Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday, November 22

The Generator/Jenna Rator Fundraiser is on! Oh my goodness, what excitement this is for me! We are in the middle of this fundraiser event which will be over on Friday, Nov. 29 at noon. So we have one more week to go. At 5:30 pm 11/29, on the cam, we will pull out names from a box. For anyone that has donated, your name will be put in the box for each $5 donation! Then we'll start drawing names! Here's what we're giving away:
10--ribbon car magnets
9--FFRC travel mugs
8--Putter Pouches
7--Catstock CD's (from Mike!)
6--Large Leggy Dews
5--Pet First Aid Kits
4--Cat Nip Pads
3--Beautiful Wreaths
2--Awesome Afghans
1-Deck of FFRC Playing Cards
To add to this, there is a really cool surprise that will happen at the end of the name-drawing for a final super winner! (the 2 Awesome Afghans will go first followed by the 3 Beautiful Wreaths, then we start at #10. 

We are making great strides in the Generator Fundraiser for which I am deeply grateful. We already listed the first day results (11/19--$445). 
So here are the last two days:
11/20--($2,840)--Pat L, PinkyBear, Rochele C, Dawn E (vol.), Dawn H, Marlane J, Sevren, Kerswill, Kate E, CJ M, Msnice, Newfiedogmom, RaceCat, Rhonda S, CacheMaine, Joni R, Karen C, BearMN, kiwinanz, Joanne P, Karen M, Betsy P, Dixie D, Mizboots, SiSue, Toytown, Larissa B, Erin F, Jo Ann C, Tom/Laurin H, Theodore E, KB_ld, Northpole, Cheryl L, Patricia K, Faith M, Colleen P, Pam T, Tami L, CatHouze, Furkitty, Andrea W, Holly Ann
11/21--($1695)--Mudjie, Dewitty, Barb W, WarpedinMN, Jane L, Dianne E, Scotty_Oz, Nancepants, jakesmeowmy, Gossamer, Timothy M, nyc-coco, Jaquelin M, Jay H, Gillian H, Kelley F, Eartheyes, Gerricross, Sabine S, luv4vcsyd, Stephanie J, EclectraPA/Connor, Tommy & Alistair, Lynnszs, Lorraine L,widdletigger, Justme, Amy B, Sandra E, Pat D, PSW, Hencass, Sanjd, Marilyn B, Connie S & Hannah S, Nicole B, TokTuB, Jill D, Lewbeth, Wyoeaglefan, Marilyn S, Patricia S, Grammie57, Lucy P, Gusti, Jim & Debbi B

Total so far is $4,980 --this is amazing, simply amazing and I'm very grateful. If we end up with extra $$, we will then have the 500 gallon propane tank filled for the Rescue Center (afterall, we have to have propane to run this generator!) and will purchase the extended warranty. 
We have 2 extra wonderful donors and that would be Arden & Charmaine and Deb11111. I so appreciate you all.  

Have you ever heard of a Sucker Poof? Well, we have 2 of them here at FFRC. The description of this: a poof bed filled with kittens that are sucking away on the fiber pieces! Oh my goodness, after every meal, they band up and head to a poof bed and the sucking begins. It's even audible in the next room! Oh, how they love this!

We had an adoption yesterday. Our London went to his new home. He was a bit of a mush for his new mama! Just as an FYI--the adoption for this weekend for Ernest and Alaska is on hold for a little bit. OnWeds., Ernest went in for a dental. In the process of handling him, a lump was found on his right side, on ribcage but near the armpit. So, back to the vet's today to have a biopsy. We will be anxiously waiting for the results which will probably come back on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

We had BOXES on Weds. night! Myheartfelt thanks to you---
Joyce D from CA--Puppy card with donation, stuffed toys to use wherever needed, box of lots and lots of Kuerig K-Cups
Ellen/Furkitty & Pat/Cathouze--jumbo can of Tuna, pompom toys, lots of misc. kitty toys, big jug of laundry soap, 22 bottles hand sanitizer, pack of wash cloths, box of disposable gloves, carpet samples for doorways, bag of blood oranges, lots of Kuerig K-cups, jelly belly candy canes, Blow Pops.  For the Day Sale--2 quilted tote bags, Oprah Winfrey shirt, 2 hunting knives with dragon on blade & sheath
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--2 boxes appetizers, 12 cans of salmon & 12 cans of chicken
Cheryl L from WA--850 styrofoam plates & 6 ottles Mr. Clean Meadow Rain
Anonymous Friend--12 durable solar Luci outdoor inflatable lanters!!  neat!
Hollyann from MI--Fiesto card
Missy/bengalmom--laundry detergent and misc donations (day visitor with family)
Joyce D--pizza for surgery
The Beachkatz family--a gift of food given to Riversong Foundation in honor of Paul 

We took in another cat 2 days ago. He's an all buff cat, an American short hair mix that is 10 months old. His name is Shamballie. Unfortunately he has been HBC (hit by car) and has a list of injuries. His nose and mouth have abrasions, his right elbow has a fracture that has caused the tip of the ulna (the cap) to pop off, large open wound on right hip, a compression strain on the right rear growth plate, left rear leg shows deep tissue wounds, x-rays shows a mass amount of stool and a small fracture on the right side of the pelvis.  What do we do about all this? rest, rest, and more rest plus surgery on Monday to pin the cap back onto the front right elbow. The pelvis will heal, the large wound and abrasions will heal and the fracture of his pelvis and right rear leg will also heal with rest. He's a lucky kitty that he wasn't killed by this accident. He's a nice boy that loves to be petted. 

We had  BOXES on Thursday night. Many many thanks to each of you---
Chris T (a good friend of mine and works at Dr. Pettigrews). A donation for her cats that have passed away. Chris puts a weekly amount in for a year then it's given to FFRC on the anniversary of the passing of one of her cats.
Lorenzo & his friends--2 cases appetizers, case of large cans of Friskies, 2 lint rollers with refills, 7 mega bags of kitty snackers
Pat/Cathouze & Ellen/Furkitty--4 gallons bleach, 4 gallons vinegary 4 cans of BarKeepers Friend
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat from IA--2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Caren F--jug of catnip, Kong toy, packages of coil toys, 2 cases Friskies Pate, case of Friskies Senior Salmon, case of Fancy Feast kitten, 2 of 20 lb jugs of Tidy Cat
Ellen H/ABQcat from NM--kitty card with note, coupons & box tops
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Paula S from Defiance--Chief tapes
Connie H from OH--CHief tapes

Ernest had his biopsy this morning. He will be coming back home soon. Dr. Darcy has already called and said that we should know the results on Tuesday or Wednesday. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers that it will be negative. 

The Afghan Auction is on! It will be done at 6:oo pm sharp tonight. Winners of each of the 5 afghans will be announced shortly after that. It's always an exciting 24 hours!

Their beloved poof!