Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017

Rain, rain, rain. Hard to believe it's the middle of January. Instead of snow, we have buckets of rain. Ten days ago we had very cold temps and now it's in the 50's.  This morning we had every window open in the Rescue Center. The kittens and cats were acting rather frisky! And yes, we've leaked a big flood into the office again. First time in a very long time. Tomorrow we will check the downspouts for a plug. Discouraging to us humans but to the cats it's alot of fun splashing thru the water! 

Last night was so exciting---First, we had our BOXES!  Love Box time! 

BilliK--2 bags dried chicken, 2 bags Bonito Flakes, 2 cases Fancy Feast Broth
Judeannlee--2000 6 inch paper plates
John & Julie E--4 boxes large exam gloves and coupons,kitty tote, lots of Sheba, Meaty Tender Sticks, case FF pkts, case FF broth, case FF appetizers
Sandra E--Iams Purrfect Delights, Sheba case, 2 cases appetizers, 2-18 lbs bags Precious litter.
Elaine & Alan from FL--case FF, 4 cases Friskies, 2 tubs Snackers, 40 lb Precious litter
Donation in memory of kitties Cleo & Larry--a whole lot of needed items! Came for a visit!
Pilvi--Christmas card with note
Cheri & Bob--donation in memory of Lynnette's dad
Leanne from Canada--Christmas card
Neal W from OH--donation from 3 friends & family in memory of Erica Woods
Kathy & Beth--cam, cables, cord, hooks

And then we had our wonderful Fun-Raiser! These were the results:

A - Cream Afghan               34x5                      170           Jillian H

B - Rosemary Afghan         45x5                     225            Zoolove

C - Angie/Ferole canned goods   98x5         490            Diann Ba & Gusti for Vols

D - Wanda Portraits            114x5                  570            Merri (from Anony) & 2 for SuperMo

E - Cat Cove                         158x5                  790             Michlyn

F - Pansy cross stitch          41x5                    205            Kaseyann

G - Rosemary Afghan          42x5                    210             Anony

H - Rosemary Afghan          40x5                    200             Anita Sn

TTL            $2860 WOW!!!!!!!!!!

And then we had our Bump-Ups from these special friends:  Beth, Zoolove, SVCathy & Scott, Farmgirl, Bellabelle, Jo603 and FaithyMD.

We also had 21 Consolation Gifts to pass out. We love this part--- our thanks to you!

With the Bump-Ups, the total came to $3,300!   I am deeply and completely thankful to all of you. To the people who made the items possible, to all the ticket buyers, to the ticket counters, to the mods that helped PR the Fun-Raffle, to the admins that PR'd in FB, to the well wishers for this event---you can see this is a broad, ripple effect of people who make this possible.  This Fun-Raiser will go towards our propane heating costs and to our electric bills. What a comfort knowing we can get these paid. 

A big thanks to the IAMS company. Patrick called us and asked if we needed any can food. Of course, that answer was Yes!  He not only arranged it, but delivered the can goods to us and helped unload. What a terrific man and company! Many thanks.

Have you noticed a difference in the cam?  The other cam we had been using was very nice, but rather "foggy". This new cam gives us a bit wider picture and is very clear. Here's what a super love about it though---I can do tours again! And floor shows! This just thrills me! Many thanks to JustMe and Eaglewatcher for this camera. 

Today is Grooming Day. My sister Judy, the cat's Auntie Judy, is here giving the cats a good brushing/combing out. Most of them like it and with a bit of coaxing, lots of fur is removed!  Some sweet-talking is required! And of course, the fur will be sent to LJ for those awesome pictures she makes! 

We have a few more thanks to give! 
Kris M from MN--donation to FFRC for Derecho & Bruno
Keiko S from CA--donation to FFRC for chicken for the cats! Derecho is so excited! 
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Judy & Phil--donation to FFRC to help with the vet bills
Barb W--donation to FFRC to be used where needed

Giovanna--she had a very big day yesterday. She went to the vets office and had her spay done. We are confirmed at putting her age at 9 years old. During her spay, Dr. Darcy found a BB in her abdomen which was removed. Due to the unhealthy looking tissue around this BB, we now have her back on 2 antibiotics. When Giovanna came to FFRC, she had a bit of frostbite to her left ear. Unfortunately, the tip had to be removed yesterday also. And on top of all this, she had a major dental done--13 teeth were removed--many were very loose in the sockets. We knew she had some bad teeth, had her on antibiotics but needed to get her in better health before this big day of anesthetics. This morning she ate a fair breakfast. Poor sweetie. I would love to know what happened to this gentle girl. Such a peaceful cat and to have all of this necessary to do to help get her healthy again. I promised her.....she will always be cared for and will be taken to the vets regularly. 

I'd like to send out a special thanks to our moderators.  They are so dedicated. They give many hours a day to keep our webcam safe to read for all ages. If our viewers have questions, they are always there to give answers and guidance. And the best thing---they seem to enjoy it which makes me happy!  They have become friends with so many of our viewers. From day to day viewing, helping with Fun-Raisers, Flash Sales, our events---they are there. I am very grateful to them.

Many of you too know our Admins of our FFRC facebook page. They too are awesome and keep the posts centered on good reading. The hours these folks give for FFRC is simply amazing to me.  Many thanks.

Phoebe has her last stitch in her hip removed. It looks good and never bothered her. She helped us by removing all of them but one!  Tomorrow is Alice Mary's day to have her nose sutures removed. She's promised to sit very still in exchange for her very own plate of baby food. 

Won't be much longer now---The Hundred Storybook is about ready! We've had a lot of help with this major project. The first 65 sold quickly and so we decided to make 100 more copies. Let us know if you are interested--can simply send a PayPal for $25 or send a check. Either way, put a note on it please. As soon as they are completed, out the door they go! Thanks for your support for this project. 

Take care, stay safe---there's alot of strange weather going on. Right now, it's thundering and lightning and pouring rain here.  We all wish you a safe day. You are appreciated by myself and FFRC.