Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday, March 13

Yep, that white stuff came down again. We supposedly got 8-9 inches. We truly are having a very different type of winter. Tons of snow, cold and wind. One of the drifts (to the dog's door going outside) was up 3/4 of the door. Had to shovel a path out for the dogs. This storm brought drifts as the winds were high. But the parking lot is plowed, it's cold but we're snug here inside, we're one day closer to Spring so this will eventually all melt! We were at a Level 3 again yesterday so it was a rather quiet day yesterday. Made for a productive work day! I want to extra thank Elizabeth and Sarah for staying longer yesterday to fill in the gaps due to the weather and bad roads.

We had BOXES last night. Wonderful boxes--I so appreciate these!
Jatcat--for Thumper's Room--a 3 level turbo trac. Alma has already been swatting it!
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--Chicken Soup for the Kitty Lovers Soul/kitten--made for part of their breakfast today
Jan from Hawaii--For all the cats in Thumper's Room--Play Stages turbo with boing toy, cuddle safe warmer pal and 2 cat nip yellow toys and 2 feather Kong toys. All now in Thumper's Room.  I even saw Kitty Kat enjoying the feather toy!
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54 from IA--3 crinkle tunnels (we use these every day)
Gusti from Germany--12 big cans of KMR
Alang/Alan G--card with note and awesome paper items--stationary, envelopes, note pads and mailing stickers--all with the FFRC logo and paw prints on them. These are really wonderful!
Jacksmom--4 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten turkey--getting ready for baby season
Sylvia/Gentlesong (our week visitor)--pop tabs for Kellan, bag of assorted chips, volunteer candy, turbo toy for kitties, wobble & scratch toy, 2 cat dancers, 2 kongs, lots of other really nice toys, 7 bags of cat snackers, 2 dz. jars of baby meat, dozen cans of Sardines, snackers for the dogs and bright colored copy paper
Jennifer B/the Benedek family from FL--donation to help with Coralie's expenses. Hug given to her!
Paul S--PayPal donation to FFRC

Fufi made it to her new home--here at FFRC.  Dina and her friend left early on Tuesday morning and arrived back here last night close to midnight with Fufi. They went to Minnesota to get her (where Seymour and Patricia came from). We were worried about the roads coming home but roads were good until they got to the Ohio line. But they arrived safely--so grateful. Fufi is wonderful. She spent the night in Thumper's Room. She is now in Dodger's big pen, here in the front purple office. She's just chilling--watching all the activities. Since she's already been tested, vaccinated, her stay in the pen will be very short. She's relaxed, has eaten and pottied so she'll be ready to be out and about soon. She's a mild CH cat. A beautiful long hair grey/white/torti girl. Such a petite nose she has! She already has chirped and purred. She will remain Fufi which is a combination of Fluffy and Fifi. What a sweet girl. After full adjustment has been made, we will look for a wonderful home for her. 

Weather permitting, we are looking for Patricia, Suzanna and Venus to go to their new homes this weekend--all to seperate homes. All 3 are such great cats! The next weekend will also bring a few adoptions! Unknown yet as to who will go though!

The 4 kitten goldies are doing wonderful. They are adventurous and ornery--just how kittens should be. Liberti loves extra cuddles. They've still been spending the nights in Cat's Corner Room but have been out and about during the day time. The kittens seem to really like Derecho. He's such a good Uncle! Thomas also spent the entire day yesterday in the Main Area  but back in Thumper's Room for bedtime. Kitty Kat came over for a petting this morning! Walter has been awesome in welcoming all the newbies to "his" Thumper Rooms! 

Alma is doing great. She is successfully getting into the litterbox by herself. We still help her to reinforce the idea of the box, but she truly is doing great. Coralie spent a couple hours in the Main Area yesterday--perched on one of the flower beds. I do believe she rather enjoyed it! She's figuring out very nicely how to lift her torso up to get over things. Her front legs will get stronger and stronger. 

Cutie is doing great. She's been taking to sleeping in, in the mornings a bit. So now when she "surfaces", we make sure she gets a plate of food.  Seems to be working--she has a nice round tummy! Derecho and Lorenzo still get their extra treat of baby food right after breakfast. Tabitha continues to do her thing. She unrolled a half of roll of paper towels yesterday to poof up her nest. She looked pretty happy doing it! Freemont loves his Moses Basket--he takes morning naps in it. Looks so comfortable. 

The Blanket Raffle continues on. The tickets are $5 a piece--can buy one or as many as you like. Check out the facebook pages for pictures and information. We stop taking the tickets at 3:00 on Saturday. The drawing is at 6:00.  We have special, very special, consolation prizes.  You will love these prizes!  Okay--I have to tell you. Two of the consolation prizes are those wonderful, beautiful cat/small dog beds that we received last week!