Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday March 4

Wow--what a day yesterday was. A very thankful filled day.

First, Coralie had her surgery to remove the other rear leg. After having looked at the leg again, we had 3 vets out of 3 that concurred with this surgery decision. As usual, Coralie came thru this anesthetic with flying colors. I was told she was done, still had her tube in, and then about 4 minutes later out she came in her carrier, ready to come home! And home we came! She slept most of the afternoon and evening. We will continue her soreness meds for a while yet and antibiotics. 

This morning I put Coralie in the litterbox where she proceeded to dig a hole, she peed then buried it! I was so proud of her! She then got out of the box by herself and got up on the second level of the Kuranda Tower by herself where she proceeded to groom! She ate a good breakfast and has been purring and chirping. Her chirp is worth a thousand words to me. I love it!

So, I feel at peace today about Coralie. I just knew she wouldn't give up if we just gave her the chance. She is a mighty cat and is going to do something wonderful with her life......I just know it. And actually, she already has. She's a happy girl! I've been carrying her around in the main area lately, in preparation of her coming into this area. I have received nothing but positive feedback from you--our FFRC friends. For that I am doubly appreciative. 

Then we have Alma. Oh my, what a day she had. Her world is always viewed from a laying position unless a person uprights her. Well, not always anymore! Jimmy and I have been looking at lots of cat mobile carts on youtube that is workable with a cat that has all 4 legs compromised. Her CH is severe and she cannot weight bear by herself without falling over. So, we built her a cart! I thank Jimmy for his patience in doing this. The first time we put her in, she just stood there looking about. Perhaps a bit overwhelmed? Not sure! The second time we tried it, she went backwards and then went forwards a few steps, a couple times! We were thrilled! We will continue practicing this with her. Her life is about to change. There will be no holding her back! She's a wonderful cat. Alma's name means "soul".

We had BOXES last night! My gratitude to you all for your support.
Gusti from Germany--Easter card with note and owl paper! Lots of stickers, cute napkins, box of German kitty cards, clips for office, Easter decorations, a book Bats in the Belfy by Doreen Toby. Also a special green towel for Coralie and a special red towel for Freemont. 
Lucy/Lulittle and fur baby Benny--Book, Haatchi and Little B (a great reading book!)
Catherine H/ordinarydiva from NY with Squeeky, Meatloaf and Jackpot--can of cheese, mousie toys, package of mylar balls and potty bags
Israel S/Ny Coralie Lover--box of a great variety of K-cups!
Leah M/leahM216--9 gorgeous earwarmer bands of a variety of colors for store, day sale, etc. They are so beautiful! Extra thanks.
Barb W, our visitor from WA--10 boxes of hanging folders variety of colors
Beth/eaglewatcher--"Chiffon" memorial stone for Alberts Garden (extra thanks, Beth)
Pat, our new Defiance resident!--a beautiful table runner crocheted with the FFRC logo on it. It says " Heaven is where you meet all the cats you ever loved". I so very much love this. Pat and Ellen also brought some can food and baby food.
Jean T--PayPal donation for FFRC
Janet M--PayPal donation for FFRC

I would like to extend a special thanks too for the following for helping us with Coralie's medical expenses: Karla M from IA, Pam R/buckeye from OH, Jane L from WI, Gusti from Germany, Donna H from PA, Carmel D from France, Halos mom & dad from NY and Newfiedogmom from Canada. 

Another bit of awesome news! Thomas....he is a nut! This boy is blossoming into a clown! He loves to be held. Loves legs almost as much as Freemont does. Thomas gets around real good though--his CH is mild. He loves kisses. He's also starting to want to venture out. Maybe soon he will be here in the main area! 

And more exciting news! We reached TEN MILLION total viewers on our webcam last night. This is overwhelming to comprehend. I was telling the viewers last night I remember our first 1,000 total views. I was so happy. Ten million is overwhelming. It's simply amazing. To me, this is a testimony to our friendship to you, our viewers and from you viewers to us. We have a friendship that is wonderful. 

And with that, I would like to let you all know how filled with gratitude I am to you all. From our volunteers, viewers (lurkers and chatters), facebook friends, Moderators, Admins, friends from all over--I am so grateful. There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel you having "our back" here at FFRC.  It takes a village of world wide friends, known as the FFRC Nation, to hold our FFRC together. We are indeed blessed.