Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday, March 6

Kitties and cats! Sure do love them. So many of them are zipping around here like crazy. Especially Dodger, Garth, Emma Jo and Shamballie--they simply do not know what walking means. Everything is at high speed! What fun they have. Then there's usually a group of 6 every morning that sits on the top two levels of the kuranda tower by a window where the bird feeders are right outside the window. They paw and paw at the glass. The birds are oblivious due to the film on the glass! 

This morning Barb left to go back home. We will miss her big time. She also adopted Yvonne. She got thru security just fine--no problems. Yvonne was a good girl. It's so sweet--this cat was meant for Barb! We also have another adoption coming up. On Saturday morning, we have a lady coming back to adopt Melia! This will be a great cat for this lady! We also currently have 3 other families that will be actively looking for a cat to adopt from FFRC. On the 15th weekend, our sweet Patricia will be leaving. I'm telling you--that Patricia is awesome--such a sweetie and such a great personality! 

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks to you.
Butterflyclass from Belgium--a wonderful letter from the teacher and students. For the volunteers--butterfly key chains and necklaces. 3 blankies and a pillow for Derecho and his friends....all made using knots! What a wonderful gift from our school children friends--we thank you! Derecho says to say Hi!
Mayumi from Japan--2 boxes Tullie Tuna (cats love this!), snackers for the cats and for the volunteers: 2 boxes of special cookies
Tigercat54/great Aunt Julie in IA--In honor of her father--snacks for the volunteers! Lay/Dorito snackers, 105 (oops, now there's 101!) Reeses PB cups, Anderson PB pretzels for Steve, bag of K-Cups variety and a box of Special K crackers & chips
Gerricross--15 lb bag Royal Canin Kitten dry
Bradley S--Aikiou Interactive feeder---really neat! I put a bag of snackers in it last night and this morning they were all gone!
Jatcat--a wonderful raffle drum! We can use this for our Raffle Drawings! Now, I want to do another one sooooon!!
Susan345--7 lb bag of Royal Canin Kitten dry
Painteddaisy/June (our visitor this week)--vinegar, bleach, appetizers, ham with a bone for the kitties (coming later this week!) and pop
Vickie D--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry
Susan L from OR--For Coralie or one who needs warmth--a K & H heated kitty pad! really nice

Then..........we had an extra special box.  It was from Derecho with help from our friend Beth/Eaglewatcher. When we went to the OVMA, one of the things I especially wanted to look into was a heated pad/bed for surgical use. We sometimes have trouble keeping the body temp up on some of the longer surgeries. I found 3 different kinds. The 2 would've been ok, but in all reality, would've had some problems down the road with kitty claws. The one that I was oh, so wanting, is an awesome unit. It's a conductive heat--a wonderful unit, but expensive. I must've visited that table to see it 5-6 different times. As much as I knew it was a wonderful set-up, I just couldn't spend the money. So, I ended up leaving not ordering anything as a warmer for our surgeries. Well........Derecho must've told Eaglewatcher my dreams. You see, I talk to Derecho alot. And Eaglewatcher listened to Derecho. I am so so grateful for this heater unit. I'm excited and honored to have it. I thank you, Beth. 

Kitten season has arrived. Yesterday we took in 4 kittens. Rarely do we get kittens in that are in decent shape. But, these kittens are! They are of the orangie tribe! 3 boys/1 girl. One boy is long hair gold tiger/white. Another boy is all orange tiger. The third boy is orange/white, short hair.  The girl is a light orange/white. They've been tested, wormed, vaccinated, bathed and already out on the floor playing at full speed in the back Thumper's Room. So cute to watch them play! They are 9 weeks old. Names will be coming very soon.  

Unfortunately, Thomas had a seizure yesterday. Not one of the big nasty ones, but enough to be confusing to him afterwards. Not to worry--we are still trying to get him to his therapeutic level which can take a whole month. This was simply a break thru seizure. He's good to go again! This boy is awesome--so sweet, loves people and has been having a few short visits in the main area. He won't be up in the main area until meds/seizures are more stabilized and the little "fit" episodes that he's had in his past are indeed a time of the past. He had one of these episodes the very first night, but not since then. Thomas is a happy boy and utterly loves to be held and petted. His friend Kitty Kat is more relaxed and we're still working on Joey. I talked to the lady that saved him from the hoarding situation. In her words, Joey had a miserable life, which was spent in a basement. He has a right to be sad right now. You can see it in his eyes. But, each day here, will bring him closer to being the happy Joey. We're working on him. 

Coralie is awesome! It's only 3 days post-op. This morning she got into the litterbox by herself and pottied! This is a place where we get very excited about pottying! Yep, she pottied just fine! I've been walking her around the main area of the rescue center a couple times a day to start preparing her for coming up to this area. She's purring and feeling better each day. She's figuring out this new lifestyle for herself! 

All is fine. Cats are healthy, adoptions are going good. Our residents are wonderful. Covies are starting to look forward to moving back to the Cove in April.  Porchies were seen yesterday basking in the sun (yes, in the snow, but the sun was shining!). Volunteers are awesome! Life is indeed good.