Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday, March 28

Our sweet Dora passed away yesterday. She is the mama to the 5 kittens that arrived the day before. I knew when she arrived, things weren't good. She never gained any ground but steadily and quickly went downhill.  We did everything our vets suggested to do. She passed quietly and peacefully with her babies close by. We will take over all the way as caretakers of these Dora Explorer's. We are putting an age of 4 weeks on them. Right now they are snug asleep on a heater, wrapped with a white stuffed toy and a biggiedew blankie. They syringe feed very easily. Maybe next week they'll start taking a bit by themselves from a plate? We promised Dora that we would care for her babies and we will.

We have names for these 5 kittens! All names taken from our Name a Cat List.
Corduroy----male--tiger/white (twin)
Carla Mae--female--tiger/white (twin)

I've been talking to Dr. Darcy about Coralie. She seems to be so uncomfortable at times. There is research done and it is felt that cats too, just like humans, can have nerve ending discomfort. The nerves are still there, but severed. But the brain still picks up the signals. There's a medicine that we should be getting today, that tells the brain to "not worry about those nerve endings" and maybe willhelp her to be more comfortable. I hope so! She is awesome and I love her so. She comes now too, just like Thomas and Alma to the Welcome Room Office door and waits to be invited into the Main Area. But unlike Thomas and Alma who rushes in, she is more polite! That Alma--she is one independent girl--if there's a way to figure out what she wants, she's going to do it...and wants to do it HER way!

We are having major arguments at the back door. The weather is certainly improving. Still cold but can feel that spring temps are coming. We now have 4 cats that are chomping to get outside--Tiny 2%, JJ (Jimmy James), Shamballie and now Florida. These were all outside cats when they arrived her. We're still in negotiations with them but they're not listening very well to us. I would prefer all cats being indoors, but as you know, we do have outside cats. These are cats that have arrived already with their brain in "outside mode". But, negotiations continue! We may need to call Sheriff Putter in to talk some sense into them.

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you for your support of FFRC.
Anonymous Friend--4 packages of 6inch paper plates
Conii and her 3 kitties Elliott, Izsabellah, Vallentiina--the missing can of KMR!!
Anonymous Friend from China--a jacket/vest
Kikimycat--8 cans of KMR
Anonymous Friend--case of Northern Ultra TP
Anonymous Friend from Staples--2 cases of Northern Plush TP
Widdletigger--2 bags Royal Canin baby kitten dry food & 3 bottles Mr. Clean hawaiian aloha
Ipurr2--gift card to Ace Hardware, 5 fleece blankets, black cat applique jumper, cozy sock cat slippers, 3 great books, poptop purse, 2 scratch pads, tote bag with 3 Christmas kitties on it, 2 cat tapestry purses (some of these items will be used for Catathon!)
Brenda C--for the outside kitties--4 cases of 9 Lives
From Tabitha and friend--10 packs of Bounty Dura Towels (she wants to be SURE she will not run out)
Colin & Patricia M from Canada--card and donation (they adopted a cat from us years ago)
RoseSF6cats and Marble, Fluffy, Blacky, Brownie, Checkers and Pitstop--BD card
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--BD cards & their $5 for a special treat to Magenta, Buffy, Asha and Oliver
Laura S--stone in memory of Abu, first born of Jemima
Jan T from HI--donated a biggiedew for the Dora Explorer's to cuddle in
Jim M from MD--a donation to FFRC in memory of Dora and for her kittens
Ann/newfiedogmom--donation for medical needs
Yankeechick/Terese--provided lunch yesterday in honor of Joni, our visitor!
Wanda E, our wonderful portrait friend--donated thru PayPal for another portrait!

The four golden kittens are doing great. They know when breakfast is served to zip into the Cat's Corner Room without me carrying them there! So smart! My dogs want to officially adopt Camvie--she is their very best friend. Camvie is in their room many times a day snoozing away or playing with them. I told the dogs that that was probably not going to happen! The eyes of August and brother Jackson that had an infection looks great. I'm pleased with how well they healed. Joyful is still happy in the back Thumper's Room. I've noticed she and Kitty Kat hang out together. Joliine has claimed the desk chair in the Welcome Room office.

Remember our Afghan Raffle continues on! We can take your PayPals till 3:00 on Saturday! Drawing will be 6:00 Saturday night with boxes at 5:30.

Today the Covies will be out and about--it's their day to run crazy! And that they do--they love to scurry about all over the farmyard. They may come back a bit dirty but oh, so happy! All Connie D has to do is call them for supper and in they go--right back into Kitty City! A few more weeks and we're hoping to get them back out to their Cat's Cove.

Pet overpopulation isn't the end of the world, unless you're a kitten or a puppy. 
Please neuter your pets.