. Our vets will advise us as to how to handle his seizures.

Coralie is one extra sweet cat! She has so much sweetness in her! Her ears, tail and leg incision site all looks wonderful.  Her remaining back leg is still struggling a bit. There's some surface bone showing yet on ankle. The vets are thinking of ways to work on this again. Keep your thoughts positive on a full healing for this leg. 

Freemont and Lorenzo are flipping out here! They are tussling, running and play fighting like crazy with each other. They are having so much fun.  Yes, it's clumsy fun but major fun! 

All is fine here. I'm thoroughly enjoying being back with the cats.