Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday, November 3

The blog is mostly full of thank yous and explanations and thoughts!

Our Afghan Auction is over! I am deeply thankful for the people who made these last 5 quilts and for all the people who placed bids and for those that will receive the afghans!  Here are the winners!
Quilt A, made by Lisa K, won by Leggygal for $160
Quilt B, made by Karen & David, won by Wonderteac for $150
Quilt C, made by ColoEagle, won by SVCathy for $335
Quilt D, made by Wendilin, won by Kittygirl for $126
Quilt E, made by LJ323, won by MsNiceinVA for $361
We also had $68 donation to "round up", by Eartheyes/Saffire. So, our awesome total for this afghan sale is $1200! We had 93 bids with 30 different people bidding! I thank you so very very much for this successful event. We will have another set of afghans yet before Christmas!

We have people to thank, as we had BOXES last night!
Pat & Ellen--cat castle, bowl scratcher bed, bag of ROyal Canin dry food, Bag of Merrick Chicken dry food
Bonnie, Dave and Michael--day visitors--8 jumbo rolls of paper towels, a donation in memory of Bonnie's brothers cat, doggy snackers, 2 bags of cat toys, 3 pillow cases, 2 big bath towels and 32 wonderful crocheted kitty blankies to be given out at adoptions!
Tim M--case of KMR, toys for Snappy, Whisk, Raza and Friends
Joco51--2 packs of Dutch puffcorn snacks for Steve (he really likes these!), 2 packs of Whiska Lickens, pine soap for our cracked hands, Cold-Eeze throat lozenges (no colds for us!), bonito flakes, 2 cans of kitty food, donation to be used for whatever we need
MBstarr--POPPY thyme crackers (we're having fun with this!)
Terry/Steve (maddysnana and papasteve)-package for Jimmy and Eric. "Heavenly wings" color changing gazing ball in memory of Paul for Alberts Garden (it's absolutely beautiful)
Colleen P--lots of coupons!
Ron & Barb W from Virginia--letter and donation in memory of Minto
Joan & Bruce K from NJ--card and donation in memory of Linda B
Mary/missymjj & temykitty12--a refrigerator magnet, in memory of Bravo

We also had BOXES from Friday night that I haven't had a chance to say thanks to yet!
Tina F/peppicali and her kitty Cali--TEN forty pound bags of Precious cat litter--we super appreciate this!
David and mom Sherri--bag of bird seed, a suet holder house with 10 packs of suet, volunteer chip snacks, kitty snackers, and 3 lovely handmade blankies for Kitty kabana
Conii from FL and her 2 kitties--card for Jacci and a donation in memory of Paul for the Feliz Navidad fun, cat nip pads for Derecho, Ming and Jersey
Nancy/Kerswill--a cool notebook & 6 folders, cat toy and nip toys, VERY large pip cleaners, can of cheddar cheese, band aids, tuna, Fancy Feast, sardines, Appetizers, scratcher replacements, Kurig hot cider k-cups
Sonja from Canada, guest--banana breads, chocolate chips (all delicious!), stickers for Hannah, pop tabs for Kellen, paper re-enforcements, ketchup chips and special Canadian candy snackers
Sandra E--3 packs (16 rolls) of paper towels, 3 cans Clorox wipes
MBstarr--24 CLARK bars, lady BUGG and Daisy chocolate candies!
Julie C/auntie Julie from MA--Halloween card, stamps and a Walmart gift card for her Magenta!
Jan and Jeff from Vermont--thank you card
B, ffrc friend--Chief tapes
Chris & Tom W/CA and family--Halloween card
Mary from Archbold volunteer--9Lives, Fancy Feast, kitty snackers, gift bag of fancy Artisan chocolates!

Thank you to the following for their PayPal donation!
Pat & Ellen--donation for Farrah! Part of this donation represents their Amazon/Ebay sales--thanks!
Legygal/Margaret H--thanks to Pat & Ellen--use this donation for the Feliz Navidad fund
Shannan W--donation for FFRC
Carol/cn1919--donation for Happy November!
Greg W --donation for FFRC
beachkatz/Carla C--donation for kitty litter
Anonymous Friend--donation for FFRC
Kate & Roger--for the birthday cake for Pat on THursday night--yummmm!

I'd love to address the page. Goodness, it seems we've upset a few people. By far and away, most people are supportive of this new page. It's just an additional page, in no way to take anything at all away from our regular facebook pages. Anyone that knows me, knows that I never ever ask for anything for FFRC unless truly needed or am asked what we need. I've had so many requests about Christmas and Goss has been so extremely kind to put together this FFRCnation page with the thought of Christmas suggestions for FFRC. I am grateful to her, I'm grateful for the support and sure never intended to make it sound like I was "blatantly asking" for items. I like the words of a dear friend: "A non-profit exists by seeking donations. There is no obligation for anyone to give, but those who can give and want to give, are encouraged to give to help us continue to help cats. If not for donations, they could not exist on good wishes alone. There are two real world facts: Cats are in need and FFRC needs people to help them help the cats in need. No one is ever made to feel  obligated and no one needs to be a part of any group, but those who choose to be a part of whatever group FFRC creates can be and those who chose to donate and are in a position to do so should know their donations go to help FFRC do what we see they do every day. If creating a forum that can reach beyond Facebook will help FFRC meet their enormous bills, that is a good thing, not meant to detract or deter other forums, but reach beyond one area and reach out to non-facebook users. If it works, then FFRC benefits, if it doesn't then no harm done." Thank you for your words, Canton. This is by me---If you know me at all or know what FFRC is about, then you would know that we have the utmost good of FFRC at heart. Every little thing donated, every single penny donated, every single volunteer, every good thought, every prayer, every person that lurks, chats or is on facebook is appreciated.

Remember to send your squares in for the FFRCNation quilts! All the information and specifics can be found on the FFRC facebook chatters' page. If you don't have facebook or are not a member of the chatters facebook, you can email Jo Ann at  Thank you!

I would like to say a special thank you to Donia/Wickedwings. She will be visiting FFRC the end of November to adopt a cat. Her eyes right now are on Juby, but as you know that may change. The reason I'm extra thanking her? She has asked many many questions, some of which I've never been asked before! She's going to be an awesome kitty mama.  Her goal is to be a very good cat owner! I appreciate that. 

Here's another thought of mine--if you are going to send a letter to me and you want me to give it serious thought, then be brave enough to sign your name. Your town on the envelope is not enough. While I'm glad you enjoy the kitty cam, it appears you have some concerns. I will only briefly address these. Derecho gets plenty to eat. We actually have to be sure he doesn't gain any more weight. I believe the CH cats are quite happy--their comfort zone is not up high as most have wobbly heads. They feel safer on the lower levels. I realize at times when I am opening boxes that the background noise may be a bit loud. But, at the same time I am opening boxes, we have a rescue center to run. So, if others chat while working, I'm just thankful for people here that are taking care of the cats. If you choose not to watch boxes because of too much noise, that of course is your choice. Please realize that the volunteers that are here working, are here to do their "list", NOT to help me with boxes. Taking care of the cats is the first priority, NOT to put stuff away for me. Have you ever seen their list? Wow--many times there are TWO pages of things that need done. Cat care comes before boxes. Yes, it is wonderful if visitors help us with boxes. While that is not their first priority (petting and paying attention to the cats IS), helping with boxes is always appreciated. They aren't bound down by cat care lists like the volunteers are, so if they care to help with putting things away, then I always appreciate that, but it's certainly not required. We enjoy them, enjoying the cats. While I appreciate your suggestions, it's nice to have a person to respond to by snail mail or e-mail, not thru this blog. 

I just want to send out a special thanks to our volunteers. We've gone thru a couple weeks of some of them being sick or having their own issues to deal with. You all are awesome and I love you to pieces! 

I am sitting here looking around the office. Cozarelii is sitting (like a loaf of bread, all tucked in!) watching thru the doorway to the bird feeders. Dovie is sitting on a chair, with her one front leg looped over the front, squinting her eyes at me. Kiara is sound asleep with her tail wrapped around Kona, Jemison is sitting in front of me starring at me(!), Dodger is playing with a pipe cleaner looking oh so happy, Cutie and Raza are sharing a sun beam. I just checked on my dogs and there's Derecho sleeping right up alongside Janie. Asha is stretched out, belly up, laying alongside Ginger. Life is peaceful here. It's a happy place. I am quite honored to be in their presence and to be a part of this Rescue Center. Thank you for helping us keep this FFRC functioning. 

Our sweet Ming! How we love this boy!