Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday, March 15

Great news! Coralie is on the move! Early this morning I was by the sink and happened to look out in the Welcome Room Office and there she was--staring at me. She went from the Back Thumper's Room to the Little Thumper's Room then to the Welcome Office! Joy, joy--I was thrilled! I brought her into the Main Area and when she saw her quilt (to be laid on the floor) she wiggled and wanted to be on it.  Mid morning we took the quilt to the Kitty Kabana Room (she loves to bird-watch) and about 10 minutes later she had herself in the purple office! Happiness abounds--it is so wonderful to see her start to be mobile. Now this is very interesting too---(we have to talk potty business!)--today when she was in the litterbox, instead of just sitting and pottying, she raised herself up on her muscular parts of her two back "legs".  I do believe she enjoyed that accomplishment! 

Today at 3:00 is the close of our current blanket raffle. Then at 5:30 we will have boxes followed by the raffle at 6:00. We'll get to use our raffle drum to mix up the tickets! We have 7 awesome consolation prizes. Good luck to everyone!

We've had a name change. Fufi asked if she could have a new name. We gave her a new name, with the blessings of the shelter that she came from. Her new name is now Felicity. Rather fitting for this beautiful girl. She is doing great. She's camped out in Dodger's Pen the last two nights but during the day she's been out and about. Felicity can get in and out of the pen by herself whenever she wants to. 

We had BOXES last night--what a great evening of receiving gifts--I thankyou all. 
Ms Beccas Corner--4 crocheted balls, 2 with bells and 2 crocheted curly cue toys
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL (and our visitor right now)--10 solid Odor Eliminators by Odo Ban
Mayumi from Japan--Black Thunder chocolate bars, BD card and gift of glasses with kitties and paw prints  and a wonderful batch of special flavored tea--big thanks, Mayumi
Donnawan_Kenobe--24 postie pads and 12 boxes Kleenex
Catsrule--for Coralie--a wonderfully fluffy hooded kitty bed!
Linda S from NJ--3 sheets forever stamps, 3 cans Fancy Feast and a case of Friskies
Pat L from KS--3 cases Fancy Feast
Andrea from CA--box of Red Heart yarn for lady to make kitty things for FFRC
Nona--large and small nursing bottle kits, 4 cans of KMR dry and 2 cases of KMR liquid--getting ready for baby season!
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--6 cans of KMR, 2 bags of Wellness Kitten dry and a case of Kitty wipes--more "getting ready for kitten season". 
Richinsshell/Shelley R & Midnight--30 piece of candy variety, case of Appetizers and a case of Fancy Feast gravy lovers
Aunty Julie--for Miss Magenta--a St. St. Paddys Day card with her Walmart gift card and stamps for Momma Jacci from Magenta!
Janet B from FL--kitty BD card 
Colleen P--coupons and box tops 
Diana, our South American friend--2 cases of baby meat
Michael G from UK--donation thru PayPal
Hallie G from PA--a new follower, a donation thru PayPal to help
Inna M from UK--a donation to help with medical treatments

We had a visitor this morning who wants to adopt. She has chosen our sweet Emily! Next week sometime Emily will be going to her new home.

We took in a new cat yesterday. Her name is Jemima (a sponsored name). She came from a friend of when we had Earth Angel's. She's a calico cat, about 18 months old. She's been outside this winter and is really enjoying the warmth and cushie beds. The man who had her is trying very hard to get as many cats neutered/spayed as he can. Unfortunately she wasn't one of the first ones done and is now pregnant---very pregnant. Not realizing she is going to have kittens, he thought she had a stomach problem. So, he took her to the vets who took an abdominal x-ray only to find possibly 6 kittens. The vet thought within a week she would deliver. If Felicity gives up her Dodger's Pen soon (very soon!), we will let Jemima have Dodger's Pen to have her kittens in. She's a sweetie of a girl and is quickly adjusting to our FFRC life. 

Keep on moving, Coralie!