Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday, Jan. 29, 2017

What an exciting Saturday we had.  

We had 3 adoptions! Kittens Teanna and Whimsey went to their new home. Teanna is now called Margaret Caterina and Whimsey is now known as Clara Clarice.  They have a little 3 year old girl that is simply amazing and has so much love to give to these kittens. Her little brother is also good with kittens.  I was honored to have this family adopt them.

Skippy (do-da) also was adopted to a friend of mine. His mama use to be a volunteer for FFRC long ago. She had to move away but is now once again in Defiance.  And she very much needed a cat. Skippy spoke to her and that was it---he was chosen to go home with her! So happy for both of them! 

There's a few more adoptions also in the works!

It's only 8 weeks to Spring! Days are getting longer in daylight time. They will soon start being warmer too. This all means that cats will be going into heat. Please..........get those spays and neuters done now before spring blossoms.  Remember, if you live near Cecil or Van Wert, Ohio, there are 2 low cost spay/neuter dates coming up.  Jan. 30 and 31st.  Just go to and get scheduled! Our FFRC surgery date with HumaneOhio is already full for Feb. and we are working now on March. 

We had BOXES Friday evening---YOU are appreciated.
LJ--more of her awesome, incredible felted/framed kitty pictures made with FFRC fur!
Miranda--36 Meow Mix cups and 6 kitty bag clips
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast
Patty K from VT--(my cousin!)--sweet treat Vermont Maple Syrup and donation
Dianna C from OH--card with note and donation to FFRC
Susan C from OH--donation to FFRC
Larry & Donna (our vet transporters)--2 cases 32 count Friskies

And we had BOXES last night too! Wow--lots to be thankful for.
Beth/eaglewatcher--3--16 lb bags of Purina One Kitten
Joy & Don from NY--donation to FFRC
Robin H & Hubby and kitties--2 bags Salmon Purina One
Gusti--5 cat dancers, 5 pkgs coil toys, 5 Yeooow Catnip Bananas, 10 bags Greenies, 5 skitter Critter Mice, 2 fishing pole toys, big bag Precious litter

And we have more thanks!
Ann Marie F from NJ--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC

Have you checked out our website lately?  It's at:  We've updated it again with current info.  Enjoy!

We received our monthly contribution from Ustream Partner Program. It's for those wonderful ads that we have pop up on us!  For November, the amount came to $872.30.  Wow--that's absolutely wonderful. 

We also recently received $677.90 from Amazon--this was for the month of November 2016. Each time you make an Amazon order thru our website, we get a kick back from it. Thanks so much!

We have taken on a new young kitten. He had a pretty scary morning on Friday. He had gotten up in a truck motor and took a drive. A man that works in Napoleon retrieved the kitten and drove him to FFRC.  We have named him Theodore, a very cute light brown tiger boy. He's a bit frightened yet but does like to be held. He has a few small lacerations on his face from this adventure but they are already healing. He is 12 weeks old with a birthday of 11/4/16.  Welcome, Theodore! 

We had a very nice thing happen yesterday. A couple found a cat and brought him to FFRC Saturday morning. When I saw him, my thought was --- this is a very cared for cat--he looks healthy, good weight, nice fur coat and is neutered. Not the typical description of an incoming cat. Upon scanning him for a microchip, we found he was indeed a chipped cat! We called our chip company (HomeAgain) who said this chip came from 24 Pet Care and it showed recent activity. We then called 24 Pet Care and they asked---is it a short hair cat? Yes!  Is it brown tiger? Yes!  Is it a male? Yes!  Is it neutered? Yes!  They had an owner--everything matched! So we called this owner and left a message that it appeared we had their cat. They quickly came over and claimed their boy whose name is David. They had only recently adopted him and he had slipped out the door. I was so happy about this outcome and very happy for David. He was so calm and cool about the whole thing----like he knew his family would be found. Thanks to the couple who found him and brought him in. 

And with that............hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!