Sunday, January 1, 2017

Jan. 1 2017, Sunday

Happy New Year to our FFRCNation! It's exciting to realize we have a whole year ahead of us. What will it bring? I know sometimes turmoil and hard things get in the way, but really.....each day is a day to soak up the good things. Here at FFRC, we will strive to do more spays/neuters, to help as many cats and kittens that we can and to improve their lives. Adoptions are important and we will continue to adopt out to those wonderful loving homes. 

We had BOXES Friday evening.  You are appreciated so much.
Mary, Fri. vol--9 soft blankies and bag of pop tabs, coupons
Judy HK from FL--Butterfly card & donation to FFRC
Anne, Mike & BEn from UK--Christmas card
Dottie & James with Nate & Destiny--Christmas card and Flash Sale pymt.
Connie & Craig A from Defiance--Christmas card & donation
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation to FFRC
Laura S from PA--12 gallons of vinegar!

Rosemary from Durban, South Africa. A 3-box shipment of her beautiful, awesome afghans! Rosemary sent ELEVEN more afghans. These afghans are so beautiful---their designs and their color combinations. I am so very grateful for each one of these. You will see these in a Fun-Raiser. Many thanks, Rosemary. 

More thanks to give!
Shannon S--donation for the care of Leonard, Victor, Jackson and Markus
Amber G from UK--donation to FFRC
Melissa Mease from OH--donation to FFRC
Michael S from VA--donation to FFRC
Joan, Richard and Carnie--donation to FFRC
Kimberly W--donation to FFRC
Stacy G from TX--donation to FFRC

Our 4 kittens in the back Thumper's Room are doing so much better in their social skills! We've been asking all visitors to go back and sit with them, play and talk to them. They are becoming little friendly-babies! They sure know how to have fun!

Giovanna came up to the Main Area yesterday for the first time for about 6 hours. She did pretty good! Her surgery date is 1/11 where she will be spayed and have a much needed dental. She loves to be quietly held and petted.

Tuesday is our HumaneOhio Transport day. We will be checking in all the surgeries between 5:30 am to 6:00. Then the Transport Truck will take them all to the spay/neuter clinic in Toledo. About 5:30-6:00, they will return here to FFRC to be picked up by their owners. We start a new year of spaying and neutering!

That little blur of brown tigerness is Teanna. She is a speedy little thing with super much energy level! She's the one that thinks everyone is her personal tree.  Poor baby had to have her toenails trimmed this morning! She's a little loverbug.

We talked to the owner of Kelvin. Kelvin is doing wonderful. He even received his own cat tree for Christmas! I also talked to Betsy's new mama---what a wonderful home she is in. They love her! Xongile family sent me a picture of him---he was happily playing with a tracker toy!

People sometimes ask me how I can do this Rescue work for so long---it's implied the sadness of "things" are too much to bear. A dear friend, Beth/eaglewatcher sent me a poem from Ashley Owen Hill.  I know it's a bit long, but it really hits my heart and my feelings. I would like to share it with you. This explains it for me, very well.  Rescue work is indeed the hardest thing I've ever done, but it's my passion. It's in my heart and I will continue. 

I would also like to say that our volunteers and our FFRCNation, makes this Rescue Center possible. You are so much a part of what we do here. 

The neglect changes you. The abuse hardens you. The suffering breaks you. The ignorance angers you. The indifference disturbs you. The injustice destroys you. On a daily basis…your faith will be tested. Your heart will be wounded…. Your soul will be altered. On a weekly basis…you’ll question yourself. You’ll question your strength. You’ll question the world. On a monthly basis…you’ll fall down. You’ll get up. You’ll go on… On a yearly basis…you’ll look back… You’ll see faces… You couldn’t save them. You’ll learn to mourn. To grieve. To sob. You’ll learn to trust a little less. To do a little more. To fight a little harder. You’ll learn to try. To hope. To pray. You’ll learn to fail. To succeed. To accept. You’ll learn when to hold on. When to give up. When to let go. You’ll learn who you are. What you stand for. Why that matters. Then… at times… you’ll forget why you matter. You’ll question what you’re doing. You’ll wonder if it’s worth it. But…here’s the good news… When you forget… When you question… When you wonder… All you have to do… Is take a look around… And you’ll see them. You’ll see their faces. You’ll see their smiles. You’ll feel their love. In their eyes, you’ll see their journeys… You’ll remember their beginnings… You’ll know how far they’ve come… You’ll remember when they didn’t know you… When they didn’t trust you… When they’d given up. You’ll remember how you healed them… How you loved them… How they loved you, too. And as you look back… You’ll want to move forward… For them… and because of them. In your darkest hours, you’ll look around… To find the differences made…the hope given…and the lives saved… Because you existed. In those moments, when you look into their eyes…every doubt will be erased. Every question will be answered. Every worry will subside. Because in that instant…in each of your hearts… You both share the very same thought: “Every bit of pain was worth it…for this moment here with you.” And honestly…no matter what else happens… Those moments hold all the strength you need… To keep going. Rescue is pain. Rescue is joy. Rescue is worth it…because they are worth it. And that’s the honest truth.