Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday, Feb. 28

My mom's 90th birthday is today! I'm so blessed to have her. I want to send a big thanks for all the cards that have arrived for her. Tonight for supper, my family will be here to celebrate and I will give her your cards. I know they will make her smile. I appreciate this kindness!

Tomorrow at 3:00 ends the Afghan Raffle. This will give me time to finish up details. We will have the name drawing at 6:00.  BOXES are at 5:30 pm. We will stop boxes at 6:00 to do the drawing. Then after the drawing, we will continue with BOXES.  So...Boxes at 5:30, drawing at 6:00 and finish up BOXES after drawing. Fun, fun!

We had BOXES last night! A heartfelt thanks.
Pat, our volunteer--6 pairs handwarmers in a variety of colors, washcloths donated by Walmart
Tigercat/great aunt Julie--a gift to FFRC, in memory of her Dad who loved all animals--6 kitty snackers, ginger snaps and big bag of peppermint candies for Wilson, Mercy, Millie and Butter, 10 pounds of bird seed, big box of doggie snackers and a bag of Happy Hen Treats for the chickens--so grateful!
Lois L--6 cases Fancy Feast kitten Fish & Turkey 
Arden & Charmaine--big bag of Precious Kitty Litter and 4 cases Friskies, 16 lbs Purina One Urinary Tract Dry Cat Food
Mimi and Buddy from FL--coupons
Nona--10 cases of baby food!
Austin from Pdg.--donation for FFRC
Pasha--card for Coralie
Brenda/yarnlover--donation to help with Coralie
Laurie G--donation thru PayPal
Rebecca H from UK--donation to be used for anything needed

I've heard from Mary Kay and Cubby's mama--all is well. Mary Kay is a bit shy but did sleep on the bed last night. Cubby joined right in with the other cats! Their brother Wrigley who is still here at FFRC is doing great. Such a loverbug he is.

Kerri Kat is doing good. She's a bit shy but sure does love to be petted. She's our only long hair black cat. A real sweetie. Marty is a fairly new arrival. She's a bit shy, but loves to have attention too. Her half tail is so cute on her--that's what we tell her. She likes to hang out in the Kitty Kampus Room. Fondant is now up in the main area. She's another one that's a bit shy, but I think once she realizes we ae all friends, she will settle right in also. 

Aazr is least for right now! He looks good. I called his second family last night to chat with them. All is well. Apparently when they let him out to go potty, he decided it was our turn to visit! He was out for 20 minutes and then arrived here. What a treat--2 houses, 2 families that love him!

Ming is doing awesome. He's a chirper and a purrer. He loves to play. He is napping right now with Solee. Cozarelii has been a wanderer lately. So much braver. Yesterday we had visitors and he came by them and walked right on past with calmness! That was very nice to see.

Camvie is now on her special meds. Hopefully we can get her head congestion cleared up. She is such a love--an exceptionally sweet girl. She loves to play with any of the tracker ball toys.

Joni has been with us a few days. At night, she spreads a big quiltonto the floor and snuggles with the cats. They love this time with their Joni. Especially Lorenzo and Derecho. This morning it was Tail Chasing Time. Lorenzo was nipping at Derecho's tail. Derecho was nipping at Emily's tail who was playing with a toy. They sure know how to have fun. 

Alma is doing good. We are doing standing exercises with her. She seems to enjoy them. Dodger Crazy and Garth Crazy are so much fun. Oh---you didn't know they had middle names?! Yes they do and it describes both just perfectly. These are such fun loving boys. They can be walking and see a toy, pounce on it, walk some more, pounce on another toy, go over by the table and attack whatever is there. Lots of fun energy for these two sweet boys!