Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday, March 11

Grab the oars and a row boat! Yesterday I thought we were going to be parking lot flooded and overflowing. Actually what happened is that the third storm drain froze up like a giant ice cube--4 feet down--one solid hunk of ice. That meant no water could get down into the storm drainage. All the melting snow water just backed right up on the parking lot instead of draining. So.........we swept and swept, got the water pushed into the second storm drain, removed the metal top and poured 80 pounds of salt onto that iceburg. Seems to be working. Very little water now on the parking lot! Olaf and Hank enjoyed the entertainment!

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks given to you!
Amsprinkle--a case of KMR cans and 3 special Yeooow catnip toys--for Fondant, Emma Joe and Mellow. They can be shared with friends!
Laura/medic101 from IN--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Merry_Marvin/Maryann & Peanut--card with note, various sizes of batteries, potty bags, Cosequin capsules (for cats) for joints, pet coupons, bonito flakes and 3 cases Fancy Feast & Sheba
Maddysnana--dozen jars of baby food meat, 4 cans of KMR
Nona--60 jars of baby food meat
Bradley S--3 packages of spring toys, tunnel with toys. The tunnel has 3 "legs"--been out all morning. The cats and kittens love it!
Patricia L/plee9--ceramic lighted kitty doorbell cover--nice!
Joni W--kitty card with note--donation in honor of Coralie
Auntie Julie -happy birthday card for Magenta with walmart gift card and stamps for Momma Jacci
Fran S from ME--card flowers to kitties, donation in honor of Aunt Susan (schinn) from Moonlight, Headlight, Daylight and their momma
Walmart--donation in honor of Pat's volunteer hours
A friend of Venus--a kitty wand/DaBird toy for Venus
Judy and Phil (Sunday visitors) and family Heather, Steph & Sammi--soft soap dispensers, & refills, collars, cat snackers, case of water, shipping tape, toys, dog snackers, post it notes, yum cookies, licorice, Odo Ban, Hershey snakers. There were also a few other items, but Emma Jo chewed the paper up!
Anonymous Friend--bleach, vinegar, appetizers, volunteer snackers and pop!
Jakesmeowmy--donation thru PayPal, to be used wherever needed
Domingo F--donation thru PayPal
Jim C from OH--a new step ladder--lightweight and easy to move around, lunch yesterday was provided by a donation and also some help to be used however needed
Pat and Ellen from Defiance!--donation from their Amazon and Ebay sales for Feb.!

Just wanted to mention--I have recently talked to Dovie girl's mom--she is doing wonderful! She said it seems like Dovie has always been there!  Starting last night, one of Thomas's meds is being cut in one half. He seems to be in a daze. Since he's now getting onto his maintenance dose, it appears that maybe he's receiving too much meds. So, we've cut one of the meds down a tad per advice of our vet. We will keep a close eye on him--don't want any of those seizures. He seems to be fine this morning--more awake and silly!

This is not cat related but want to pass it on.  Two weeks ago I thought it was awesome to see 3 adult eagles right on the river here, all at the same time! My neighbor just came down and he said in January he saw 25 eagles right on the river (he lives about 5-6 houses down from me). And another neighbor, up the river a little ways, saw 20 eagles also in January. Pretty cool!

We are again expecting snow--tomorrow. It sounds anywhere from 4-8 inches. The cats put it to a vote--who wants spring--it was 100%. Bring on the green grass, tree leaves and flowers!

FFRC is taking on another CH cat. A caretaker for the shelter in Minnesota (where Seymour and Patricia came from) asked us if we would take on another cat. Her name is Fifu, which is a combo of Fifi and Fluffy. She looks a bit like Fabio. Apparently she's been there for 5-6 months and no home has been offered. She's about a year old and is a mild CH. I shared her video yesterday--she's really playful and a sweetie! Won't take long till she's in the main area. My daughter in law Dina and her friend left this morning to head to Minnesota. They will get there close to midnight tonight, stay overnight at a hotel, pick up Fifu early in the morning and head back to Defiance. It's about a 12 hour drive. We are honored to have her here and hopefully find her a home!