Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday, March 9

We love adoptions! The whole goal for our adoptable cats is to find that perfect home for them. A home where lots of love is dished out and they will always be cared for! Yesterday, our sweet Melia was adopted! She now has a mama that was so excited to have her. Then in the afternoon, I finally took Marty and Amparo over to their new owner. She lives about 15 minutes away is all. Their new mama has a wonderful rocker bench that she likes to sit on. When I left, Amparo was already on the rocker. Marty was being a bit shy but I don't think that will last long. Lots of good feelings in the house! More adoptions next weekend too!

Today the 4 kittens will come up to be in the Cat's Corner Room.  After they are comfortable in there, their door will be opened for a bit of time during the day/evening. I don't think it'll take them long to adjust! I love it when we walk in their room now and they come running to us. Such sweeties!

Yesterday Coralie was rather quiet. I believe that's because she was all snug. She choose a big cushie and it wasn't long until all 4 kittens were snugged around her napping in one big golden heap! What pleasure to see that. Coralie is learning how to pick up her torso more and more. She's eating good (very good in fact) and she's getting herself to the litterbox now. It'll be a week tomorrow since her surgery. Only one more surgery to go and that is for her spay. No hurry right now on that. I would like to have her completely recovered before her last surgery. She's still blinking those eye kisses to us!

17 years old--yep, that's how old Magenta is now. She had her 17th birthday yesterday. She was fed anytime and anything she wanted yesterday. Oh wait, that's nothing unusual! What Magenta wants, this sweet girl gets! She did get many hugs and pets and kisses though--oh wait, that's not unusual either. We just love her to pieces! Happy Birthday, Magenta.

We had BOXES last night. We are grateful to you. Every single item, every single thing sent to us is truly appreciated! 
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of KMR and a case of Canidae life stages food
Millie C/cogomogo--box of handmade yarn spiral toys.  The cats love these and they'll also be nice to send home with an adoption
Terese/yankeechick from NJ--feather toys for Coralie and Alma (delivered to them!)
Shelly F from TN--Michigan flag for Kathy, gas gift card (extra thanks), kitty toys, 100 big paper plates, large pack of sm. styrofoam plates, Friskies bit can food, 1,140 Fresh Step Paw Points (we'll put towards free litter!), and a box of kitty wipes
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of baby meat food
Shela/oilsandsgirl--24 rolls sparkle paper towels and 2 big bags of Max kitten dry food. And the big box this all came from has become a fun castle to play in!
Tobyswife and Konnar--for Pania--6 cans of tuna (she had some for breakfast!), bag of adult Pro-Plan dry, catnip infused kitty toys and a case of Fancy Feast Kitten food. Thanks, Konnar. Hope your birthday was awesome!
Gary H from Canada--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Konnar from NY--a donation from his birthday money. Extra hugs given to Pania and Coralie just for you! Thanks so much, Konnar. 
Wanda E--our wonderful portrait maker--a donation for another portrait order!
Geremy K from WI-- donation in honor of Magenta's birthday--hug and kiss delivered! 

The past 3 weeks, I've been extra busy updating the website, PetFinders and Google birthday calendar. If you notice anything amiss, don't hesitate to let me know! The same thing goes with the blog--if I've forgotten to put a name in or have made an error, it's fine to email me and let me know. Also with any sales--if you haven't gotten your item(s), let me know!  I'd appreciate it. 

Have you noticed how brave Coz is becoming? It's wonderful to see him out and about more. Same with August and Jackson--they are always present at mealtimes. A sure way to their hearts....with food! Joey also loves his food. He'll overcome his shyness for that delicious plate of yummies! No further seizures for Thomas. We are keeping a close eye on him. Joyful loves the back Thumper's Room. I don't think she's ever going to go back to the Welcome Room office. She seems quite contended right where she's at! 

The sun was shining yesterday! There's still tons of snow but here and there we can see small patches of brown grass. There's mountains of snow piled up though. We can see the entire parking lot now though--no ice. We're ready for spring and tree buds, green grass and flowers.

Mellow is wonderful. She's such a gentle girl. Tabitha has become my desk girl. She lays here and anytime my hand comes close she swipes me with licks! Zelda has switched to being in my lap, which I love. Whisk found a bug yesterday--he followed that little moving dot for a long, long time. Purrzer and Seymour both had a milk ring yesterday. Unbelievable how long a little thing like that can keep them entertained for so long. The Covies were out on Friday and they'll have another fun day in the sun today. Have to go. Tabitha just jumped up on the desk and wants my hand!