Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday, March 27

Baby Season is definitely upon us. Yesterday we took in a mama and her 5 kittens. The babies are about 3 1/2 weeks old to 4 weeks old. We have a grey, grey/white and 3 brown tiger/whites. Mama's name is Dora (a Catathon name). Dora is struggling though--not in very good health. She also has no milk. We are treating her and also syringe feeding her along with the babies. The babies were so hungry upon arrival. Dora is letting the babies snug up to her which is so important for them to feel their mama's warmness. She's been tested negative for FIV/leukemia. Will keep you all posted on her.

Our Thomas had another seizure yesterday. After talking to our vet, it was decided to back up his meds again. So, he is back to 2 full meds in morning and 2 full meds in the evening. We have all fallen madly in love with that boy. He is indeed a sweetiepie. After he felt better from his seizure, he wanted right back up in the Main Area. He knows how to get attention and we of course can handle that! This seizure was not long in duration.

Jemima and kittens are doing great. We weighed these kittens yesterday. The girls are anywhere from 5 to 6 ounces while the boys are 7 and 7.5 ounces. They are big boys! All are doing great.

We had BOXES--extra special BOXES! These were from Leggygal who sent us some leggydews and biggiedews. So yesterday every couple hours we showed the blankies. These are awesome--two layers of fleece, edges bound in, fun patterns and colors. I believe we sold about 25 of them yesterday! Great news for us! If you're interested in any, send a PayPal or a check, just tell me what colors you like and maybe a special pattern--we'll do our best to match you up! There's so many styles it'd be impossible to take all the pictures! Thank you Leggygal! We accidently sold a few leggydews as biggydews. When you receive yours, if you think yours is the smaller leggydews, please let us know--we'll owe you $3.  That's important to us to make it right!

We have some more thank yous to give too!
Elskates--donation thru PayPal for FFRC for my birthday!
Debbie C/lostgirl--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Dennis K from PA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Lucy/lu-little and Benny from UK--donation to FFRC in honor of our visitor Amy and her dog Faith! 
Judy S--a donation in memory of her dad, use donation as needed
Pat and Ellen (cathouze and furkitty)--donated bleach and vinegar

We've heard from Mellow and Anna Marie's new mama. All is great--both cats have settled in and both have also visited her parents in the nursing home! It's wonderful to hear how fast our cats settle in! 

We had a wonderful visitor Tuesday evening. Amy K and her dog Faith was here. They were guests of Bill and Angie. Amy and Faith are traveling many miles to bring awareness to senior dogs and to promote adoptions. They are stopping at many shelters and rescues. People along the way will put them up for the nights. Their hike will end in November after covering many miles. We were honored to have them visit. If you'd like to see Faith's website (yes, it is doggy-written!), it's Our cats were so at ease with Faith and she with them. Thomas especially enjoyed rubbing on Faith--so sweet. Good luck to both Amy and Faith in their travels! 

Remember FFRC is collecting Defiance Chief register tapes, Spartan UPC labels and Fresh Step points. If you'd like to bring these by, that's fine or you can mail them too! 

Felicity is becoming braver. She was out last night cruising about. Derecho and Lorenzo even shared the track ball toy with her. Such gentlemenly cats! 

We have a cat named Tiny 2% (yes, another Catathon name). He came in with the name Tiny but we wanted him to have another name too. He is a big boy--brown tiger. He's actually has been here for about a week. He's been cruising about in the Thumper Rooms. He's a totally outside cat brought here because his human moved and could not take him with him. Neighbors didn't want to feed him. So....we are waiting for a bit warmer temperatures before introducing him to the barns out on the farmyard.  He's a sweetie but is already chomping to get outside. That brings me to Shamballie. You remember, Shamballie was brought here from the outside as well. We've been trying for weeks, actually a couple months, to convince him to be an inside cat. He's telling us--nope, not gonna happen. He's escaped outside many times, is forever at the windows and is always watching the door. It's almost impossible to keep him in much longer. Our cats that we adopt have to go to 100% indoor homes only. But, occasionally we come across a cat that is totally "outside-minded"--obsessed with being outdoors. That would be Tiiny 2% and Shamballie. We need to keep their happiness uppermost in our thinking of their future. They will soon join the ranks of being a Porchie or a Barnie--wherever their hearts want to go. 

We also had another cat in and already adopted cat. Her name is Astar. She was returned to us last week after having been with her family for several years. This cat wasn't happy being in a home--we were told that the children were not being nice to her. Please, parents, teach your children to be respectful of their pets. Pets can be so awesome in a family--so important to learn compassion and love and responsibility. But they have to be shown. Anyway, she was returned. Some friends knew about her and have taken her home to be in a loving home where she can be happy. 

Our afghan auction is ON!!!  We have 5 beautiful afghans up for you all to look at. They are on our facebook chatters page and also periodically being shown on the cam. Tickets are $5 a piece--can purchase one or as many as you'd like. Someone has to win them---maybe it'll be YOU!!  You can purchase the tickets thru PayPal--just say how many and which afghans. Your tickets will go in the tumbler and a name drawn for the winner. The drawing is Saturday at 6:00.  Boxes will be at 5:30 that night. These are beautiful afghans, just waiting for a new home! Of course, there are consolation prizes too!