Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017

Do you believe in magic?  We do.......that is our sweet grey boy Magic!  I love watching him. He's the kindest cat. Always brings a smile watching him, especially when he is running, straight up in a sitting position and going faster than his cat friends! He's amazing. He comes every morning while I'm on the computer, taps taps taps my leg. That means "uppies please"--he has a cushion that he naps on. 

We've heard from Koda's new family. Sounds like they are absolutely in love with our sweet boy, now known as Charlie T.  This is what makes everything so worth it, to know our cats and kittens are happy in their new homes!

Super big thanks to our friend, Goss.  Amidst her very busy life right now, she is still working on a 2017 calendar. And it's really going to be awesome! We'll keep you posted as to when it's ready to order thru Zazzle.  Thank you, Goss.

We have thanks to give!
Lostgirl--10 jugs of that wonderful OdoBan
Lana H--donation to FFRC

We've had 2 more adoptions.
Easton went to a new home yesterday. He will have a kitty sister to play with and a mom/dad that really is happy to have Easton join their home.

Woodrow left for his new home last night. His new mama and him, I believe, will be very close. She was so excited to have Woodrow in her home. 

Peanuts is doing wonderful. He is amazing and fully using both front legs. Won't be much longer until that pin comes out. His fur is growing back nicely.  Giovanna is eating but still seems to be in a "sad" state yet. I so wish I knew her background. We are spending extra petting time with her, reassuring her that all is well.  Derecho is doing wonderful--he had a special chicken treat yesterday and shared with everyone! The Covies had their special dried chicken today which they love. Pippi was inside the clear plastic jug today---that girl is quite a fun cat. The 4 newest kittens are coming along--only Jules is still a bit shy. 

The outside cats are doing great.  Other than a half dozen days, our temps haven't been too awfully cold. There's plenty of shelters and heat lamps for them. Sometimes the Porchies are all piled up in the sunporch--looks like a big party going on!

Little Teana climbed up on my desk and has actually snuggled with Vernon. He woke up and promptly started giving Teanna a bath. So very sweet.

Are you busy about 4:00 (FFRC time) today?  We're going to have storytime! Come join us on the cam! Let others know---we'd love to have anyone that would like to come, to join us! You'll hear stories from our The Hundred Stories about FFRC cats!