Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday, Feb. 24

This has been a day of preparation. We have been getting ready for the next two days. Tomorrow is the day that Thomas, Kitty Kat and Joey arrive. Even though all this happens in a day, there's lots to do to get ready to go.  THen on Weds., Angie will take Mary Kay and Cubby to their new home. Also on Weds., there's a possibility that Snappy will be adopted. So, there's been bags to pack for the cats for tomorrow, health records to get ready, volunteer papers to get ready, emails to get caught up on--all in all, it's been a busy day. 

As many of you know, Thomas (the cat from NY that is coming tomorrow) is a CH seizure cat.  He finally calmed down after a very hard morning and early afternoon. His caregiver Jennifer has taken great care of him. He's had his meds last night and today and she will continue them tonight and tomorrow morning. Send good thoughts and prayers that we get Thomas here without any seizures. Once we get him here, we will continue to keep him on his meds.  The reason for his seizure yesterday was from him not receiving his meds due to a break in his care. 

Alma is doing good. We have been putting her in a litterbox every so often and she's been using it! Way to go Alma! Her and Coralie are friends! Yep, you saw that above? Snappy may be adopted tomorrow! Wouldn't that be wonderful for Snappy?! 

All is fine here. Kitties are healthy, adults are happy.  Shamballie is doing great--his fur is growing back. He is so playful. Tabitha is a big time licker. If you hold her, she licks your cheek, licks your chin, licks your hand--she is so sweet! Joyful has decided her home now is in the back Thumper's Room. She seems to really like it there. Zelda has been on my lap each time I've sat down today at the computer. Keesha got to do her "stretch out" exercises today. 

We had BOXES last night--yeah! The cats and I are so very thankful!
Rosemary B from South Africa--4 awesome, beautiful afghans. We will be putting these in a raffle. The colors are just stunning. Many thanks!
Eric and Carrie--case Friskies bits, large styrofoam plates, dog snackers, kitty snackers, pop tabs for Kellen and 8 cans of Sheba for Magenta
Putter (via WI)--candy bars, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate kisses, combos, water flavorings, 2 cn cheeses, 25 cans of salmon, 5 cans of chunk chicken and 2 dozen cans of sardines--wow--Putter has an appetite!
Cliff B from CA--letter, pics of his kitties, laser light toy, Felix the Cat 3D wall clock 
Great Aunt Julie from IA/tigercat--2 cases kitten fancy feast
Shallon/squishy1108--in honor of her mothers birthday--2 cases Royal Canin baby food, and Ferrero Rocha candy--thanks!
Arlene H and Zelda--a letter and 4 gorgeous wonderful afghans. Lots of colors and variations. These also will be in a raffle. Big time thanks!
Donnawan--2 of LBG's relatives--these are 2 more girl cousins!
Cheri B--case of Puina One dry cat food
Anonymous Friend--5 cases of Appetizers! 
Vicki B--2 cases of Appetizers and 4 boxes of Fancy Feast broth packets
Vixanna/bagobear--a wall handing with a map in the center, and 2 wonderful signature quilts. These are just amazing. I do believe when I opened this box, I could feel the warmth from you all. Thank you!

This Weds. will start a new raffle for 5 beautiful quilts. I think you will love them! The pictures will be up soon on facebook and each ticket for the raffle will be $5.  You can buy as many tickets as you want--just like our last raffle. This gives many people a chance to be able to have the afghans--the luck of the draw! This raffle will go from Weds. to the last ticket being taken at 3:00 on Saturday.  Then Saturday at 6:00, the names will be drawn! 

Short blog--have to get things completed for our trip tomorrow! All is fine here. The 4-leggeds and the 2 leggeds are happy!