Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday, November 27

Tomorrow is a special day. I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving Day, filled with gratitude, fun and family/friend time.

We are still waiting on Ernest's biopsy report. A real good possibility of it being in today. He's doing wonderful. Next week we will take out his sutures. He's a busy boy though--doesn't bother him at all.

Pasha is velcroed to my desk, at least that's what she's thinking. She's great at making me correct my typing at a dozen times a day. And I have a good excuse--if you send me an e-mail and say that you haven't heard back from me.....that would be Pasha's fault too! She's an expert at hitting the delete button. So, I really do have a good excuse! She's here right now pretending to nap.

We have an update on our Generator/Jenna Radar Fundraiser!  I am completely blown away with this.
I gave an updateon the blog yesterday morning, so I'll just do last night's update!
The previous update was for 11/24 and 11/25.  This was $9,495!
Yesterday, 11/26 we had an update of $1,560 which brings our GRAND TOTAL TO: $11,055!! Simply amazing!
We have many thanks to give for backing our Generator Fundraiser:
Napa, Kazz, ReverenceLife, Donez M, pfkat, Theresa C (in memory of Gnuby), selkiebluemist, Jean S (and extra for Feliz Navidad Fund), Silvia H, Lorenzo and friends, Dawnstar, Cheryl G, kimkost, Billypogo, Rose F, Sonja M, Kay B, Marcia S, Val H, Chrissy Casper, Joanne P, Terwil, Peggy K, Pat L, Erika B (Willard's mama), Betz, Trudy S, Frances TSherry W, David W, Krissi & Julia (nurses), Paula P, tabbylin, Magenta

Please don't ever hesitate to let me know if I've forgotten someone's name. I will be the first to tell you that I try very hard to keep all these facts and figures straight, but that I certainly am good at making errors but always willing to fix them. 

Dion was here today and fixed (hopefully) the problem that we've had with the previous year's frozen pipes in the front Thumper's Room. Time and cold temperatures will tell if it's successful or not.

That Clark--I've figured out something about him. He actually has WINGS...yes, wings. That's how he can leap into the air and grab a leg for a tree.  This boy is amazing. Just love him to pieces.  He just doesn't understand that he should keep those feet on the ground. This kitten was born to be air-borne! 

Keeley, Sasha and Markie are playing in the crinkle tunnel together--zip in goes three cats, zip out goes three cats--back and forth.  Just like little kids playing! Fiesto, Jemison and Bugg are on the small red poof--all slurping away on the fibers! Derecho and Lorenzo are completely hooked on their dollop of baby food every morning....must have their baby food! Solee has found a cushie bed that is hers for the night time sleep. Remember the nice bed that was recently given to Merri? She is in it every morning when I come out to get breakfast started!

The Covies are doing awesome--they love their Kitty City. It's not heated but their heat lamps and heated beds keep them warm. They love their new Yeow Banana catnip toys. Jimmy has the Barnies all fixed up too for the winter. They should all be snug. 

Paddy Purr appears to be feeling better. His tummy feels much better, his eyes are better and he even snuck into the house like he likes to do today! Wayne and Garth are not only good brothers, they are good friends--always piled up taking a nap. Rian is growing so much. His Auntie Beth did an awesome job of giving him a good start!

Handsome Fiesto!