Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Weds. Jan. 25, 2017

Today is a busy day at the veterinary's office for FFRC.  We are sending up 3 cats.
Anayaa--to have her rear leg and rib cage x-rayed--it'll be interesting to see what's going on with both of these areas.  Her only rear leg goes out at a very strange angle when she walks. Her ribcage has an area that is enlarged--may be just bone, but need to know.

Teanna--she is to be spayed today.

LaRue--x-rays of her jaw and hopefully surgery to repair it.

Who is LaRue? She's our newest girl. We were told "mouth is open and she can't shut it".  We finally got her here to FFRC on Monday. She appears to have a mandible (lower jaw) fracture. Most fractures like this are due to trauma/injuries. She also smelled very badly and covered in poo.  It turns out, across the road where she was found, is a cow barn. I wonder if she might've gotten kicked from a cow.  Anyway, she is squeaky clean now but will have to have another bath later. Because of her open mouth, she is not able to swallow her saliva very well, so she is a bit of a "drooler".  

LaRue is so very thin--not sure how long she's been injured. We have been feeding her a slurry mix and she's gobbling everything up! She is a beautiful older kitten, black tiger. We are hoping that today she will have her lower jaw repaired.  Her name is a Name a Cat name.

Big thanks to Donna and Larry who are always so willing to transport our kitties and cats to Bryan. They are a huge help. I always feel good when they take them! 

Check out    Our Derecho is featured today! He is one special boy that is loved by many. Please feel free to share his story with others. He's a source of smiles and let's us know that determination sure does help in everyday life! 

We had BOXES Monday evening---many thanks to you!
Judy & Phil--40 lb Precious Litter, 4 boxes Quart ziploc bags, case Fancy Feast, 2000 6" plates
PJPanda & Bad Kitty--lots of BOnito flakes (the kitties felt the need to sample them early!)
Jatcat--lots of spring toys---we also use these for adoptions
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 1st Birthday to Phoebe with her chicken $5
Don & Sandra S from OH--donatin to FFRC in memory of Erica Woods
Needtoretire from PA--Sea Turtle fard with donation in honor of Sea Turtle & Jones
John & Suzanne C from FL--kitty card with donation
Macncheesendoodlesmom--donations (in memory of Macaroni, for S/N fun, for general fund)
Littleonemine--25 cans Tuna, 10 tubs Sheba, 2 cans Sardines, 2 Sensations, 1 tub party Mix & 4 bags of candy for volunteers

And we have more thanks too!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Phil & JUdy--donation to help with vets bill
Mura--donation to FFRC
Mishou1--donatin to celebrate Phoebe's 1st birthday
Billie K--donation to help with Giovanna, Lucas, Darcy, Xiluva & Anayaa's care

We've heard from the new mama of Jack. He is doing wonderful and is so cuddly. He loves his sliding door and watches the birds. He is loved!

Peanuts had his trip to the vets on Monday.  He had his x-ray and his fractured front leg looks strong.  His pin in not able to be removed due to the location of it. And that is just fine. Sometimes pins are removed, sometimes not.  Peanuts will just have to have a special medical clearance for airports, in case he travels! We will wait the 10 days and then will remove his staples on his shoulder. Peanuts will then be up for adoption! He is such a sweetie boy--so fun, so playful and cuddly. 

We have 4 FFRC's Cookbooks left (I had put them aside in case we had any problems). We can now sell them! They are $18. Just send me an email if interested!  We also have the One Hundred Stories left to sell. They are $25. I appreciate the donation of some to be given out to our volunteers at our Feb. Volunteer meeting! So very kind. 

Today we are having delivered a large  load of stones delivered. We have had so much rain that we need to reinforce the lane that goes out to the big red barn. These will be "trailered"--that makes the job much easier! We will also use some stone to hit our low spots to help the animals out.  We took on 5 new hens yesterday from a friend. They are a few years old and are pets. Right now we have them in a nice coop. In a few days they will join the rest of the chickens. 

We are still working on Xiluva. Her poor fur coat is just a total mess.  Because of the extreme tight mats, we are just doing a little a day. Today will be day 5 of working on her. I cannot believe the patience that she has with this. Such a nice cat. Actually, Darcy, Lucas, Anayaa and Xiluva are an exceptionally nice group of cats.  We would like to bring them to the Main Area soon, but not quite yet.