Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday, Jan. 16, 2017

Do you live around Cecil or Van Wert area? Do you have a cat that needs spayed or neutered?  Please contact     They will be in Cecil on Jan. 30th and in Van Wert on Jan. 29.  This is a low cost spay/neuter event! Truly, spring is not that far off. Now is the time to get those cats and kittens spayed/neutered.  Help control the cat overpopulation problem---spay and neuter!  

FFRC takes appointments all the time! Normally, the first Monday of each month we have HumaneOhio here to pick up cats/kittens for their surgeries. Prices are awesome. our office at 419-393-2400 to get on the surgery schedule.It's so important! 

People will contact us in the Fall, simply so overwhelmed with the cats on their property. Many times they tell us they had 1-3 cats in the spring and now their population is in the 30's.  How simple a fix it could've been had those spays and neuters been done before Springtime. Please....let's all work together on this. Remember, Spring babies can be Fall mamas.

Thanks to you:
Dottie C--a case of Belvita snacks for the volunteers!
CatMomToBe from Germany--donation to FFRC, in honor of Farrah.  

Saturday evening we had Storytime! I so enjoyed reading from The Hundred Stories about FFRC cats, present and past! It contains 100 stories about our cats in a spiral bound book! We sell these for $25 and can be paid thru PayPal or by sending a check.  

Keep an eye on  This is a page by Gwen Cooper.  They asked us for a story, so we sent two!  One is on Magic and the other is on Coralie.  These are both newly written stories. Once shared in Hi Homer, we will share the stories on our blog too! THe stories are complete with pictures! 

Yes, you might have noticed that Chewbacca has not been seen. There's a good reason for this.  He's been in a foster home for about 2 weeks.  The longer Chewbacca was loose in the Rescue Center, the more wildish he was behaving. I'm hoping he can still be "converted" to inside living and accepting of people. Right now he is at a friend's home who has lots of time to dish out TLC. Progress is very very slow. We'll keep you posted on him. He's feeling good and is healthy. 

Phoebe's fur on her hip where her bone aspiration was done is starting to grow back. We have her down to one antibiotic now and she will soon be off of that. Alice Mary is still eating good. She too is down to one antibiotic! A week from today is Peanut's x-ray day and possible removal of his pin! 

Want to have some fun?! This Friday, Jan. 20th, we will have a Mich and Mich Flash Sale! And do we have some awesome items! We're very excited about this. It will start about 2:00ish. Come join us!  This of course is weather permitting, but so far the extended forecast looks good! 

We had another adoption---Jasper! He had quite the journey. He ended up in Iowa with our good friend Barb W.  He left here early Saturday morning with Beth/eaglewatcher. She was wonderful in offering to transport him on her way home, to a meeting spot. She met up with Barb and JustMe/Kathy. And then continued to his Iowa home. All is good and Barb already loves him! I'm sure we'll be seeing lots of updates on facebook! His new name is Cinder. 

Take care---another great week ahead! Can you all do me a favor?  We would like to bump up our numbers to our webcam. We have met so many wonderful friends thru the cams and would love to extend an invitation to more people---one can never have too many friends! It's truly astounding to me how we have come to be such a close knit group of friends.  Whether you are a lurker or a chatter, we welcome everyone. The cats love to have you as part of their FFRC lives! Maybe on your facebook page, extend an invitation to others to come join us at     Thank you!