Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday, March 30

Yesterday had it's highs and lows. Let's start off with a good thing!

We had our Afghan Raffle last night! I'm thrilled to have found new homes for these beautiful afghans. 
Afghan A went to Crystal C
Afghan B went to Sunnykat
Afghan C went to Oldgraymary
Afghan D went to Jacksmom
Afghan E went to Larissa
Thanks to Rosemary and Jane L for these beautiful afghans! We sold a total of 344 tickets and brought in $1,720. I'm thrilled. And I'm very grateful! 
Our consolation prizes went to Newfiedogsmom, Oldgraymary, Echomist and Luvtheanimals. 
These items will all be packed and sent out tomorrow. 

We also had BOXES last night for which I am very thankful
Robert T from MI--5 heat packs for foster mommy warmers, 2 snuggle Kitten Warmers and 5 nurser bottle kits
Jatcat--2 toner cartridges for printer
Kim C/coloeagle from CO with Chester the Wonder Mutt!  2 packages volunteer candy, Doggie snackers, Sheba for Magenta, kitty snackers. Kim also sent 3 beautiful afghans--an off-white ripple, purple and white ripple and a cotton candy pink on pink with fringe done by her granddaughter!
Ron R from Ct--a donation to honor Putter and for some extra snackers for him.
Caren F from CA--donation to FFRC to be used as needed
Linda C--donation to FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation to help with Coralie's meds

We had a cat brought in Friday afternoon that had been hit by a car (HBC). Poor buddy--he took some bumps but no fractures. His mouth, front leg, one back leg, bottom and all four feet has road rash and lacerations. He slept most of yesterday but is feeling better today. He's been out and about a bit in the back Thumper's Room. Is very sweet. His name is Randy in honor of Sherri's (our volunteer) husband who found him. 

Dora's Explorer's are doing good. I have to make a correction on the spelling of the names of these kittens. 
Corduroy--tiger/white-male twin
Carla Mae--tiger/white-female twin
They are taking to syringe feeding very well. Little Dexter is lagging behind a little. Tummies are nice and round. 

We also had 2 cats returned yesterday. I was upset at their condition. I am thankful for the man that returned them. He said someone in his family abandoned them and they had been in a trailer for two months with someone feeding them a few times a week. This is Canton (calico) and Treesa (black tiger). Both were dehydrated--each drank many bowls of water throughout the day yesterday. And they ate and ate and ate. When Canton left, she was 12 1/2 pounds. She weighed a little over 8 pounds yesterday. Treesa left as a very young teenager and weighed close to 8 pounds. Even after a year of being gone, Treesa came back at 7 1/2 pounds. She didn't grow much. I felt terrible for these 2 cats. But, today is a new day and both are happy. They have never been out and were not with other cats, so their quarantine time will be rather short. On to better days for both of these cats. 

I'm so sorry to have to tell you that we had a cat pass away yesterday. It was Kitty Kat, our 12 year old cat--Thomas and Joey's friend. She always seemed like an "old soul" to me. She appeared to have quietly passed in her sleep. We will miss her very much. I enjoyed her. 

Azar is back! He's had his breakfast and was sound asleep last I looked at him. His other family and I text back and forth so we know where he is at! What a life this boy leads! 

Putter has been having some off days lately. He's slowing down a bit. He's getting tons of hugs and kisses and enjoys just napping on the couch in the sunshine. I fully believe he knows how very much he is loved. 

We also had some Day Visitors yesterday that brought us some items! We are sure glad for your visit and your supplies!
LauraKitty310 & Kathy S--plates, scrub sponges, trash bags, wipes, food cans, appetizers, and doggie treats (for the dogs from Camvie!)
Pam/Buckeye--for Catathon--glazed measuring cups. Also cat snackers, 1 gal. of vinegar, 3 bags of Purina One, and some beautiful bracelets for Day Sale/Flash Sale/store
Gina S/catlvr14--5 beautiful shawls (for Day Sale/Flash Sale), qtips, sardines, pipe cleaners for toys, Mr. Clean, Friskies, bandaids, baby wipes, Tidy Cat litter, pink fabric for a project
Gina, Rick B and Janie R also sent LOTS of pop tabs for Kellen
Linda S from OH (friend of Gina's)--3 awesome purses/bags that she made for Day Sale/Flash Sale

The eyes are cracking!  Yes, Jemima's kittens are starting to get slits and getting their eyes open! So exciting. She is such a good mama. 

Just would like to say how much I appreciate you all. Your friendship and support mean a lot to me.

Remember--Prevention is wiser and kinder than destruction. Please neuter your pets.