Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday March 16

A wonderful day we had.  Our raffle is complete and I'm very grateful. We raffled off 5 of the big blankets.  Here's the scoop: We raised $3,500.  This is absolutely awesome. 
Blanket A    Jacksmom    
Blanket B    Robin Hu
Blanket C    Mary -- volunteer
Blanket D   Ruth Br
Blanket E    Robin St
Eagle Spirit  donated $30 to round up to $3,500

Our consolation prizes went like this:
Kitty Bed        Marilyn Be  &  Jean Ti
First Aid Kit    Vicky B, Patrice Di and Oilsandsgirl
BiggieDews     Robin Hu, Diana Ra, Donna He

Congrats to all the winners. I'd like to tell you that I am very appreciative to all that participated. We sold 694 tickets for the 5 blankets. Thank you!

We also had BOXES last night. A whole day of thanksgiving!
Catsrule--a large can of powdered KMR
Nona--bird seed
Jacksmom21--3 large bags of Purina One
Kelly R--bookmark, For the volunteers: 2 bags sugar fee candy, assorted bags of yummy candy and 24 M & M Easter Eggs.  For the Kitties: 6 lg. cans Friskies, 6 cans Sheba, 10 appetizers, bag of Royal Canin Kitten, 2 cans Tuna, 5 cans Salmon, 8 cans sardines and a box of Whiskas chicken
Rita/pinkpiano--an overnight visitor, here to adopt!  4 gallons water, 4 dozen cans of tuna and alo cookies!
Neil and Jean S from OH--sent a donation to FFRC
Billie K from TX--sent a donation to go towards special needs for whatever they need
Andrea W from PA--donation to FFRC
Shannon S--donation in honor of Leonard and any other FFRC need. 
Donna H--donated her biggiedew to Alma and Coralie!

Our sweet Jemima went into labor last night. Shortly afterwards, she delivered a kitten. Unfortunately it was not a liveable baby. Very deformed. Once she delivered this baby, she settled down and actually had a very quiet, peaceful night. Obviously there are more kittens aboard. The little kitten was named Abu. Upon talking to our vet this morning, it was decided to start her labor by medication. So, the process has been started. We want to see those kittens born today.