Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday, Feb. 16

This blog will be a hodge-podge of different things that are happening.  Grab a drink, a comfy chair and enjoy this blog!

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Piet found her home! She picked them and they picked her! Also yesterday, Sarah and family (Anna Marie's daughter) arrived. They are the new family of Zata. They will return this morning to take their Zata home with them to Missouri. I feel a piece of Anna Marie is here, enjoying seeing her family here. 

LBG is back! We are rejoicing. His 5 cousins are also happy. LBG arrived in a BOX at BOX time last night! What a surprise! So, he is safe, exhausted from his world travels and is still sleeping. I want to thank you all for being a part of this. This was an event that was not planned--it just happened. It gave us an extra fun week, in the middle of this long long winter! It was fun and I appreciate it. You viewers also brought in $700 for LBG's Support Fund! Just wanted to say thanks for this event! (hey--by the way, Jimmy thinks he should be BBG for Big Bald Guy!)

Tomorrow, Monday 2/17 at 3:00 is our Day Sale! Come join the fun! Remember, we all get that doozy of a lag--just keep refreshing in between.  This Day Sale, when we give the FFRC thumbs up, wait until a mod types into the chat THUMB'S UP before you press that Enter button to send in a bid! See you at the Sale! 

Second, this week is also our OVMA conference. It's the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association conference held in Columbus, OH. Angie, Lynnette and I will be going. There are many classes that I will be taking--all with interest for the rescue center. We can all take individual classes, depending on our own desires.

The Cat Show yesterday was fun. Barb came with us. Chris, my friend from Dr. P's of course came--we've been doing this Cat Show together for years. Dr. Erica, one of the vets there also went--this is her second time to come with us! Many cat breeds, watched some of the cat judging and visited the vendors. 

Our Coralie will be going back to the vet's office tomorrow morning for more surgery. Unfortunately, the skin isn't holding over her ankle bone. There's just been too much damage from the frostbite. Despite Dr. Darcy's great effort, it appears that our girl will lose that leg afterall. I just love this girl so much. So the rear leg will be removed. There simply isn't enough healthy bone/skin tissue to keep this leg viable. I look back on her time here with us. What an awesome cat. She is courageous and so strong. She didn't ask to be so frozen that she has had to lose so many "parts". So, we are not going to dwell on this--she is healthy otherwise and will do just fine. This girls' determination is powerful and I want to finish this with her. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

Some people may say--just put her to sleep. I'm not going there with you on that. Coralie has no intention of giving up. Even this morning, she did her greeting to me--lifted her chin and chirped! 

Today, Dr. Nancy from The Cat Project in Michigan is visiting FFRC. I am honored to be able to meet her. It will be fun to talk and visit with her. Joni, our FFRC friend, will be bringing Dr. Nancy.

Next Saturday, 2/22 is when Alma arrives. She is a CH cat, 6 months old, brown tiger, female, already spayed from Philadelphia. She is a moderate to severe CH cat. She loves to play, loves people and especially loves laser lights! Her rescue people will deliver her here in the afternoon.

As you know, last Sunday we had our Annual Volunteer Meeting. One of the things that was discussed is a multi-level plan for FFRC that I would like to share with you.

We would like to broaden our pet food pantry for others. We have always given food to others if it meant the difference of keeping their pet versus having to give it up. It's usually just a very short temporary help that is needed. I want to assure everyone, that NO food designated for FFRC has been given away. This has been food donated for such a purpose. There is also info in the web about pantry help for pet owners that need it. 

We would also like to broaden our desire to help others with spays and neuters. It may only be a few a month, but it can make a big difference in the overpopulation problem. Again, this is from money NOT designated for FFRC, but directly meant for spays and neuters for other people. This is truly the answer to the overpopulation problem.

Now, to a big issue. Last year at our volunteer meeting, I expressed a desire to help special need cats. This was met with approval by our volunteers, but no concrete decisions were made. We left it as "what will be will be, let's see what this year brings". Well, without much push on my side, we have increased our "special needs" cats here at FFRC.  A year ago we had 1 CH cat--Derecho. He has helped open the door to our 11 CH cats now. We also have Seymour. Throughout this year we have taken on other special needs, some of which have already been adopted. I have prayed for guidance on this decision--to show me what we need to do here at FFRC. As I look back on this past year, I realize that the decision HAS been made--we are already involved in special needs. So, in realizing this, we will do the best that we can. I would like to continue this route. We will need to decrease somewhat our taking in too many other adult cats (which is why we want to push more spays/neuters). We will continue to take in kittens. As you probably know, we can adopt 10-12 kittens per 1 adult cat. 

The other decision made is that we need to push more for adoptions of these special needs. To be honest with you, I could've adopted several of them out this last month. But, when families don't want to do yearly check ups or the vet care, then we will not adopt to them. Somewhere, out there, there are homes for these cats. I'm determined that if we open our doors to special needs, some of them will get to be adopted. Please realize though that some of these cats will be permanent--because of their problems, it may be that FFRC will assume care of them. 

So, getting to know special need cats (and this goes way beyond just CH cats), brings a smile to me and the volunteers. These cats LOVE life. They DO have a purpose. That purpose is to bring joy to themselves and to the people that are part of their circle, whether it be volunteers or their new families. They are worthy of love. They are meant to enjoy life. The sad part of cat rescue is that there is never ever enough homes for all that are born. Help us help them--spay/neuter your pets.

This brings us to 3 special cats that we will be helping. A rescue person essentially deserted her rescue cats in a private home. I understand there were over 100 cats when 3-4 private people stepped in to help. There are now over 70 cats that still need help. The home was filthy, all the cats needed much help, to be clean and medical care. We have committed FFRC to help 3 of them. They are on Staten Island, New York. One is Thomas, a CH cat with seizures that is on medication for these seizures, Kitty Kat who is 12 years old and a good friend of Thomas and Joey whose both eyes need help. Joey was also born with a birth defect that forces him to walk on his elbows. Joey is a scared boy that needs calm, routine and love. Because we don't want to keep these cats "on the road" for a long time, it's much quicker and less stress to fly them. That means we have to have 3 people to do so. The new rescue people are able to pay for 1 flight, FFRC will cover 2 flights. This transfer will happen this Tuesday. If not this Tuesday, it will be the next week.

Have I ever regretted taking on any special need cat? Absolutely not. How could someone deny Derecho the hugs and love that he gives and takes? Freemont has a ton of love to give--that boy is so so happy and radiates love. Walter treasures his morning time, as I do--we spend time just enjoying each other--it's a thrill! Just today, August, who has been so frightened in life, came out all the way for breakfast. He looked directly at me and accepted love. It was wonderful. 

Other than those cats that we have promised to keep as FFRC cats, we would like to continue to evaluate the others and possibly see if/or when they may be able to be adopted. This will require time and patience. 

Wow--What a long blog. I had a lot to say today! One final thought---thanks ever so much for what YOU do for FFRC. Your support, shown  in so many different ways, is important to me and this Rescue Center. I appreciate you. 

Oh--we had BOXES last night too! I give you thanks!
Vicki B--4 cases of baby food
PSW--bag of taffy candy, 4 boxes of coconut patties, 20 kitten calendars for volunteers
Barb C, Mike's other half --(our concert friend)--6 bags of cat food and a beautiful long sleeve kitty shirt