Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weds., March 19

I just love it--the minute breakfast is done in the back Thumper's Room, Alma and Thomas are ready to come up again to the Main Area. There is no doubt they love it. Alma today got herself into the round bed on a cat furniture all by herself. I swear there was a smile on her face! Thomas is cruising about. He's all ready to go to Dr. Darcy tomorrow for his physical. Joey again walked by himself to the front Welcome Room office. He's been letting us pet him a bit more each day. We've discovered he's got a great purr!

I've heard from quite a few of the recent cats (or rather, from their families) that have been adopted. We've had notes bout Yvonne, Snappy, Melia, Ginger, Remison, Patricia and Suzanna. It sounds like all have made a great adjustment to their new homes. It's always wonderful to hear how our cats are doing.

This weekend we have some families scheduled to come and look at our cats. I do believe you will see a few more adoptions!

We had BOXES last night--I am grateful for these gifts. They help so very much.
Our first package was from Scottycat and Sean Canary aka James Bond 007 1/2! What fun we had! First, there was a St. Paddys day hat (complete with ears) from Ireland. Then LBG had Scotty forward his souvenirs from his trip while he was gone!  There were magnets and trinkets from Portugal, Queens Guard, Poland, Waverly Steamer on the River Clyde, from Santa in Lapland and FInland, Scotty's bagpipes and a t-shirt for me for the Great British Weather. Sure enjoyed all this--LBG was glad it all arrived safely!
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--to celebrate Jemima and the birth of her 5 babies--2 bags of Royal Canin babycat dry food
Anonymous Friend for all the cats--6 cases of Appetizers.  They are grateful too!
Putter Moss and friend--lots of human yummies--all wonderful kind! Lots of cat toys, 65 cans sardines, 7 cans clams, 40 cans 9-Lives.  A very yummy type box!
Dawn, Carol & Bob--Happy BD card, 25 cat nip Condors (for Derecho too), 2 pop up cubes, collars with tags for Joey, Thomas, Seymour and Alma, 2 awesome rocks in heart shape with Peace on them, stamper set, ointment for pets, quick stop, ear cleaner, l-lysine, tick keys, nail scissors, combs, slicker brushers, pet food spoons, straight scissors, grooming tool, faucet bath sprayer, kitty snackers, tuna, Anidis Pet dryer and Trimmer with clipper--so very grateful to you all
Erin K from TN--big purple runner rug --already been in use in the back  Thumper's Room, paper plates, Friskies, appetizers, Fancy Feast, Purrfectly Chicken, kitty snackers, bag of Iams adult, bag of Purina One, bag of Easter Candy and a HB Reeses Peanut Butter Egg!
LJ323---6 bottles Lysol cleaner and 18 boxes Kleenex tissues for human sneezes!
Wollywhiskers--catitude BD card
Judy and Phil--bird laser, 3 light up balls, 21 appetizers, 19 cans fancy feast, sheba mix
Stephanie H, granddaughter of Judy and Phil--bird feeder, bird seed and a cash donation saved from her allowance
Heather & Stephanie H--kitty snackers, 9 clorox wipes, 24 fancy feast, paper towels, 4 soap dispensers
Bo Y from Sweden--donation thru PayPal
Priscilla G from CA--donation in honor of Adela, beautiful granddaughter who turned a month old

Farrah is a cuddle bum! She loves to ride on shoulders and purrs and purrs and purrs. She also kneads when she's on shoulders--big time ouch! The more Joline's fur grows out, the curlier her tummy fur becomes! Did you know that Weeja is an official litter box assistant? In the mornings, when Sarah does the first scoop, Weeja insists on being in her lap at every box, every day. Yep,she jumps up, gets in her lap while Sarah scoops, jumps down and goes to the next box and waits for Sarah! A wonderful loving cat.

Our babies have names! These are names taken from our "Sponsor a Name" list!
girl, silver/grey     Jessie
girl, American Short Hair     Blyss
girl, black tiger/ASH     Fantasia
boy, beige, more white     Dickens
boy, beige, less white     Abner

Tabitha has been sharing her paper nest. She's so sweet! She so loves her paper towels. The birds are so heavily eating at the feeders. The cats so love it. Lots of chirping and tail switching. Derecho too loves it--he's getting real good at hoisting himself up on that window shelf! ALl is fine. Lots of wonderful cats, babies have round full tummies and there's much peace here.