Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday, March 2

Our afghan raffle was wonderful! I am so very appreciative of each and every ticket that came thru. This raffle is only possible because of your support! I thank you! Here's the scoop:
Afghan A--Cat on a Fence by LJ--won by Carmela D/macdoum    121 tickets sold
Afghan B--Kitty squares by LJ--won by Lewbeth/Lori W              240 tickets sold
Afghan C--Kitty popcorn by LJ--won by Priscilla G                     186 tickets told 
Afghan D--Irish Cable Knit by Sharon M--won by Ann D             184 tickets sold
Afghan E--Rainbow Rippe by Arlene H--won by Jennifer M          159 tickets sold

This makes for a total of 890 tickets sold for $4,450. Gusti donated an extra $50, which now makes that $4,500!  This means that on an average, each afghan was valued at $900.  This is just incredible. I'm so pleased and so thankful.

I mentioned last night on the cam that this money will go towards the cats care. On an average, for the first two months of a cat or kittens care, we put in $300 to $350 per each one. This does not include food or litter. Our adoption is $90, which we intend to keep at that level yet. 

I cannot thank you all enough for your support. I asked a general question yesterday to chat--what do you, as chatters prefer for the afghan--raffle or auction. The answer was overwhelmingly raffle. I've had so many people comment on this. The reason is that it gives so many people an option on possibly winning an afghan for a $5 ticket! 

For fun, we also did some consolation prizes! 
Catnip pad--Woolywhiskers (donated back since she has no cats!)
Catnip pad--Susicat/Susan W
Leggydew & toy--Andrea B
Leggydew & toy--Lewbeth

We will be getting all these items out tomorrow!

We also had BOXES last night! So many thanks to give!
Susan C from Defiance--donation for FFRC
Ken S and D'Laura B--with Abner, Neena and Simon--Tuna, Sardines, Salmon, fancyf east, baby food, yellow Kabana rug and Lysol wipes
Jan from HI--spring toys, case of Tiki cat and case of Fancy Feast gravy lovers
Eric, Carrie & Jim--17 lb. bag of Iams Kitten
Shannan W--donation for FFRC
Deb M--donation for FFRC
Leslie M from KS--a donation to help with Coralie
Diana D--donation, in memory of Paul

Just an update on the adoption of Miss Marti--her new mom says she is doing great! Yesterday was Asha's birthday. She is such an awesome cat and so very happy. She had at least 25 kisses and hugs! Each day Thomas is getting better and better. He actually hops/walks/jumps to the door when we go in now in excitement! Always makes me laugh! Fondant is doing much better today too. More relaxed and is playing. News flash, news flash--Alma got herself in the litterbox by herself and pottied! Talk about jubilation--we were ecstatic! We still put her in it several times a day, but that was a big step for her! 

We do have an update on Coralie. Things have changed in the last 12 hours. When I changed her dressing on her ankle, part of the bone came off. Not a good thing. First, let me say, our vets are awesome and they always have the thought of doing as much as possible to help a pet. This week they have talked alot about ways to help Coralie. How to get her skin to stretch to cover the bone, how to debride the bone, how to keep that leg. But several things have happened in the last day. First, as mentioned, some of the bone came off, This means the bone is not very healthy. It also appears that the achilles tendon has deteriorated more and is not connected at all now. Also some of the skin around the ankle has blackened, which means even less skin to work with. And her pain has shot up. I want to explain this thoroughly so you all understand the decision made. We have 3 options. One is to try the surgery but with probably only a 10%  or less chance of success. This would then mean yet another surgery down the road.  Second is euthanasia. Third is to amputate the leg. After much talking, it was decided to do the amputation. This saddens me deeply to think of yet more loss for her. It makes my heart literally ache for her. But then I look into her eyes and I still see life and joy. Without this awful pain the leg is giving her, she will feel so much better. After surgery, we can do two different things or both. We will let her heal and then see how she pulls herself around. Think of Seymour--that boy is lightening fast and he can even climb. The other is to let her use a cart-mobile to help her get around (not to be used all the time). So, she will go to the vets in the morning. I will keep you posted thru the mods as I want to stay with her for the surgery. She will come home tomorrow. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She's tough, she can do this. Let's keep any talk about Coralie positive! Thank you.