Sunday, December 18, 2016

December 18,2016 Sunday

It's so so hard---the cats and kittens are trying so very hard to be extra good. One week to Christmas. The growlies and orneriness got to them this morning though---Derecho put a stop to it. The word is out, he said---the more purring and sweetness we give out, the more chicken and turkey we will get!  Derecho calmed down all the grumbles and now we have peace once again here. What an awesome bunch of cats we have!  Even Annabelle stopped pawing at the upside-down tree!

We had surgeries yesterday. IWe ended up doing 8 boys and 4 girls. Plus 8 physicals for FFRC plus 3 cats and 1 dog were looked at that belonged to volunteers.    This now brings our total spays/neuters so far for 2016:  333 females and 226 males=559 !  This just makes me so happy.  THIS is what it takes to help control the cat/pet overpopulation problem---spaying and neutering.

Here's the breakdown:
Harvey, Q-Tip, Kelvin, Spiker, Jasper, Xongile, Easton and Shadow (public's cat) were neutered.
Louisa, Ethel, Lucy and Betsy were spayed. 

We were not able to do 3 cats that we were hoping for:  Tiana still a bit small so we elected to wait. Lamula just wasn't 100%. And Jasper's hiney isn't healed enough.

Jasper's hiney was red and very inflammed when he arrived---almost like a burn. It extends down his leg a bit too. While it's healing very quickly, because this would be the surgical site, we did not want to introduce any bacteria.  He will be neutered as soon as his hiney is healed.  It's been decided--he's a cinnamon long hair kitten. He is one extra handsome boy.

Those that had physicals:
Chester--good, does show his K9 teeth are a distinct round ridge on them--will keep a check on.
Gavin--physical good
Anna Belle--physical good
Eddie White--sm. amt plaque--will keep an eye on it
Livingston--good!  He is now ready to be up for an adoption!
Paddy Purr--good, shows a grad 2/6 heart murmur-very slight
Peanuts--doing great, healing nicely and showing some weight on both front legs.

Giovanna--our sweet black/white cat.  She has a few issues going on. We believe she is about 9 years old. We gave her the birthday of 12/2/07. She needs to be spayed but we could not do it yesterday as her health is not up to par yet. She also badly in need of a dental but that too must wait till she is more stable. She is also missing her lower right K9 tooth.  Her missing leg is a bit of a mystery--can't tell exactly how this happened but whatever happened, it's not quite "right". We will have a "tidy up surgery" on that stump when she is healthier. In the meantime, she is eating good and napping a lot. She has picked (for now) the Welcome Room to anchor at. She is a real love and so enjoys being loved on.  

We had BOXES Friday evening! Many grateful thanks!
Littleonemine from CA--Christmas card, 4 quarters for the swear jar (lol!), 16 cans tuna, bag of freeze dried chicken (the cats said an extra yum!)
Jeannine S from NY--Card and donation for FFRC
Amy W from OH--card and donation for FFRC
Joyce R from OH--card and donation for FFRC
Terry W and Kitties from CA--card and donation for FFRC
Tracy L from OH--coupons

We also have these thanks!
Fran D--donation for Feliz Navidad Fund, given in honor of Fran by a co-worker Belinda for Christmas!
Olga & Mamo from Netherlands--donation to FFRC
Marisa R from CA-donation to FFRC to help Giovanna
Marv & Penny S from NM--donation in memory of their Aunt Ruth Feeney
Bradley L--donation to FFRC in honor of Fran D as a Christmas gift to FFRC

As you know, Alice Mary went to the vet's office a few days ago. You may remember when she arrived, she had aspiration pneumonia. We have treated her for this for quite some time. Our big concern was she just hasn't been growing--still at 3.07.  So, off to the vets she went again.X-rays were taken again.  It was discovered that her aspiration pneumonia is still present. She is now on 2 antibiotics and does seem to be better already. Showing more interest in food again. Hoping this will help complete her medical problems. We want to get her on the right track so she can be up for adoption.

We took in 2 new kittens. 
Xongile (pronounced Shon GEE lay), an African name meaning exquisite (a Name a Cat name). He is buff and white and was found under a porch deck, all shivery cold and hungry. Xongile arrived on 12/16.  He is 6 months old with a birthday of 6/4/16. He was so hungry and so very thirsty. He's already up in the Main Area. Talk about a sweetie--he has a great purr and loves to be held up close. He also sticks his nose in your ear and purrs like that! A great kitten.  He is indeed exquisite!

Easton--(a Name a Cat name), a black kitten with a white neck and tummy spot. He is a little butterball--so round and stocky! He came here after being found by himself. Easton acts like he's always been here---very comfortable with people and all his kitty friends. He's 11 weeks old with a birthdate of 10/1/16.  He also arrived on 12/16. There was no holding him back--he insisted yesterday on coming to the Main Area to have friends with him to play with. 

Please remember to vote daily at:     We only have a couple weeks left!  It's over on Jan. 4th. 

Have a joyful, peaceful Sunday.  The cats are planning on that too!