Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday, March 7

As I'm sitting here, there are 4 cats zooming around me. And then there's 3 cats zipping in and out of the room, only to return to climb up the pole and around the room, chasing each other. I can hear 2 different cats chirping in the main area. Love that sound. Just went to check on the back Thumper's Room. All is happy there. Thomas comes bounding in his wonderful, awkward gait to meet me. Coralie does her slow kiss blink which is so heartwarming. The kittens are rocking and rolling over the whole room. I even saw Joey peek out behind his poof at me. There's 5 cats lined up on the orange cat walks in the Kitty Kabana room, already watching the birds eating---no, wait, make that 6 cats now. And there are 3 cats on the Kuranda Tower at the window where the shelf bird feeders are--they are so so close to the birds, yet so far away! Tabitha is on my desk, doing her morning thing--licking me! This is a good morning.

We had BOXES last night! My gratitude to you all. 
June/painteddaisy--our week visitor--2 cases of baby food meat. She also made chocolate covered strawberries and cream puffs for all of us--absolutely delicious! 
Brenda R /yarnlover from CA--card with a note, an iPhone cat cover, magnet that is already on the refrig. A book "Secrets of Cats Lore, Legend & Lives" by Barbara Holland, a yoga kittie calendar, 2 girls tshirts with paws for a Day sale, case of Fancy Feast and a Knock Out treat toy. Brenda also sent 6 gorgeous scarves for a Sale--absolutely beautiful scarves.
Volunteer Mary from Archbold--baskets of various sizes (purple!), 10 spatulas, 200 spoons, kitty magnets and a cat clip. Mary restocks FFRC top to bottom once a week--I love it!
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--9 containers Lysol wipes, 2 cases Fancy Feast and 208 gallon-size Ziploc bags Elizabeth H from NJ--article on cat foods
Trudy S from Bryan--a donation for FFRC
Tenlillions/Selena with help from MaryAnn/catsmeow--2 wonderful, beautiful cat beds. These are so very nice. Thank you Selena! We will put these in a raffle! Appreciate this. One is yello9w with bright colors and the other is a leopard print.

Thanks too for these PayPal donations! 
Gusti from Germany--a donation for Barb to name a kitty
Beth A from IL--a donation for Barb to have a first aid kit
Kathy K from IA--a donation for Barb to have a leggydew for Yvonne
Yankeechick--a donation for an icecream cake for Barb (and a little for Yvonne!)
Joyce N from CO--donation for FFRC
Oilsandsgirl--a donation for FFRC to use as needed
Helen D--a donation to help with the New Kittens of Kitten Season 2014
Mary Elizabeth I from AZ--donation to use as needed. Coralie hug given!

I know so many viewer friends want to see Thomas here in the Rescue Center more! And that's so nice of you. We're still giving him time. A little does it for Thomas. We will gradually lengthen his time in the Main Area. For now, we want to get those seizures under better control and his little "episodes" that he also has. He's been here 9 days now and has only had 1 mild seizure and only one "episode". So, we are progressing! Easy does it for Thomas. He has a huge heart of love to give (and take!!).

We now have 2 cats leaving on next weekend (the 15th). That will be Patricia and Suzanna. Yes, Suzanna now has a home! I'm thrilled for her. We also have 3 other families that will be looking. Tomorrow morning, Melia will be leaving for her new home. Also tomorrow, I believe 2 other families will be coming to look. These are good things. Each adoption goes under scrutiny by me. Much talking and agreeing has to be done, along with vet reference checks and where they live. I'm rather "picky", but that's ok. We are these cat's voices of being sure they go into appropriate and loving homes. 

The kittens have names!  These names are all from the Name a Cat list.
Liberty--light beige/white female
Rocky Top, AKA Rocky--medium hair gold/white, boy
Merle--long hair gold, boy
Tinker--short hair, gold tiger, boy
All 4 appear to be healthy. Full of energy and will add alot of fun to the Main Area when they come up! 

"Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy".  Wonderful words from our chatter friend, Brenda R.