Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday, Feb. 27

One more day and then it's March--the month of Spring! I do believe most of us are ready for green grass, flowers in bloom and trees sprouting their leaves! Sounds like we may also be in store for a significant amount of snow come this Sunday. That's ok.  It's always pretty and each day brings us one day closer to Spring!

I'm not exactly sure what has happened to Dodger, Garth and Karena but these 3 cats have gone bonkers! They have been zooming around here, climbing everywhere and have truly been bouncing off the walls. Are they having fun?  You bet!!

Angie is back from her trip to deliver Mary Kay and Cubby. Other than a late flight, all was well. A big thanks to Angie for giving her time to do this.

We have a couple thank yous to do:
Ellen H--a PayPal donation, in loving memory of Batty Cat. She was part Russian Blue and missed
Carmela H from TX--donation to FFRC
Please always know that if there is a mistake in any of our thank yous or orders, never hesitate to let me know. 

We are moving along with our Afghan Raffle!  Two days yet to get your $5 tickets bought! Can buy as few or many as you'd like! Just PayPal it over to me and jot down your wish--how many and what afghans! Drawing is at 6:00 on Saturday. Such beautiful afghans!

Update on Dennis and Kiko! Finally it's time to settle the story! I have been over to visit twice and all is well! I am so relieved. Potty Boot Camp has been successful. The new family has also been over to visit them twice and then on their third visit, they got to take them home. I've been over to visit once in the new home. Smiles all around as both are using the litterboxes! I have a picture that I will put on facebook. The reason for my delay in relaying information is that I wanted to be sure the boys were continuing to use their box! All is well.

We ended up with four adoptions yesterday! As you know, 2 more of the Chicago 5 kittens went to their new home. In the morning, Keesha found her new home. I walked down the hallway with her, in her usual position--all stretched out. I think she was too much to resist! I've already heard from them and all was well. Then in the afternoon, our wonderful Hankster was adopted. He made very sure that his feelings were known. He licked, kissed and rolled in his new mama's arms--he wasn't going to let her get away without him! We also have 2 other families actively looking for a cat here at FFRC. One family is considering two older quiet girls (maybe Marty and Amparo).  We also still have Venice and Patricia on hold!

Our 3 Staten Island cats are doing good. Joey is relaxing and we are now able to pet him and scratch his ears. Kitty Kat so loves the cushie beds. Thomas is a door-meeter. Anyone coming in the door will get him to give a chirp and a rub on the legs. He continues to get his meds on time. 

Remember we have an unlimited amount of poofs available now! They come in small (20 x 20) and large (30 x 30). The wonderful poofie material on one side and a color coordinated fleece on the other side. They are machine washable. The poofs come in red, black, brown and cream. To order, just send a check with a note or a paypal with the information! Cost includes shipping. Smalls are $30 and the large is $50. They are Bella approved!