Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday, Nov. 7

Somehow the ornier the cats and kittens are, the more they make me smile. The mischief they create is quite amazing! Could anyone possibly come here and not smile? I don't think so!!

We will have BOXES tonight! Tuesday we didn't as it was Movie Night. Last night we didn't because some of us went out to dinner together--was very nice. So, tonight is BOXES! We already have quite a few accumulated, so we will start at 5:30 to give us a head start. Already have two visitors that will help put things away--Beth and Nance!

We have a new cat--actually a new teenager. He is about 4 months old, orange tiger (like an American Short Hair) and sweet, so sweet! His name is Fiesto. Someone had found him and couldn't keep him. When I went out just to see him, he jumped out of the back of the vehicle three times onto my shoulder. He was ready to begin his new adventure! We moved Fiesto up to Dodger's Pen this morning so it won't be much longer until he's out and about with the rest of the kitty gang. I'm sure he will love to be a part of stirring up orneriness! His birthday is 7/16/13.

Our new mama-to-be, Miata (mee-ah-ta) is a sweet girl, but very shy. We will soon be moving her to June's Room to help her be more comfortable with people. She's such a soft beige color. 

This is very exciting--we now have 13 cats on hold! They are: Ganache, Venus, Harley, Pasha, Juby, Malia, London, Hookie. Also Keeley, Camilla & Sasha will go to the same home together. And the latest--Ernest and Alaska have a home together. That wonderful word together is awesome!  We also have several families that have filled out applications. October is always (for 13 years) been one of the slowest months for adoptions, then things pick up again, as we are now seeing here in November.

Remember this Saturday at 3:00 is our Day Sale. We are excited about this. We have alot of items to show you--some that are things we've not done before! These Day Sales and Afghan Auctions help us tremendously with our general fund--the utilities, the insurance, the hundred and one things that it takes to keep us going. We are so appreciative of the support shown to us. 

It's only 7:15 in the morning and Magenta has had her 4th nibble of breakfast already! We are at her beck and call! She's doing great and maintaining her little weight. Ada Jane, who is our most senior cat, is over 18 1/2 years old! We celebrate her life every day...and give her anything she wants! She's back to her silent meowing again! 

Conii sent a beautiful card. The saying is: "Be happy in each moment. The essence of life exists in every breath." Thanks, Conii!

Octavia is napping behind me. She must be dreaming of thieving as her paws are super-twitching! Ernest and Alaska are both napping too--all snugged together. Derecho is pretending he's napping, but when a kitten goes by, he reaches out and swats at their tails. Merri was just walking around with a coil spring toy in her mouth--she's so proud of herself! Zelda is snoozing on my desk, with Venus curled up beside her. Preakness is zipping on the orange wheel. Keeley, Kona, Purrzer and Merlyn are staring at the bird feeders. Life is good--so enjoyable!

See you at BOXES at 5:30!

Peaceful George taking a nap.