Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017

Teanna, Anayaa and LaRue had their day at the vets yesterday.  They were all 3 back at FFRC late afternoon and doing good.

Teanna---was spayed, no worries, physical good

LaRue--her jaw is fixed as best as possible.  It turns out her fracture is much more severe than first thought.  It's fractured on the side of the middle line of lower jaw and at the back of that jaw also. The front has a wire in place and will be there for 6 weeks. The back fracture has to heal on its own. Her mouth is definitely not centered and not able to be. But....since she's a cat...most assuredly she will heal and do fine with the final result. It appears that this maybe wasn't from a kick of a cow after all, but probably from a head crushing bite.  Something had a hold of her head--has puncture wounds/bite wounds on chin/neck and top of head.  This is what broke her jaw.  There's one of her K-9 teeth we will have to watch--because of her misshaped jaw, if it causes discomfort, we will have it pulled. She's on soreness meds and anitibiotics.  She's a good sport and loves to be petted. She was so hungry upon arrival and is still eating her slurry/gruel food with pleasure!

Anayaa--x-rays are done and tells a story but we are not sure exactly what caused her troubles. We do know that she is 3-legged for a reason---she must've had an accident that was severe enough to remove the rear leg. In this same accident, she had a badly fractured pelvis. Her femoral head is also very mishapened--more "squarish" than round.  Her knee shows damage and arthritis/bone fragments.  She also has some teeth missing. Her rib cage shows a thickening of bone, indicating an injury there also. So.........whatever happened to this wonderful cat, she was injured very badly. I'm happy she is here---such a sweetie girl.  All of these findings are not fixable. But, it appears she has been living like this for quite some time.  When she comes up to the Main Area, you will see her strange gait. And again....she is a cat and has adapted very well to her past injury.  Her name means complete freedom and that is what her life will be.

Update on Xiluva. We now have 5 days of grooming done on her with a few more days probably to go.  I'm thankful that the "top" of her is not matted---most mats are lower sides, belly, chin, chest, bottom.  She's a beauty. As I mentioned before, this cat has patience beyond most. She is so wonderful while we are working on her mat removal.

We had BOXES last night--I am so very grateful for your help!
Mary/Friday volunteer--8 cases of bottled water (big thanks---we were very low)
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin BabyCat
Sandra E--1000 6 inch plates, cookie goodies for volunteers, 3 boxes of Belvita!
Zoolove--60 Rainbow furry mice, 5 pkgs woolie pompoms, coil toys, 4 critter noise toys
PJPanda & BadKitty--1000 6 "plates, 12  PT's, 108 washcloths (yeah!), 6 boxes Planters Peanuts
Gusti--Donation to FFRC to help with vet costs

Skippy is an awesome cat. He's just a happy boy that wants lots and lots of attention! Terry is the best ping-pong ball player ever! He's so attentive when those balls are bounced.  Harvey is one special lover-bug. He turns into mush when petted. And our shy girl Jules is coming along. She's becoming more relaxed and is starting to understand that people and TLC is quite a nice thing. Joyful was chasing a fuzzy ball around this morning--so nice to see her playing. Felicity knows who her volunteers are---loves to wrap around legs. Jones and Sea Turtle are both doing fine and feeling good. What a joy to walk into PawMart and have Jones come bounding over to you. And Derecho...he was happy. He got his chicken snackers yesterday.

Another date to remember, especially if you live in this area.  Feb. 11 and 12.  This is the TICA cat show in Maumee, OH.In addition to the many different breeds to be seen, there will be many vendors with furniture, beds & more. The time is 9 am to 4 pm.  This is an event that I much enjoy going to.

Love this saying by Mary Tyler Moore:  "You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you."