Thursday, January 5, 2017

Jan. 5, 2017 Thursday

Voting is done for Eagle Rare Life! We ended up with 151,333 votes! I thank you very much for each and every single vote.  Wish I could pass out 151,333 hugs! I appreciate your support.  Now......we wait.  First, an interview will come.  Will keep you all posted. 

We have upped our spay/neuter count already! We are now at 19 females and 20 males. Our total is 39 for 2017 so far!  The reason is that we sent 3 surgeries up to Dr. P's yesterday.  Here's the update:

Jasper--our cinnamon kitten was neutered. I was asked if he was spoken for yet.  Had to tell them yes and that if we had 10 Jasper's could have them all adopted! He will be going to his forever home very soon.

Cricket--our black kitten was neutered. He came back to the Rescue Center absolutely famished---ate enough to catch up for 3 days worth of food! Such a sweetie boy.

Alice Mary--she had lab work drawn.  WBC count is better! She was then sedated. No polyps were found. But, she had more intense nose surgery done. When she first had her nostrils enlarged, she was just a tiny baby. Now it was time to do this again--2 sections to both nostrils. She has a wide open noseway now for breathing. She ate a great supper last night and just a bit ago she cleaned up a plate of food! I'm sure it's wonderful for her to breathe and eat at the same time!  It was thought those bubbly sounds in her abdomen was from her swallowing air in her attempt to inhale. She will have her sutures out in 9-10 more days. 

Phoebe--finally........she is spayed! But, we have more things to get done on her. Her platelets are up a bit but still very low. Her eosinophils are very high.  To rule out problems, during her spay, her hip was shaved and a bone marrow aspiration was done. This will be sent to Michigan for testing. We need to find out what is going on with her, otherwise we're just at a standstill.  Hoping that test will be negative.  It should be back next week.  This morning, that rascal chewed her sutures out (on her hip area). So, a quick surgical glue job was done.  

Next Weds., Giovanna will be going up for her spay and much needed dental/tooth extractions. Just love this sweet gentle girl. 

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you all.
Plee--case of Fancy Feast and 2 cases of Fancy Feast broth packets
Billie K--3 bags Freeze dried chicken & salmon (special treat!) & 8 tubs of Party Mix Snackers
Mr. & Mrs. Medic--2 cases Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--a 32 count case of Friskies

Lynn H from UK--donation to FFRC
Insun S from S. Korea--donation to FFRC

Gillian R from UK--donation for the medical fund
Renee/jakesmeowmy from Canada--donation, will be used to help with propane bill
Janet K from Amsterdam--donation for the Rescue Center
Mike & Barb C from CA--our music friends--donation to FFRC

Starting Sunday is an awesome Fun-Raiser. It ends at 9 am on Weds with BOXES being that evening at 5:30 and the drawing at 6:00.  Watch for info on our FB chatters page, and a video on the cam.  There will be 4 beautiful afghans, 2 sets of 15 homemade jars of yummies, 3 certificates for a head color pet portrait by Wanda, Felted Cat Cave, Cross stitched "Pansy" picture.  Thank you so much for making these Fun-Raisers possible! There will be 8 slots, A thru H.  

Today, Jack, Jules, Whimsey and Pollyanna have made their way to the Cat's Corner Room.  Hoping they settle in quickly. Then, we will be able to let them out in the Main Area.  Their surgery sites look good, their appetites are great and they are super busy kittens!

You might have noticed--we did a change with the washers yesterday. We took the very dead washer from the Main Area out.  Then we moved the washer from the house to the Main Area. The reason----it may be another 4 weeks for the new washer to be here. We could've kept going into the house to do the laundry, but it meant going up and down the steps with our arms full. I was afraid a kitten or cat would get stepped on. And sometimes the steps are wet and slippery. So, for safety, the house washer was moved in the Main Area.  Maybe they will be able to make that washer a bit faster?? !  We will be celebrating when we get that arrival date!

The 100 copies of The Hundred Stories are in the process of being made! We are excited to have the need to make more! Can let me know by paypal or email if you need one (or more!) put on hold. Thank you. 

The kitties are all doing great. They can run at high speeds from the Kitty Kabana to the area by Alma. Lots of zooming going on! Just wait till the other 4 kittens join the fun! Have a wonderful day.