Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, November 18

Grab a snack and a drink and a chair! We have lots to talk about. It has been an extremely busy last week. I'll try to hit on many subjects to get you all caught up. 

We had our surgery day this past Sunday. The female cats that were spayed were: Camila, Markie, Keeley, Pasha, Sasha and Mellow. We also did a volunteer's female cat Marvella. The male cats that were neutered were: Carlton, Callen, Barky, Zarkey, Fiesto, Wayne, Garth. We also did a volunteer's male cat Riley. Juby also had his umbilical hernia repaired and a microchip placed.  To add to all of this, we also did lots of physicals.
Magenta--physical good, both kidneys are small
Paddy Cakes--physical good, no heart murmur detected, mild gingivitis, no dental tartar
Suzanna--physical good, will keep an eye on her upper left premolar 4
Ada Jane--physical good, both kidneys are small
Alaska--physical good, body weight is good
Camvi--recheck on eye. She will probably always have some slight respiratory issues, but it doesn't affect her heart--she has lots of love to give!
Paddy Purr--probably has an immune system problem. We have changed his meds and are continuing to syringe feed him. This is resulting in a slight weight gain. His heart murmur is still 3/6, but is functional. We will continue to treat him with antibiotics and a special ointment for his nose and eyes
Ernest--has slight dental tartar, no gingivitis.

All in all, our cats look great! Ernest is scheduled Wednesday for a dental cleaning. All the cats recovered very nicely. Mellow was a bit....well, mellow and slow, but yesterday her appetite picked up and she has eaten good today. 

Our next Afghan Auction is coming up! What fun! The date is this Thursday 11/21 at 6:00 pm (FFRC time) and ends 6 pm on Friday 11/22.  Here's the scoop:
Afghan A--earth tones hexagons, donated by Kate & Roger, made by Karen D, in memory of Paul. 4 ft by 5 ft
Afghan B--spice color squares, made by Pam/Buckeye, 9 ft by 4 ft
Afghan C--purple, lavender, creme Cat on Fence, made by Pat (volunteer), 6 ft by 5 1/2 ft
Afghan D--SouthWest design, made by Nance/Kerswill, 5 1/2 ft by 3 1/2 ft
Afghan E--black, grey, white Cat on Fence, in honor of Pat (vol.),  donated by Kate & Roger, 5 ft by 6 ft

The Covies are now in their winter home, the Kitty City. We decided on the spur of the moment Saturday morning to make the big move. A terrible storm was predicted for the afternoon and so we decided they needed to be moved before the storm. Many thanks to Martha L, Jimmy and son, Beth, Gem and her mom, Linda T for helping to make the big move. The City was cleaned, restocked, swept, mopped, shelves washed and blankies put out along with their electric beds, cats given flea prevention and all moved in a 2 hour time. We were speedy! 

Miata is still a mama-to-be. She still may draw this out for a couple weeks. So hard to predict without doing an x-ray. I never feel that this is necessary if mama is in good health. It'll happen when it happens. Little Rian, the gold tiger kitten that Beth/eaglewatcher has taken such good care of, is doing wonderful. He graduated to the main area today. His very best friend is Sadler. 

We took in a new kitten. Her name is Miss Marti, after the person who picked her up off of a busy road. She's a gorgeous long hair calico. She was playing so hard in her pen, it was decided that she too needed to be out to rock and roll.  Her birthday is 9/27/13. 

We have a few cats on hold: Alaska and Ernest (leaving 11/24), Juby (leaving 11/30), Pasha (leaving 12/7), Venus, Sunny & Sadler (together), Camilla, Keely & Sasha (together, with Camilla & Sasha leaving first on 12/10), Clark (leaving on 11/23). We also have a couple other cats on tentative holds.  More on this later!

Just an FYI--we received $401.48 from Goodsearch, from people using this site!  Check it

We have so many thank yous to give. We've had two BOX times since my last blog. I'm so sorry for my tardiness.
Mary G from IN--donation for FFRC
Russel & Sandy A (whose mother is 104 and enjoys FFRC)--supplies for the cats
Paul W from UK--donation for FFRC
Paul W from UK--donation for FFRC
Halosmom & Halosdaddy--donation in memory of Paul for medical needs or where needed
Jakesmeomy--donation to use wherever is needed  
Catherine & Scott D--a wonderful lantern to use if we have a power outage (came in handy last night!)

Last Thursday night:  
Beth/eaglewatcher--lots of Thanksgiving paper plates for the upcoming holiday, gallons of water in case it's needed for emergencies
Ruth D from NC--2 beautiful cat plates and holders from the Hamilton collection for next Day Sale, and a Resin Kitty Trio for the Rock Gardens
Patrick B--4 cases of Royal Canin kitten food
Rosemary B from South Africa--4 stunningly beautiful afghans for an Auction! Special thanks
Jatcat from CA--for Jacci/Steve--12 cans of assorted almonds) and a box of individual bags of almonds for the volunteers
Diana R/ranacomun--for Juby, his very own cat hooded bed for his new home
Janet R from OH--thank you card with donation
Terri U & family from OH--donation in memory of Connie W, their mothers' roommate at the care facility
Octavia (queen of thieves!) and friend--batteries for our Kitty heart beat and laser lights, 1440 of 6 inch plates, 1800 of 9 inch plates

Last Wednesday night:
GermanSiggy from FL--2 cases of Friskies, paper plates, 3 boxes of litter, 2 packs of paper towels, 3 Clorox wipes, Purina One dry kitty food
Kelly R/littleonemine--3 cases Fancy Feast kitten food, 12 large cans of KMR, case of baby food
Chris P--bag of Royal Canin Adult indoor dry cat food, 7 kitty Temptation snackers
Anonymous Friend--paper plates, 2 packages spring toys, 2 boxes of 13 gallon trash bags, 6 containers of Gerber baby rice cereal
Middiemom--500 count large business size envelopes, case of Fancy Feast grilled, 20000 of 6 inch paper plates
Gerricross--300 count 6 inch paper plates, assorted extra yummy K cups, 2 cases Friskies Pate
Theresa H from IN--card and donation
Trudy S from Bryan--card and donation
Mike/Sophie&Lucysdad--card and coupons
Diane/ruffles--Thanksgiving card and donation
Justme from Zsa Zsa--4 cases of Appetizers
Kate & Roger (Venus' new mom/dad)--3 cases of large KMR

Thanks every one for just being YOU! When we got the word to open up the lantern box last night, it was just so overwhelming to me. The support you show this rescue center is just so wonderful. 

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