Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday, March 22

We had two awesome adoptions yesterday! Our wonderful Anna Marie and Mellow left together, to begin their new life with a webcam friend. They now live in Indiana in a quiet home. The last I heard Anna Marie was sticking close to her new mama and Mellow was exploring!

I want to thank everyone for a wonderful birthday yesterday. It's humbling to me to have so much acknowledgement for this day. I am filled with gratitude and friendship--there were so many well-wishers, I was just so in awe. It started Thursday evening with a surprise birthday cake, flowers and cards. This overflowed into yesterday. More cards, more flowers and such kind thoughts and wishes. I was told that I was to do a blanket thank you for everyone, not individual thank yous. While that goes against how I was raised, I will bow to that wish. Please know, I am so very grateful for all the fun and all the friendship shown, the cards, the flowers, gift cards and donations, email and fb posts. You all are important to me. I am proud to be a part of this FFRCNation. 

The golden 4 kittens are growing like weeds! Liberti is still the lightest. Merle holds the cute award--he just looks at you with that fur coming out of his ears and your heart melts! Tinker and Rocky Top are the orneries of the litter--always having fun! 

The 5 babies of Jemima are doing wonderful! I do believe they have almost doubled in size already. When she moves too far from the nest, the babies sure can cry---so very loud! Blyss has markings that are extra beautiful. Jessie sure looks silvery. Dickens and Abner are almost always laying together and Fantasia is a toughie. She's always digging in to make sure she gets her milks' worth!    

Thursday night we had BOXES! I so appreciate these items--so very helpful.
SuzieQ--bag of Royal Canin Kitten, case of Fancy Feast Kitten
Emmie from AL--3 cans sardines, packet of salmon, 12 Reeses PB cups
OrdinaryDiva/Kathy--letter. An LBG Family Historian guide of pictures of LBG's ancestors and all the celebrities they have met--This was great and provided lots of laughs! Yep, there's an LBG cousin in all the pictures of celebrities!
Carol K from CA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Catsrule1999/Laura S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Eugenia S from Russia--donation for FFRC thru PayPal     
Julie and friend Kim from IN--8 big bags of Fresh Step litter, bag of bird seed, 2 plush throws, Friskies can, 4 of the 32 count Friskies, 2 of the 30 count Fancy Feast and 4 of the 5 packs of Clorox Wipes
Sarah H (who had adotped Hamish & Mixen years ago) day visitor, brought a few items for our storage room, including laundry soap

Cutie is doing amazing! Her fur is all back and looks healthy. She has a good weight about her. She likes to sleep in, in the morning so we end up giving her a mid morning breakfast. Asha is also doing great. She spends a great deal of her time in the purple front office. She keeps close eye on my desk and when it's super quiet, likes to come down and stretch out while I'm working. Such a beautiful girl. 

Yesterday Coralie made her way from the Main Area, to the Kitty Kabana and then back to the Kitty Campus Room to take a nap in the closet (it has a cat entrance door). She is doing great. Alma again made it to the top of the flower bed (about 2 feet up). That's like climbing a mountain for her! We're so proud of both of these girls.

BOXES are at 5:30 pm tonight (FFRC time). There's quite a few and this way it won't be real late by the time we're done. Come join the fun!