Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday, March 18

Our five newbie kittens of Jemima's are doing good. They were born Sunday morning. For all the struggle she had, it ended very well.  We were 20 minutes away from getting in the truck to head to the vet's office for a C-section. Vet and techs were ready. Meds were started about an hour before that to get those kittens moving and then it kicked in! 1-2-3-4 and 5 in just a rather short amount of time. 

The first born--female, silver/grey with beige head
Second born---male, beige with white
Third born-----female, american short hair
Fourth born----male, beige with less white
Fifth born-----female, black tiger/american short hair

All are doing great. Mama Jemima is a good mama. She's very content staying in the nest to take care of them! Names coming very soon! 

Alma, Coralie and Thomas have all been up in the Main Area quite a bit during the day. Coralie even traveled to the front office to the Kitty Kabana. Today Alma was in the front office and got herself in the litterbox by herself, pottied, got out of box and then got into the Kitty Kabana to nap in the bottom of the palm tree! We are so proud of her!

Thomas loves being in the Main Area. As soon as breakfast is over in the Thumper's Room, he's following me to the Main Area! He is really progressing. Thomas did have a seizure yesterday. It didn't last very long. We have meds very handy for such an occasion. He pulled out of it fairly quickly, took a nap and then acted like all was well. What a boy! 

Joey is improving. Today he stunned us all--he decided to leave the back Thumper's Room, come up to the front Thumper's Room and lay on the rug in the Welcome Room Office! We were thrilled! In the last two days, he's allowed us to pet him a bit. And he can purr! 

Azar was here yesterday for a few hours. Had a snack, kitty treats, a nap and then wanted back out. When he comes and goes, his other mama and I let each other know what's going on! We keep track of that boy!

Felicity, the new CH from Minnesota is getting braver! She's such a beauty. She's coming out more and more and is gaining in self confidence. She has a bit of a body wobble and a head bobble. She's a wonderful cat! Ada Jane, Putter and Magenta are doing good. Purrzer and Weeja were out in Kitty Kastle for a few days--both did good.

We will have BOXES tonight! We do have some thank yous to give though.
Gisa Z from Germany--a donation in honor of Jemima
Lana H/knitswithcats--a donation to FFRC and peace and love
Jennifer/jacksmom--a donation to be used where needed
Anonymous Friend--part for Steve/Jacci to go to movies and have popcorn and part for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Louise C from IL--donation to FFRC for peace, love and cats!
Kathleen J from PA--donation for FFRC
Peggy K from NH--donation to go wherever needed, in honor of sister Nancy who passed away 2 weeks ago.
EarthEyes/Margaret--donation for FFRC
Charmaine & Arden B from IN--donation for the new Jemima babies
Billie K--donation for to help with Coralie and also for the other special need babies! 

I'm hoping within 4 weeks we will have the Cat's Cove water blasted clean from the winter crud and ready to move the Covies back. I'm sure they will be so excited.  And then we will water blast the Kitty City to be able to use this for various things.

A couple dates for you--June 22, Sunday is our 4th Catathon. Can hardly believe it'll be #4 already! This is such a lot of fun, it's live on the cam and it's our main fundraiser. We are already starting on the plans. Below is listed some of the Basket ideas we thought we would go with.  We'll have Baskets and Big Ticket Items to auction off. There will be good food. People can visit the cats and the farm yard. The excitement is mounting!
September 6, Saturday is our 3rd Catstock--cool, man! It's all about peace, love and cats! Yes, Strawberry Hill will be playing again this year. They play awesome music from the 60's and 70's. We will be having goat-poo bingo this year! A second goat will be arriving as soon as the weather stays good! Lots of games, prizes, food, fun and friends! You are invited to come to both events! 

We've been having lots of questions about Kitty Kastle. Right now, I'm holding on taking anymore reservations for the summer.  Not sure about my mom. But, here are the hotel numbers around here. All are clumped together in Defiance about 15 minutes from here!
Comfort Inn        419-784-4900
Hampton Inn       419-784-1515
Holiday Day Express   419-784-0782
Super8 Motel       419-782-8000
There is also a wonderful B & B here in Defiance, about 10 minutes from here. Call Diana at 419-956-9981. Mention you are an FFRC friend and she usually gives a nice discount! 

These are actually just suggestions for upcoming Baskets for the Catathon! If you'd like to donate anything that would go into the making of one of these baskets, please feel free. We would love to have help with this! If you have another Basket idea, that's ok too! Please on the outside of the box that anything is sent in, mark For Catathon!   Basket Items can arrive anytime now! We deeply appreciate the help with this Event!
These are some of the themes:  Bird Feeding, Picnic/Grill, Garden Fun, Kids: Summer Fun, Kids: Winter Blues, Boys ages 6-12, Girls ages 6-12, Baby Items, Exercise Things, anything for Healthy Living, Men's Items, Sports Items, Relaxation, Coffee/Tea & a good book, Winter Fun, Summer Fun, Family Game Night, Movie Night, Cat Items, Dog Items, Inspiration/Spiritual Items, Car Stuff.  This will be lots of fun!