Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday, March 20

Happy Spring Day to you all! I can hear a few birds singing and we can see a tiny patch of green on the front yard. I believe we're all ready for hummingbirds, butterflies, spring flowers and tree leaves here! It's been a long, but beautiful winter. 

As I've mentioned before, first thing this spring will be the building of a Shelter House. It will be in the backyard--by Kitty Kastle and the Mail Room area.  Instead of us spending money on the big tents for different events, it was decided we would invest in the Shelter House. We'll be able to use it for all of our events and not worry about weather problems! We're excited about it. But first, the big mountain of snow has to melt. The parking lot snow got placed right smack dab where the building will go. 

Coralie and Alma are here in the Main Area this morning. Coralie is getting herself to the litterbox just fine while she's in the back Thumper's Room. And actually Alma is doing the same! This is a huge achievement for both! 

Thomas is on his way right now to get his physical from Dr. Darcy. In order for us to get more meds for him, he needs an Ohio physical! He went in his crate just fine. Beth is kind enough to transport him for us. I don't think he will have any trouble at all. 

We had BOXES last night. So many thank yous to give! 
Peppicalli from WI--4 cases Friskies Pate, 2 cases Fancy Feast gravy lovers, 2,400 nine inch paper plates (wow!) and 9 containers of Lysol wipes
Michlynn from MI--BD card, peacock fan, red small dog carrier, 3 shirts for Day Sale and 12 beautiful scarves for a sale--each one is so beautiful!
Phyllis B/kittiesmom--coupons & BD card
Amelia M from IN--donation to FFRC
Ellen/ABQcat from NM--BD card with coupons and FFRC donation
Dawn S from OH--who adopted JJ from us almost 6 years ago, BB card
Mimi from FL with Buddy--BD card with Walmart gift card
Carol O from CA--BD card
Jean W from MA--St. Paddys card with coupons & donation
Diane D/ruffles29--BD card
Elskates from CT with Bridgette, Savannah & Natasha--BD card
Sweet Hannah & mom Jennifer from IN--BD card with Hannah's famous stickers!

Joline is wonderful. She seems to think the door to the Main Area from the Welcome Room office has swivels! She stands by it, we open it, she goes in and out constantly during the day! She also likes to spend time in the Mail Room. If you come and visit, check out the new design! We've completely revamped it. It looks so nice and organized. All the sellable items are front and center now. 

Jackson let me briefly hold him up to the cam this morning. It's wonderful what a little reassurance, confidence and time can do. Jackson and August both are out much more now, playing away! 

Ratchet's little grey spot on his head is now almost gone. All that's left are a few strands of grey. It's always interesting how these white cats, with grey splotches on their heads change over time. Kerri Kat's most favorite thing is to drink from the sink faucet. And she's not dainty about it--her whole head goes in for the soak! Bear has become the supervisor of the litterbox refills. Each and every time that I top off the litterboxes, no matter how careful I am, he jumps right in--directly under the flow of the litter being poured.  For some reason he thinks that is great fun. He looks so sweet and full of himself! Love this boy! 

You may see Jemima out taking a bit of a stroll.  We've started to let her pen door be open now part time. She likes to come out and stretch her legs. What a wonderful girl she is. Babies are all doing great. 

Have a Happy Spring Day to everyone! Enjoy each day and give your pets an extra hug!