Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 4, 2016 Sunday

Grab a snack and a chair and join us for this long Blog! Kitty Christmas was an awesome event. I simply cannot express how much it meant to me. This Rescue Center would not be what it is today without what you do for us. You not only help us with supplies, but you give us your compassion, your friendship, your support---these things mean so very much to me.

Before we started yesterday, I went and did a survey (again) of our "holding" areas--Kitty City, shed #1 and shed #2.  Kitty City holds the can food, vinegar, bleach, Mr. Clean and other things that would freeze.  Shed #1 holds all the dry food and kitty litter.  Shed #2 holds paper products, etc.--things that are ok to freeze for wintertime. 

What I saw was a big worry.  Our can food was almost non-existent. Dry adult food was very very low. Many paper products were wiped out.

But........then came Kitty Christmas and we are bulging with your generosity! It makes me feel "safe". I know first hand how quickly we use supplies and to have these items makes me feel like we are ok again. 

It was the most thrilling thing to see that big big red truck on Power Dam and when that big horn blared---wow, that was wonderful! And when the back truck door opened and revealed all the boxes---it was breath-taking.  

Big thanks to Hornish Brothers Trucking for the use of their truck. Thanks to Brian who drove it and helped load and unload all the boxes. And we had Santa Claus in the truck too--a right jovial fella! I understand we had over 10,000 pounds of box weight and approximately 480 boxes--just amazable! 

And a super big thanks to Angie and Bill who handled this Kitty Christmas and let their home be flooded with all the boxes.  Truly appreciated by me and the cats. We had so much fun during this whole event yesterday--unloading, opening up and seeing the wonderful gifts, sharing a supper together.  We even had a surprise visit from Agnus, our oldster lady who sometimes forgets her manners but we love her dearly!!  LOL

A super high-5 to all the volunteers, family and friends that came yesterday to unload the truck (and to those that helped to load it on Friday night)! Many hands do indeed make for fast work. There were so many "parts" of this event to keep it organized and it all went smoothly.  All due to the Awesome People that helped! 

Agnus, after being unwrapped from a huge box, presented FFRC with information about an awesome washer.  It's an amazing B & C INDUSTRIAL OPL washer--and it's paid in full by some generous friends of FFRC--a value of $6,534.  I understand a representative from the company will be here tomorrow to go over all the ins and outs of this washer! I was also told that there's already $2,000 raised to go towards an INDUSTRIAL dryer, which is approximately $4900! With hope, we can raise the rest of the money so we can dry as well as we can wash.  Now....we have to hope the old washer will hold out another couple of weeks! 

I've been given a gift that it's okay to do a blanket acknowledgement of thanks to all those that helped us with Kitty Christmas by sending boxes. I truly am beyond words with my gratitude. The feeling of being cared for by you all is a wonderful feeling.  

You know, it takes a village to keep this FFRC running as it is. We have our volunteers, Steve and my family, the chatters, the mods, the lurkers, the admins, our vets, our voters,  the tweeters, FB friends, our prayer givers/good thought people and our community---so so many people involved and all very appreciated! 

I just would like our FFRCNation to know that none of you are alone---you have friends here amongst us! It's a wonderful thought to know that you can each reach out and ask for friendship and/or help.  

We had BOXES on Friday evening!  Many thanks---
Mary vol. on Friday--plates, sink strainers, 10 laser lights, 2 turbo tracks, cat balls, crinkle bags, crinkle tunnel, snackers, 32 cans of food, 17 pks of Sheba
VRS, our wonderful mod--2 framed beautiful cross stitch Black Kitty surrounded by Pansys. 
Clark, Jessie & Tthe rest--happy 4th birthday to Walter, Walter, Walter  and happy 2nd birthday to Magic--both received their chicken $5
CJ?Carla M--crocheted items--25 bags kickeroo & 2 spirals in each bag, 10 kitty blankets
Zoolove--horse & Kitty card with donation for FFRC
Alan & Elaine--2 tubs snackers, 4 cases Friskies, case Fancy Feast

And more thanks!
Gusti--donation in memory of Betz & Walter's birthday and in memory of Delight for Feliz Navidad Fund
William W from IA--doantion to be used for our veterinarian bill!
LostGirl--13 cans of Salmon for the outside cats
Renee/jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Melvin S Jr.--donation to FFRC

Big thanks to the family of Bridgette, a little 14 month old girl (Russ, Mary, Dave, Vickie, Sherri, David, Carrie).  They wanted to help FFRC and brought--litter, vinegar, sponges, tuna, juice, plates, PT, can food, snackers, toys, Mr. Clean, trashbags, glass cleaner, wash cloths!

As happy as the day was yesterday, in the evening we had a tragedy happen.  We couldn't find little Delight. After much looking for her, she was discovered. Sometime she encountered an accident and passed away.  While I would like to "soften" this, I cannot. She passed away. It was purely accidental.  Even knowing that, I am totally crushed that this happened.  We work hard on keeping these kittens and cats alive and well. To have this happen has shaken me deeply. I wish for her back, but cannot. This particular death has been hard.  With every death, I try and learn something from it---what can we do to help future cats, what could we do different---I always search for that answer. This particular death will take me a while to figure out.  Thank you for caring about her.

On a happier note, we had an adoption this morning.  Cheri and Bob from PA adopted our sweet Prance who is now known as Maggie Mae. This has been an exciting anticipated adoption. Maggie Mae is an exceptionally wonderful cat and will be so happy in her new home. 

Oh......and we had two other adoptions.  Rosemary and Endure are now Rosemary Moss and Endure Moss and are in our home. They will be given much love and the comforts of a cushie home. I'm thankful for both of them. 

I wish for you all peace, laughter and many friendships.