Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017

Who is that long hair fluffy white kitten with a round tummy?  Is it possible?  Yep---it's Alice Mary! She loves to swish that magnificent tail around. I haven't heard her do that "distress call" she use to do when having trouble breathing. She's growing, eating good, has her sutures out and is breathing good!  Each day brings us closer to having her at the point where we can put her up for adoption! 

We had BOXES last night! You are so aprpeciated!
Nona/nycbird--lots of tubing for computer cables--no more chewed up cables!
Miranda--144 ping pong balls (Terry approves), 12 Sharpie highlighters
Zoolove--4 note pads with cats on them, sweatshirt with--It's all about Me with cat picture!
LJ323--7 slouch hats (for Flash Sale), giant kitty snackers, Sunkist fruit gems, 18 sponges, 4 more fur kitty pictures (Flash Sale!)
Nancy/ipurr from IL--card and photo of rock kitty design
Tracy L from OH--coupons
Charlie & Jan/farmgirl from IL--donation to FFRC
Jill H from MN--$ for 100 stories and a donation to FFRC
Helen H from OH--donation to FFRC
Clark & Jessie & rest of family--BD card for Sevaun's 14th birthday and the chicken $5
Don & Joy D from NY & their kitties--$ for 100 stories & a donation to FFRC
Ted E from OH--donation to FFRC
Celina F--a beautiful card thanking FFRC for helping with their kitten
Xena/Lillian--$ for 100 stories & 2 chicken $$'s
Jan T from NY--donation to FFRC

We even have more thanks to give!
Connie S and family--toys for Magic, fudge for my mom, poptabs for Caryn
Andrew S--snackers and blankets for the dogs (they love Andrew!)
Brenda R--doantion to FFRC, to be used as needed
Gusti--donation to FFRC, to help with Giovanna's vet needs
Plee--paw points, Dasuquin for cats & chicken $
Madisonpepper--donation for Lucas, to get something special for him

We've heard about Cinder from his new mama Barbara.  Sounds like he is underfoot--hanging around her all day! He loves to zoom through the house playing. And he sleeps with her at night. I can imagine how happy he is!

We had our monthly Advisory Board meeting this month.  This is a wonderful way for me to "keep on track".  I appreciate these Board volunteers very much for giving their help and time for FFRC--Lynnette, Angie L, Jen C, Connie D, Mary Braid, Barb W, Dawn E and Becky M.

We had a Ta-Da moment yesterday! Marcia, a volunteer who helps Lynnette in Paw-Mart completed putting together the last of the recent 100 copies of The Hundred Stories. What a lot of work--thank you, Marcia. You are amazing and so much help! 

Tomorrow..........2:00 ish...........Flash Sale.........Mich and Vern!  Come join the fun for our Flash Sale. You will see many items that have never been in a Flash Sale before.  Bring a refreshment, put your feet up, get comfortable and have your finger ready! Enjoy. 

We took on a new cat a few days ago. His name is Lucas, he's about 1 1/2 years old and he's a big orange tiger boy. This sweet cat came from a place where he was abused and then driven many miles from home and dumped off. Amazingly, he returned home the very next day.  A person was brave enough to handle this situation and stepped in and rescued Lucas. He was then brought to FFRC.  He very much shys away from a head-pat, but he is already relaxing. He is now in the back Thumper's Room free to make his decisions as to what he wants to do, when he wants to play.  As of last night, he began chirping and meowing to us when we talk to him. He's an 11 lb 11 oz cat--a big boy. His name is from Name a Cat. He seems like a gentle soul. Hopefully he will be up in the Main Area soon. He is already neutered.  We will have Dr. Darcy do a physical on him.  Welcome, Lucas!

Wow--Magic has his name in lights! He shares this with his good buddy Trucker. Check out   Sounds like they will also do a new story that was just done on Coralie. Keep an eye on their site and please share! 

Also check out   They contacted us about a story on Magic too--will be a bit different.  When it gets posted, please share! Magic's having fun with this--he received 3 new sparkly balls yesterday --that's all he wanted for his stories! 

I'd sure like to say a special thanks to you all for caring about our FFRC cats--it means a lot to me. This is definitely a Rescue Center surrounded by love and so many wonderful friends--cats and humans!